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Macomb, Illinois

Bombers. Their baseball field was recently dedicated in his name. He holds school records for batting average and stolen bases in a single season. He played college football at the University of Missouri and was their starting quarterback from 1978 through 1980. He hit the first night home run (in the first night at-bat) at Wrigley Field on August 8, He attended school in Balaoan (Balaoan, La Union), Vigan and San Fernando (San Fernando City, La Union), and was appointed government student to the United States in 1905. He studied at the University of Chicago in 1906 and 1907. He graduated from the Western Illinois State Teachers College (Western Illinois University) at Macomb, Illinois in 1908, and from the Teachers College of Columbia University in New York City in 1910. He returned to the Philippine Islands and taught school. Here he entered education politics, becoming successively the first Filipino Superintendent of Schools (1915 to 1916), Assistant Director of Education (1917 to 1921), a member of the first Philippine mission to the United States (1919 to 1920), a lecturer at the University of the Philippines (1919 to 1921), President of the National University (1921–1936). Then he entered national politics. He was elected a member of the Philippine Senate in 1925, and, as a Nationalist (Nacionalista Party (Philippines)), a Resident Commissioner in the United States House of Representatives in 1928, reelected in 1931 and served from March 4, 1929 until January 3, 1935, when his term expired in accordance with the new Philippine Commonwealth Government. In 1934 he was an unsuccessful candidate for election to the Philippine Senate, but became a member of the Constitutional Convention (Constitutional Convention (Philippines)) in 1934, and a member of the first National Assembly in 1935. In 1939 he was a member of the Economic Mission to the United States, and chairman of the Educational Mission between 1938 and 1941. Back in the Philippines he became chairman of the National Council of Education in 1941, Director of Publicity and Propaganda until January 1942, chairman of the National Cooperative Administration in 1941, later Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Education, Health, and Public Welfare, then Secretary of Education until 1945. He was also Chancellor of Osías Colleges. He was elected again to the Philippine Senate in 1947 for a term expiring in 1953. He was President of the Senate of the Philippines twice for a short time in 1952 and in 1953. He was the Philippines' representative to the Interparliamentary Union in Rome and to the International Trade Conference in Genoa in 1948. He was an unsuccessful candidate for the Nationalist Party nomination for President of the Philippines in 1953, losing to Ramon Magsaysay. He was again elected, this time as a Liberal (Liberal Party (Philippines)) to the Philippine Senate (1961–1967), and served as president pro tempore. He was a resident of Mandaluyong, Rizal, Philippines, until his death.

Milwaukie, Oregon

of the limited number of players to hit a home run in his first major league game, on August 7, 1991. Brosius was the A's starting third baseman through the mid-1990s, although he played almost 300 games in his Oakland career at other positions, primarily in the outfield. In , he batted .304 with 22 home runs, his best year with Oakland; however, his performance declined in 1997 when he became the last player to finish last in the majors, of those who qualified for the batting title

, in batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging average. He was traded to the Yankees after the season for Kenny Rogers (Kenny Rogers (baseball)), who had struggled mightily in New York. In his first year in the Bronx, he batted .300 with 19 home runs and 98 RBIs. Major cities in the region in addition to Portland include Beaverton (Beaverton, Oregon), Gresham (Gresham, Oregon), Hillsboro (Hillsboro, Oregon) in Oregon, and Vancouver (Vancouver, Washington) in Washington. The area also includes the smaller cities of Cornelius (Cornelius, Oregon), Damascus (Damascus, Oregon), Fairview (Fairview, Oregon), Forest Grove (Forest Grove, Oregon), Gladstone (Gladstone, Oregon), King City (King City, Oregon), Lake Oswego (Lake Oswego, Oregon), Milwaukie (Milwaukie, Oregon), Oregon City (Oregon City, Oregon), Sherwood (Sherwood, Oregon), Tigard (Tigard, Oregon), Troutdale (Troutdale, Oregon), Tualatin (Tualatin, Oregon), West Linn (West Linn, Oregon), Wilsonville (Wilsonville, Oregon), Wood Village (Wood Village, Oregon) in Oregon, as well as Battle Ground (Battle Ground, Washington), Camas (Camas, Washington), and Washougal (Washougal, Washington) in Washington. Metropolitan statistical area The Portland–Vancouver–Hillsboro Metropolitan Statistical Area (United States metropolitan area) (MSA), the 23rd largest (List of United States metropolitan statistical areas by population) in the United States, http: popest metro tables 2008 CBSA-EST2008-01.xls in Portland (Portland, Oregon) direction_b North Starting in Oregon City, and continuing through the suburban communities of Gladstone (Gladstone, Oregon), Oak Grove (Oak Grove, Oregon) and Milwaukie (Milwaukie, Oregon), OR 99E is known as McLoughlin Boulevard (after fur trader John McLoughlin). The road crosses the John McLoughlin Bridge just south of Gladstone. North of Milwaukie (and an interchange with OR 224 (Oregon Route 224)), OR 99E is a high-capacity urban expressway (Limited-access road). '''Milwaukie High School''' is a public high school located in Milwaukie (Milwaukie, Oregon), Oregon, United States. It is one of three high schools within the North Clackamas School District. The school mascot is the mustang (Mustang (horse)), and its school colors are maroon and gold. - Milwaukie (Milwaukie, Oregon) Multnomah (Multnomah County, Oregon), Clackamas (Clackamas County, Oregon) - Portland (Portland, Oregon) existed in the shadow of Oregon City, the territorial capital 12 miles (19 km) upstream at Willamette Falls. However, Portland's location at the Willamette's confluence with the Columbia River, accessible to deep-draft vessels, gave it a key advantage over its older peer. It also triumphed over early rivals such as Milwaukie (Milwaukie, Oregon) and Linnton (Linnton, Portland, Oregon). In its first census in 1850, the city’s population was 821 and, like many frontier towns, was predominantly male, with 653 male whites, 164 female whites and four “free colored” individuals. It was already the largest settlement in the Pacific Northwest, and while it could boast about its trading houses, hotels and even a newspaper—the ''Weekly Oregonian'' (The Oregonian)—it was still very much a frontier village, derided by outsiders as “Stumptown” and “Mudtown.” It was a place where “stumps from fallen firs lay scattered dangerously about Front and First Streets … humans and animals, carts and wagons slogged through a sludge of mud and water … sidewalks often disappeared during spring floods.”


