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la Selva, which attracted people such as Rita Hayworth, Bugsy Siegel, and Al Capone to Cuernavaca, however, gambling was shut down by Lázaro Cárdenas in 1934. He is the same president who declared the area a ZPG (Forest Protection Zone). The casino hosted very important artistic works, including murals of Alvarez Icaza, Messeguer, and the architecture of Candela. The main vault was considered to be the "Mexican Sistine Chapel" by Nobel Prize author, Gabriel García


Thomas, were an important artistic movement in 20th-century Welsh art. The most notable members of the group include Ernest Zobole, a painter from Ystrad, whose expressionist work was deeply rooted in the juxtaposition of the industrialised buildings of the valleys set against the green hills that surround them. Stephens, Meic; Obituary: Ernest Zobole, 7 December 1999 Also from the Rhondda Fawr was sculptor Robert Thomas (Robert Thomas (sculptor)); Stephens, Meic; Obituary: Robert Thomas, 21 May 1999 born in Cwmparc, his heavy cast statues have become icons of contemporary Wales, with five of his statues publicly displayed in the centre of Cardiff. Science and social science In sciences and social sciences the Rhondda has provided important academics within the aspects of Wales and on the World stage. Donald Davies, born in Treorchy in 1924 was the co-inventor of packet switching, a process which enabled the exchange of information between computers, a feature which enabled the Internet. Before the Rhondda (w:Rhondda) Magistrates' Court (w:Magistrates' Court) Wiosna admitted breaching the noise abatement (w:noise pollution) notice (w:summons), with which he was served. He was ordered to pay a £ (w:Pound sterling)200 fine. He was also ordered to pay £50 in costs, £15 in victim surcharge, and to destroy his music collection.

Panama City

;Panamanian literature Art One of the most important Panamanian artists is Alfredo Sinclair. He has worked for over 50 years in abstract art and has produced one of the most important artistic collections in the country. His daughter, Olga Sinclair, has also followed in his footsteps and has become another force in Panamanian art. Another very prominent Panamanian artist is Guillermo Trujillo, known world wide for his abstract surrealism. Brooke Alfaro is another Panamanian artist known throughout the world for his uniquely rendered oil paintings. Tourism thumbnail Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower (File:TrumpOceanClub-05-2011-2.jpg). The city has numerous tourist attractions. Particularly interesting for tourists are sites located in the old quarter, including: * ''Las Bóvedas'' ("The Vaults"), a waterfront promenade jutting out into the Pacific; * The National Institute of Culture Building and the French embassy across from it; * The Cathedral at ''Plaza de la Catedral''; * ''Teatro Nacional'', an intimate performance center with outstanding natural acoustics and seating for about 800 guests; * ''Museo del Canal Interoceánico'' (Interoceanic Canal Museum); and * ''Palacio de las Garzas'' (Heron's Palace), the official name of the presidential palace, named for the numerous herons that inhabit the building. The area immediately east of the Pacific entrance of the canal, known as the Amador Causeway, -- is being developed as a tourist center and nightlife destination. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute operates a station and a small museum open to the public at Culebra Point on the island of Naos. A new museum, the Biomuseo was recently completed on the causeway in 2014. It was designed by the American architect Frank Gehry, famous for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Panama:Bridge of Life Biodiversity Museum Commons:Category:Panama City Wikipedia:Panama City Dmoz:Regional Central America Panama Localities Panama City


content This is an exceptionally valuable historic complex, which, besides its religious purpose, also represents the important artistic treasury of ancient Dubrovnik. * Commons:Dubrovnik

Empire of Japan

Branch Vol. 68 (Seoul: RAS, 1993) . Significant elements of landscaping, such as traditional Korean gardens, were razed, with important artistic pieces sold or taken to Japan, even to the extent of ancient bunjae trees taken for replanting in Japanese bonsai gardens. Also at this period, the construction of traditional religious(Buddhist) architecture was discouraged. One of the ways in which the Korean people resisted the Japanese Nationalist Agenda and Colonialism


