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by the Armenian Diaspora. "Armenia Fund Opens 600-Student School in Stepanakert." ''Asbarez''. September 14, 2010. Retrieved December 4, 2010. The Artsakh State Museum in Stepanakert, has an important collection of ancient artifacts and Christian manuscripts. Transportation thumb Dusk over Stepanakert (File:Stepanakert dusk view.jpg) Bus Stepanakert is served


in the center of the city. The building is housed in was the school Belisario Domínguez, which was the first school of Quintana Roo. * Museum of the Mayan Culture (Museo de la Cultura Maya), considered the largest and most comprehensive museum in the state dedicated to the Mayan culture. It has an important collection of authentic and reproductions of classical works, and tells the development of Mayan culture, its origins, as well as various aspects of their daily life. * Museum of the City

Guanajuato, Guanajuato

"stampart39" Guanajuato, p. 39 The San Roque Church was dates from 1726. It has a sober Baroque façade and contains an important collection of colonial era paintings. Other important churches include the Temple of Guadalupe from the 18th century in sober Baroque, the Pardo Church from the 18th century with a façade covered with sculpted plants. The San Francisco Church on Sopeña Street faces

, household goods, wickerwork and hardware. Guanajuato, p. 8 The Museo del Pueblo de Guanajuato was created to exhibit the best of the artwork of the city. It contains an important collection of religious arte from the 17th to 19th centuries. It contains collections of works by Olga Costa and José Chávez Morado. This includes three murals by Chavez Morado set up as altars. These murals depict the end

Campbell River, British Columbia

-kum based in Campbell River (Campbell River, British Columbia) on Vancouver Island. Together they are known as the Laich-kwil-tach (historically known as the Euclataws or Yucultas, names which are more familiar to speakers of British Columbia English (Canadian English)). The Nuyumabales Cultural Centre is located within the Cape Mudge village and holds an important collection of art and regalia from earlier times, items that were repatriated after many years from museums elsewhere.<

Rishon LeZion

Aliyah date 2008-08-02 work Akiva M publisher Tripod Edmond de Rothschild acquired an important collection of drawings and engravings that he bequeathed to the Louvre consisting of more than 40,000 engravings, nearly 3,000 drawings, and 500 illustrated books. Included in this gift were more than one hundred engravings and drawings by Rembrandt. A portion of his art collection was bequeathed to his son James A. de Rothschild and is now part of the National Trust


to a seventeenth-century church, the sanctuary of St. Lucia, and the Archaeological Museum, known for its important collection of marine life fossils and colonial period books. *'''San Gil:''' located from Bucaramanga. The historic center of the town with steep streets and on the banks of the river Fonce National Monument. One of its main attractions is the park The Gallineral, occupying an island in the river, the moss hanging from the trees and the sound of water make


''' (Clavijero Botanical Garden) has an important collection of regional plants with sections dedicated to Mexican ornamental flowers, reconstructed mountain environments in Xalapa, ferns and the most extensive variety of pines in Mexico. Parks and gardens

Oaxaca, Oaxaca

for religious purposes is the small chapel. The complex was restored in the 1960s and in 1970, the Casa opened. It houses the Instituto Oaxaqueño de la Culturas, which is a state government entity to promote culture and the arts. The '''Rufino Tamayo Museum''' (Museo Arte Prehispánico de Rufino Tamayo) or Museo Rufino Tamayo, has an important collection of pre-Hispanic art that the painter himself collected. He donated


is the repository of more than two million volumes, with an important collection of ancient books. The latter has almost two million volumes. 45 thousand square meters in size, it hosts 10 thousand visitors a day. Bank of the Republic depends also on the Library Alfonso Palacio Rudas, north of the city, with about 50 thousand volumes. Other large public libraries are the Library of Congress in Colombia (with 100 thousand volumes), of the Instituto Caro y Cuervo (with nearly 200 thousand volumes, the largest

Museum, with 35 thousand pieces of tumbaga gold, along with 30 thousand objects in ceramic, stone and textiles, represents the largest collection of pre-Columbian gold in the world. The Botero Museum has 123 works of Fernando Botero and 87 works by international artists. The Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá has a collection of graphic arts, industrial design and photography. The Museum of Colonial Art is home to an important collection of colonial art from Colombia. Fundación Gilberto Alzate


200px Burslem School of Art Visual Art The major art gallery is The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, located in Hanley. It contains a collection of fine ceramics, a rotating programme of exhibitions and a permanent collection. In 2010, it became one of the permanent homes of the Staffordshire Hoard, the most important collection of Anglo-Saxon gold yet found. The city's Cultural Quarter in Hanley contains the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, the Regent Theatre

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