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* '''The Amazonian Museum,''' located in the district of Yanahuara exhibiting objects from the activity of the missionaries in the jungle during the XVI, XVII, XVIII. * '''Forestry Museum Ecological Police,''' this museum located in the metropolitan district of Paucarpata has a sample of more than 300 animal species of Peruvian wildlife, especially the one in danger of extinction. Also has 35 live animals. Music Since late viceroyalty there are important academic composers like Mariano


, Gheorghe Funar. Today, the city is one of the most important academic, cultural, industrial and business centres in Romania. Among other institutions, it hosts the country's largest university, Babeș-Bolyai University, with its famous Cluj-Napoca


Medellín houses many important universities and learning institutes. Almost 100% of the courses are in Spanish. thumb Universidad de Antioquia at Plazuela San Ignacio-Medellín (File:Plazuela San Ignacio-Medellin-Colombia.JPG) Universities * '''Universidad de Antioquia''' with over 200 years is the largest and more important academic institution in town and the second one in the whole country. Its old campus downtown has beautiful republican architecture while the newer campus (1960's) i a great example of modern architecture '''Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana''' has 2 main campuses. Careers that are strong: Medicine, architecture, liberal arts and engineering '''EAFIT''' emphasis on business, information technology and engineering ''' Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia'''. * '''CES''' a health sciences university '''Universidad Nacional de Colombia''' has 2 campuses, good education in engineering Learn Spanish At a variety of second language schools: *'''Medellín Speaks Spanish''' A Colombian teacher and writer offers Spanish courses tailored for individuals or small groups. His blog is also a resource for Medellín and the Spanish Language. Great prices and flexibility. All levels. *'''Español para Extranjeros''' Offers individually tailored lessons for beginners to advanced students, either one-on-one or in groups. Lists prices and contact details on their website, and comes highly recommended. *'''Medellín Spanish School''' Like most of the schools in town, this one offers the best flexibility and quality at a price that does not aim to rip off the "rich foreigner". *Learn Spanish at '''Loquella'''. All levels of students are welcome, overseas students can also find accommodation at different levels from cheap hotels to apartments. They also offer cultural learning and courses online. *Learn Spanish with the Language Institute Medellín, +57 316 4039 305. They offer cheap courses with great accommodations! Tango After Buenos Aires, Medellín is the best place to learn how to tango -dance, sing-. * '''Che Tango''' Dancing school. Address: Calle 32 E # 80 A - 57, Barrio Laureles - Nogal. Phone: +57 4 412 8326 Mobile: +57 3 14 890 4557 email: WikiPedia:Medellín Dmoz:Regional South America Colombia Localities Medellín Commons:Medellín


false isbn 0-00-736373-7, 9780007363735 quote Born in Salzburg on April 5, 1908, Karajan was the younger son of a distinguished surgeon and his Slovenian wife. Originally called Karajannis, the Karajan family were Macedonian Greeks who had moved first to Saxony and later to Vienna where they held important academic, medical, and administrative posts. url http: books?id 7jtGNnBNPKEC&pg PT678&dq #v onepage&q Karajan%20family%20were%20Macedonian%20Greeks%20&f false Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


The '''Berlin State Library''' ( ) is a library in Berlin, Germany and a property of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. It is the largest and most important academic research library in the German speaking world.


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