being the most important artistic centres at the turn of the century. Technical developments and the emergence of new media profoundly changed the art of the region. These included printmaking (using woodcuts or copperplate engraving) and other innovations borrowed from France and southern Italy. Kemperdick, in "van Eych to Durer". 55 A consolidating change in approach came with van Eyck's manipulation of paint using the oil medium, a technique quickly adopted and developed by Campin and van der Weyden. These three artists are considered the first rank and most influential of the first generation of Early Netherlandish painters, although there were other less immediate responses in other parts of northern Europe, from Bohemia and Poland in the east to Austria and Swabia in the south. Prior to the determination of Petar II's (Petar II Petrović-Njegoš) successor, after making peace between the Crmnica and Katunjani tribes, and being recognized by all of the Serb clans except for the Bjelopavlići, Danilo traveled to Vienna, Austrian Empire and then to the Russian Empire, supposedly to be ordained as ''Vladika'', not Prince. After Danilo returned from Russia in 1852, he took Pero and his supporters by surprise, bringing with him the endorsement from Nicholas I of Russia to become the Prince of Montenegro (Rulers of Montenegro). Thus somewhat unexpectedly, Danilo became prince and Pero conceded defeat by returning to his position as president of the Senate. '''Ernst Streeruwitz''', originally '''Ernst ''Ritter'' Streer von Streeruwitz''' (September 23, 1874, Mies, Austria-Hungary (present-day Stříbro, Czech Republic) - October 19, 1952, Vienna) was an Austrian political figure. He served as the Chancellor of Austria in 1929. thumb 200px Gustav Struve (Image:Gustav struve.jpg) '''Gustav Struve''', known as '''Gustav von Struve''' until he gave up his title, (11 October 1805 in Munich, Bavaria – 21 August 1870 in Vienna, Austria), was a German (German people) politician, lawyer and publicist, and a revolutionary during the German revolution (The Revolutions of 1848 in the German states) of 1848-1849 in Baden (Baden Germany). He also spent over a decade in the United States and was active there as a reformer. The film picks up the story in ''Before Sunrise'' where a young American man (Hawke) and a young French woman (Delpy) meet on a train and spend one night in Vienna. Nine years later in ''Before Sunset'', their paths intersect again. It plays out in real time (Real time (media)) as they spend one afternoon together in Paris. Biography Through pressure from his parents, Helfritz originally began an apprenticeship as a banker, a career path which he then soon after gave up in order to start studying music and composition in Berlin and Vienna. Inspired by his teacher Erich von Hornbostel in 1930 he travelled to Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Iraq to collect samples of folk music, in order to research and develop understanding of musical ethnology. In 1935 he continued his travels to India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Republic of China and Singapore. When OPEC set up its office in Geneva in 1961 before moving to Vienna Rouhani was elected the organization's first secretary general, an administrative post that also involved mediating between conflicting factions. He served for three years, the only Iranian to do so. Currently, Iran is demanding that an Iranian be chosen to fill the current opening. During the Conclave of 1878 he succeeded, by negotiations with Cardinal Pecci (afterwards Leo XIII (Pope Leo XIII)), in inducing the Sacred College to remain in Rome, and, after the election of the new pope, arranged for his temporary absence from the Vatican (Vatican City) for the purpose of settling private business. Resigning office in March 1878, he resumed the practice of law, and secured the annulment of Garibaldi (Giuseppe Garibaldi)'s marriage. The fall of Cairoli led to Mancini's appointment (1881) to the ministry of foreign affairs in the Depretis administration. The growing desire in Italy for alliance with Austria and Germany did not at first secure his approval; nevertheless he accompanied King Humbert to Vienna and conducted the negotiations which led to the informal acceptance of the Triple Alliance (Triple Alliance (1882)). Life He entered the army, and lost his left hand at Novara (battle of Novara (1849)), where he was ''aide-de-camp'' to Charles Albert, king of Piedmont (Charles Albert of Piedmont). He fought in 1859, and reached the grade of general in the Austrian campaign of 1866, after which he served on the delimitation commission. He was chief of the Military Academy, and in 1867 was made prefect of Ravenna to suppress political disorder. He was defeated at Turin in the elections for the Chambrin in 1870, and was sent in 1871 as minister (Political minister) plenipotentiary to Vienna, where he subsequently became ambassador (Ambassador (diplomacy)). Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


Technical Review, April 1959: 47 figure 4 Other Canadian talk radio programs which have been syndicated to different markets include: * ''The George Stroumboulopoulos Show'' airs on Sunday nights on stations in Toronto and Montreal. * ''The Home Discovery Show'', a call-in home renovation program hosted by Shell Busey. Filming for ''The Terminator'' was set to begin in early 1983 in Toronto. Production was halted when producer Dino De Laurentiis applied an option in Schwarzenegger's contract that would make him unattainable for nine months while he was filming ''Conan the Destroyer''. During the waiting period, Cameron was contracted to write the script for ''Rambo: First Blood Part II''. He also used this time to refine parts of ''The Terminator'' Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto



Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

United States

for much of his career, the end of the 20th Century brought a reignited interest in his music on his native shores. Throughout, he toured tirelessly on both sides of the Atlantic. Hardy was a lyrical writer; his songs were political, although usually subtly so. His music was often tinged with a Celtic flavor, although his last few albums took on more of a country & western style. Both budget-conscious and disdainful of self-important artistic egos, Hardy recorded all of his albums (almost 15

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