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OF BIRTH Drummondville, Quebec DATE OF DEATH September 30, 1995 The Greyhounds won the first game on May 11 in Shawinigan versus the home team, by a score 4-3, in front of 3,276 fans. Televising games from the Aréna Jacques Plante in Shawinigan proved difficult due to roof support pillars around the ice surface. After two games in Shawinigan, the remainder of the tournament was played in the Centre Marcel Dionne in Drummondville, Quebec. birth_date WikiPedia: Drummondville Commons:Category:Drummondville

Vermillion, South Dakota

Notable people * Rachael Bella, actress * Joseph Bottum (Joseph Bottum (author)), writer * Kevin Brady, U.S. Representative (United States House of Representatives) (R-Texas) * Shawn Colvin, noted singer-songwriter * Doug Dickey, noted college football coach * Carl Gunderson, former Governor of South Dakota * Chelsea Houska (List of 16 and Pregnant episodes#Season 2 (2010-11)), television personality (''Teen Mom 2'') * Tim Johnson (Tim Johnson (politician)), U.S. Senator (United States Senate) (D-South Dakota) * John L. Jolley U.S. Congressman from South Dakota * Jeff Kidder, scout * Ben Leber, NFL (National Football League) football linebacker * Andrew E. Lee, South Dakota's third Governor * Paradise Fears, alternative pop-rock band (Cole Andre, Jordan Merrigan, Samuel Miller, Marcus Sand, Michael Walker, Lucas Zimmerman) * The Kickback (The Kickback (band)), band * Todd Tiahrt, U.S. Representative (United States House of Representatives) (R-Kansas) * Abby Whiteside, controversial piano teacher and theorist * Gerald W. Wolff, retired historian from University of South Dakota Media AM radio class "wikitable" !align "center" colspan "6" '''AM radio stations''' - !Frequency!!Call sign!!Name!!Format!!Owner!!City - 570 kHz WNAX (WNAX (AM)) WNAX Radio 570 News Talk Saga Communications Yankton - 1450 kHz KYNT Yankton's Home Team Soft Adult Contemporary Riverfront Broadcasting LLC Yankton - 1570 kHz KVTK 1570 "The Ticket" Sports Talk 5 Star Communications Vermillion FM radio class "wikitable" !align "center" colspan "7" '''FM radio stations''' - !Frequency!!Call sign!!Name!!Format!!Owner!!Target city market (media market)!!City of license - - 89.7 MHz KUSD (KUSD (FM)) South Dakota Public Broadcasting


9 matches of the tournament, including the final match, which had a record attendance of approximately 120,000 spectators. In the final match, the home team Algeria defeated Nigeria 1-0 to win the tournament. It also hosted the 2000 African Championships in Athletics. After a formal compliance with current safety standards in 1999, the stadium was reduced to an 80,000 capacity, and following a new phase of renovation in 2003, the stadium's capacity has been reduced further to its current all

Yankton, South Dakota

radio stations''' - !Frequency!!Call sign!!Name!!Format!!Owner!!City - 570 AM WNAX (WNAX (AM)) WNAX Radio 570 News Talk Saga Communications Yankton - 1450 AM KYNT Yankton's Home Team Soft Adult Contemporary Riverfront Broadcasting LLC Yankton - 1570 AM KVTK 1570 "The Ticket Sports Talk Culhane Communications, Inc. Vermillion FM Radio class "wikitable" !align "center" colspan "7" '''FM radio stations


. This scenario is the home team basketball Búcaros Santander. In the Olympic village are also the Olympic pools, who received a remodel in 2010. Another scenario where different sports are practiced is the Moon Edmundo Santos Coliseum located in the area of the royal citadel of mine, that due to the remodeling of Vincent Romero Diaz got the home games of the professional teams Football Living Room (Futsal) Independent Santander and Bucaramanga FSC. In 2010 began the construction

Steinbach, Manitoba

and custodians near Steinbach (Steinbach, Manitoba) and Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba). It was formed in 2007. '''The Undecided''' was a Christian pop punk band from Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. The group released one independent album before releasing two albums for Tooth and Nail Records. They released ''The Undecided'' in 1999 and ''More to See'' in 2001. They were the first Canadian group to be signed by Tooth and Nail. Group members were Matt Fast (vocals), Steve Dueck (drums), John Paul Peters (guitars) and Dan Thomas (bass). Peters has gone on to produce records for other bands, such as The Waking Eyes. Dan Thomas was formerly a member of Gooch (The Home Team).

