Squaw Valley, Placer County, California

2012–2013 Because of this, Squaw Valley has taken the moniker "Official Supplier of skiers to the US Ski Team."

Poulsen - Olympic skier *Sandra Poulsen - Olympic skier *Daron Rahlves - Olympic skier *Shelly Robertson - Olympic skier *Laurel Shanely - Olympic Skier *Marco Sullivan - Olympic skier *Edith Thys - Olympic Skier *Cody Townsend - Skier *Eva Twardokens - Olympic Skier In addition to hosting the 1960 Olympic Winter Games, Olympic Valley played host to the 1969 FIS World Cup alpine skiing races.


not to be downgraded to the lower league "Serie B". Atletico-PR was hosting a game in Joinville after already being penalized for violence in its own arena in Curitiba-PR (120km away from Joinville). The violence that took place at Arena Joinville had nothing to do with the hometown fans of Joinville, but rather violent fans that came from Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro do root for their home teams. Nevertheless, because of Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup, the event made headlines

all over the world it somehow showed the incompetence of Brazilian authorities in handling the security of sport events, a major concern of foreign travelers going to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Joinville will not host any games during the event, but had hopes of hosting teams for the training events before the World Cup, most likely Switzertland and Russia. Famous people right thumb 150px Ana Cláudia Michels (Image:AnaClaudiaMichels.jpg), Brazilian fashion model. * Fritz


of cultural events in Seinäjoki nowadays. For example, Seinäjoki is known for hosting three large summer events: ''Tangomarkkinat'', which is a tango (tango (dance)) festival attracting more than 100,000 visitors annually, ''Vauhtiajot'', which is a motor racing event music festival, and ''Provinssirock'', which is one of the largest and oldest rock festivals in Finland. Rytmikorjaamo is a popular rock club, wherein almost every weekend play some Finnish or international artists

* Sterling James Keenan, an American professional wrestler. * Seinäjoen Jalkapallokerho, association football club from Seinäjoki, Finland. * ''Suomen JalkapalloKlubi'', a football team playing in Brussels. thumb The Court of Appeal and Academy House of Turku. (File:Turun hovioikeus.jpg) Being both a regional (regions of Finland) and provincial (provinces of Finland) capital, Turku is an important administrative centre, hosting the seat of the Archdiocese of Turku


becoming a municipality (first ever Mayor of the municipality is Adv. Mahabubar Rahman), it consists of 21 wards. Among many notable activities, it has been hosting cricket test matches (Test cricket) in Shaheed Chandu Stadium. Bogra is also the battle of honour of a number of crucial operations fought by the guerillas under BDF (Bangladesh Forces) Sector 7 of and Bengal Regiment's of the newly formed Bangladesh Army with Pakistani army here during the Bangladesh war

closed. Its pitch and ground is very suitable to play. It became a Test cricket venue on 8 March 2006, when it hosted a Test match between Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan cricket team) and Bangladesh (Bangladeshi cricket team). It has a capacity of 34,000. The last International match played here was between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe cricket team) in 2006, it has been hosting domestic matches ever since. birth_place Dinga, Gujrat District, Punjab (Pakistan) Punjab

Pago Pago

and town. Farrell, Jack,hosting-the-only-u-s article_b47b1a9a-1569-5e4c-8b00-0ac7f9110b29.html "American Samoa American Samoa: A Tropical Delight Hosting the Only U.S. National Park South of the Equator", ''Frederick News-Post'', Sunday, March 16, 2014 gallery widths "200px" heights "160px"

Memorial Stadium''' is a football (association football) stadium located in Pago Pago Park, in Pago Pago, American Samoa. The 10,000 capacity venue is one of the smallest stadiums in Oceania (List of Oceanian stadiums by capacity), and serves as American Samoa's national stadium. It is the home venue of the American Samoa national football team, hosting all of their home games. It is currently used mostly for matches in various football codes, such as football (soccer


food research, a system of nurturing talented chefs, and its hosting of distinctive local food festivals. History Located in the fertile Honam plain, famous for strawberries and exceptional produce, Jeonju has been an important regional center

as the main stadium for the 2014 Asian Games. Other venues meet hosting requirements as they were built for the 2002 World Cup. The 12 Cities selected to hold the finals were South Korea to win the bid were selected in March 2010 and were Busan, Cheonan, Daegu, Daejeon, Goyang, Gwangju, Incheon (2 Venues), Jeonju, Jeju (Jeju City), Seoul (2 Venues), Suwon and Ulsan.

North Shore City

(North Harbour Stadium), Hamilton (Hamilton, New Zealand) (Waikato Stadium), Wellington (Wellington Stadium (Westpac Stadium)) and Christchurch (QEII Park). New Zealand won hosting rights at the same time that Chile received hosting honours for the 2008 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup; Ecuador also bid for the event. Biography Evans was born in North Shore City in New Zealand, and attended Westlake Boys High School, where he played fly half for his


known as “Kirkjuvatn” (Church Lake), one of the largest on the island. The old mountain path between Fámjin and Vágur was originally the main road (Highway) be­tween the two villages. The path goes through beautiful nature in the mountains south of Fámjin and runs along the cliffs to the west. There are cairns along the path. West of Fámjin by the end of the road is a gorge which is called Prestgjógv (The Priest's Gorge). Tvøroyri and Vágur take turns in hosting an annual

it. Jóansøka - The Midsummer Festival of Suðuroy Tvøroyri and Vágur take turns in hosting an annual civic-festival called Jóansøka. It can be described as a smaller version of the Ólavsøka held in Tórshavn. It runs in late June, in the last weekend of June, the rowing competition is always on Saturday of the Jóansøka weekend. Swimming in Suðuroy Suðuroy has recently had good results in international swimming competitions. The two swimming clubs in Suðuroy "Vágs


to the main resort areas in Frigate Bay and the South East Peninsula. Taxis Taxis have yellow license plates starting with the letter "T" or "TA". The taxi station in Basseterre is located at the Circus (466 6999). The taxis will take you just about anywhere for a pre-calculated price. Harbour The Deep Water Harbour in Basseterre is capable of both hosting and berthing of cruise ships or the handling of cargo. It is located to the extreme East of Basseterre

for temporary stands to enable the hosting figure to past 10,000. * '''TKPK''' (SKB) – Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport – Basseterre, Saint Kitts * '''TKPN''' (NEV) – Vance W. Amory International Airport – Charlestown (Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis), Nevis '''Government House''', located in Basseterre, Saint Kitts, is the official residence of the List of Governors-General

Sturgis, South Dakota

ccname.html title How Bourbon Whiskey ''Really'' Got Its Famous Name accessdate 2006-12-25 Glasgow (Glasgow, Kentucky) mimics Glasgow, Scotland by hosting the Glasgow Highland Games, its own version of the Highland Games, and Sturgis (Sturgis, Kentucky) hosts "Little Sturgis", a mini version of Sturgis, South

Dakota 's annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The residents of tiny Benton (Benton, Kentucky) even pay tribute to their favorite tuber, the sweet potato, by hosting Tater Day.

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