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: customercare.html email address New Souq area lat 26.19963 long 56.25187 directions harbour area phone +968 26 830100 tollfree fax image LuLu Market Khasab.JPG hours 8AM-11:45PM price content Largest supermarket in Musandam with huge range of products (food non-food). *


is fantastic. They offer a huge range of activities (rafting, canyoning, horse back riding, outdoor camping, skiing, national park trips). *


and 1940. There is a huge range of restaurants in Asmara serving Italian food with '''Albergo Italia''' being the best in quality, closely followed by the outdoor setting of '''Casa Degli Italiani''', '''Alba Bistro''' opposite the post office also offers a quality, wide range, of food not forgetting '''Castello''' behind the Nyala Hotel. '''The Spaghetti and Pizza House''' on Harnet Av. offers a great choice of pizza and pasta dishes as well as its signature Chilli red snapper. Most traditional


League, plus Australian and American sports. Sleep Kuta has a huge range of accommodation mostly in the budget and mid-range markets. Private villas are few and far between as Kuta just lacks the space for expansive private properties. Prices are often negotiable especially outside of the peak seasons (July August, Christmas, New Year and other obvious holidays). During peak seasons, always book ahead. Budget There are a lot


complex. Has Starbucks, movie cinemas, and a variety of restaurants on the top level. The mall is very new. 包河区马鞍山路与芜湖路交叉口(Ma On shan lu) *


in these venues). * '''Venezia''', Mira (Мира) street crossing Surikova Сурикова street. One of the best restaurants serving Italian cuisine. To the left of a large shopping mall called Dom Byta (Дом быта). Be careful not to miss the well hidden small door. Mid-range *'''Chaynaya Yurta''' (Чайная Юрта) near КИЦ (Lenin's museum): A tea house inside a large yurt ger with a great atmosphere and comfy cushion seating inside. They have a huge range of teas from many different countries and regions


hours price content Excellent and cheap Bangladeshi restaurant in Sinkor. * Self-catering The '''best produce''' (salad, vegetables, herbs, fruit, squash, etc.) can be found on Benson St., around Newport St. Raw '''honey


phone tollfree fax hours price content A huge range of goods, and famous for the fabric market on the second floor. There are many kiosks selling different types of fabrics ranging from cheap, affordable to best quality with a high price. When shopping, take your time and never rush into buying anything. Sellers often quote a very high initial price that you can bargain down considerably. *

, either on Phung Hung (second-hand clothing), Duong Thanh, or Ly Nam De Streets. Sell a huge range of goods including pets, groceries, prepared foods and fabrics. *


branches including those located in Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds. birth_date '''Geoffrey Whitehead''' (born 1 October 1939, Sheffield) is an English (England) actor. He has appeared in a huge range of television, film and radio roles. In the theatre, he has played at the Shakespeare Globe, St. Martin's Theatre

Meadowhall shopping centre is South Yorkshire's largest and has a huge range of shops. Beyond these two behemoths, Sheffield's other shopping experiences range from suburban high streets to local shopping centres and designated themed quarters. City Centre thumb right 350px Flower market on Fargate (File:Outdoor flower stall, Sheffield - DSC07461.JPG) The centre, though compact, packs in a lot of national chains and independent shops. Visitors will however find there are fewer shops than

by Castle Rock and full of Character. * '''The Harlequin''', The latest addition to The Ale Trail, more open plan and possibly less off putting to people who aren't used to real ale pubs than the others might seem. The trail roughly parallels the tram route from the city centre to Hillsborough, so getting there and back is easy. All these pubs have a huge range of British draught real ales (some brewed by the pub) and most have a selection of bottle-conditioned beers from continental Europe


but if you'd like to eat quality fish and chips, English style, try Parrotts Fish Parlour near the market, where you can sit down and much in relative comfort. Drink Peterborough has a huge number of average pubs but some which are outstanding. *'''The Brewery Tap''' is the former unemployment office, converted into a pub and microbrewery in the late 1990s. It has won awards from national magazines for its quality. It serves Thai food, but more notably a huge range of 'real ales

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