Georgetown, Guyana

;Guyana *Georgetown (Georgetown, Guyana) – Cheddi Jagan International Airport ;Peru After witnessing the massive crowds, glitter and level of competition, Mr. David Singh a Government Official held discussion with the Jaycees Committee about bringing the event to Georgetown (Georgetown, Guyana), the nation's capital. Approval was also given by the then President (President of Guyana) Forbes Burnham for Mash to be a National Event for the Republic celebration. Mash activities were rotated in Linden, Berbice and Georgetown but due to sponsorship, the Costume Bands contest remained in Georgetown. In 1899 he completed St. George's Anglican Cathedral in Georgetown, Guyana, which was the tallest wooden church in the world until 2003 when the Peri Monastery near Săpânţa in northern Romania was completed. Brian Close was replaced by Colin Cowdrey for the MCC tour of the West Indies in 1967–68 (English cricket team in West Indies in 1967-68), his third spell as England captain and he was determined to make a success of it. Barrington and the MCC fared poorly in the run up matches and with West Indian supporters constantly telling him "Charlie's (Charlie Griffith) waiting for you man. He'll kill you". Barrington was so upset that told his wife that he wouldn't tour again. p. 126, Peel In the First Test at the Queen's Park Oval in Trinidad Cowdrey won the toss and batted with Boycott and Edrich adding 80 for the first wicket and Barrington coming in against the spinners at 110 2. Soon after Gary Sobers responded to the crowd and brought on Griffith, but Barrington twice called him


theology at the John Paul II Institute of the Pontifical Lateran University. In 1998, Once Caldas was the first division's runner-up. Deportivo Cali defeated the club in the final. In the first leg, in Cali, the home team won 4-0. The second leg, in Manizales, ended in a 0-0 draw. In that year, the club also disputed its first international competition, the Copa CONMEBOL. Once Caldas was eliminated in the first round, by Santos Futebol Clube


. Hapoel duly lost the match 3-0. This advantage, however, can also be a disadvantage to the home team, as weather conditions can form just as much of an impedance to the home team as the visitors; the Buffalo Bills, whose home stadium (Ralph Wilson Stadium) is subject to high and unpredictable winds and lake-effect snow in the late fall and early winter, regularly suffers large numbers of injuries late in the season. thumb right 300px The Tumens of Mongolia Proper and vassal states of the Mongol Empire by 1400 (File:Mongolia 1500 AD.jpg) After the breakup of the Golden Horde, the Khiyat continued to rule the Crimea and Kazan until the late 18th century. Another lineage of the Borjigin-Khiyat family ruled Kazakh Khanate and Moghulistan until 18th century. They were annexed by the Russian Empire and the Chinese (China). The Kazakh aristocracy traced back their lineage to Tuqa-Timur, a son of Jochi. In Mongolia, the Kublaids reigned as Khagan of the Mongols, however, descendants of Ogedei and Arikboke usurped the throne briefly. commons:Category:Kazan wikipedia:Kazan


as the ''Rawalpindi Express''. Mohammad Aamir is another aspiring fast-bowler from Rawalpindi. The Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, built in 1992, has a grass pitch, floodlights, and an initial capacity to hold 20,000 spectators. In mid-2008 plans to increase its capacity were made but lack of adequate funds, and later the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team lead to abandoning of the project . The home team are the, one-time T20 champion, Rawalpindi Rams who enjoy fervent support and a considerable following for their swashbuckling brand of cricket. Apart from the RCS, there are many other cricket grounds in the city, including, Pindi Club Ground (home to the Pindi Club), KRL Stadium, CMTSD Cricket stadium as well as the Attock Oil Refinery cricket ground. There are stadiums for hockey such as the Army Hockey Stadium, Army Signals Hockey ground as well as the Noor Station Ground Dhoke Hassu. A full-fledged, international hockey stadium, to be named after the hockey great Shahnaz Sheikh, is under construction near Municipal Road and is expected to be completed in late 2012. There are stadiums for football including the Municipal Football stadium and the Army Football ground as well. The COD sports complex houses admirable facilities for indoor games. Education * Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rawalpindi Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rawalpindi established in 1978 to conduct SSC and HSSC examinations. thumb 200px Right Govt College for Women (File:Government college for Women Dhoke Kala Khan.JPG) thumb 200px Rawalpindi Medical College, Tipu Road (File:rmc.jpg) thumb 200px Fatima Jinnah Women University (File:Main building FJWU.JPG) * WikiPedia:Rawalpindi Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Punjab Localities Rawalpindi commons:Rawalpindi

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