president Adolfo Rodríguez Saá, and lawmaker Elisa Carrio. * A ''Soyuz (Soyuz spacecraft)'' spacecraft blasts off from Baikonur Cosmodrome towards the International Space Station, the first launch since the Columbia disaster. * Pitcher Kevin Millwood of baseball team the Philadelphia Phillies, throws a no-hitter against the San Francisco Giants. The Phillies' Ricky Ledee hits a home run for the game's only run. It is only the ninth time in Phillies history a pitcher throws a no-hitter, and the first time for them since Tommy Greene did it in 1991. Currently for Kazakhstan, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for 2 cities and 14 regions (provinces of Kazakhstan). The cities Almaty and Astana are the former and current capitals of the country respectively and have special status equal to the regions. Baikonur, a city which also has special status as it is currently leased by Russia, had its code deleted in Newsletter I-4 (#I-4). Mission profile ''Mars Express'' launched from Baikonur on 2 June 2003, at 17:45 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) (18:45 BST (British Summer Time)). The ''Beagle 2'' was a Mars lander initially mounted on the top deck of the ''Mars Express Orbiter''. It was released from the ''Orbiter'' on a ballistic trajectory towards Mars on the 19th of December 2003 at 8:31 UT. ''Beagle 2'' coasted for six days after release and was scheduled to enter the Martian atmosphere, at over 20,000 km h, on the morning of the 25th of December. The lander was protected from the heat of entry by a heatshield coated with NORCOAT, an ablating material made by EADS. Compression of the martian atmosphere and radiation from the hot gas are estimated to have led to a peak heating rate of around 100 W (Watt) cm², comparable to the heat flux experienced by Mars Pathfinder. *In Zimbabwe, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is first arrested, then released. This coincides with the start of a week of protests against the government, who have put Tsvangirai on trial for treason. He is due to appear in court later today. *Europe launches its first voyage to another planet, Mars. The European Space Agency's Mars Express probe launches from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan. U.S. Federal Communications Commission announces sweeping changes to the concentration of media ownership protections in the U.S, allowing a single owner to own up to 45% of media in a given city. On October 24, Russian cosmonauts of ISS Expedition 17, Sergei Volkov (Sergey Aleksandrovich Volkov) and Oleg Kononenko, along with space tourist Richard Garriott, aboard Soyuz TMA-12 capsule, landed safely (ideal) at 9:37 a.m. (0336GMT, 07:36 Moscow time), 55 miles north of Arkalyk, Kazakhstan. They were lifted to the Kazakhstan Baikonur space center by helicopter, and then flew to Zvezdny Gorodok (Star City), Moscow Region. is a space mission of the European Space Agency, with NASA participation, to study the Earth's magnetosphere over the course of an entire solar cycle. The mission is composed of four identical spacecraft flying in a tetrahedral (Tetrahedron) formation. A replacement for the original Cluster (Cluster (spacecraft)) spacecraft which were lost in a launch failure in 1996, the four Cluster II spacecraft were successfully launched in pairs in July and August 2000 onboard two Soyuz-Fregat rockets from Baikonur. In February 2011, Cluster II celebrated 10 years of successful scientific operations in space. The mission has been extended until December 2012. China National Space Administration ESA Double Star mission operated alongside Cluster II from 2003 to 2007. * A street in Kiev * One of the two major streets in Baikonur (the other is in honor of his main rival Sergei Korolev) * The crater Yangel (Yangel' (crater)) on the Moon. He also headed the official Afghan delegation to Baikonur, in his position of communications minister and member of its ruling Politburo. '''Flaco''': Thinking he was hatching an abandoned duck egg, Arthur became father to Flaco, a common North American lizard. Most storylines have him playing second-fiddle to his duck "father", but in one extended plotline, he became a Hollywood producer for ''CSI (CSI (franchise))''. He has also won the Pentathalon in the Olympics, earned a Mexican pilot's license, gone to space as a cosmonaut from Baikonur, and dated Betty White in Sao Paolo. Flaco is anthropomorphic but doesn't speak, aside from his characteristic "squee (wiktionary:squee)" sound. Species list thumb A mixed group of ''Passer'' sparrows containing a Eurasian Tree Sparrow (File:Passer montanus Baikonur 001.jpg), a male House Sparrow, and female House or Spanish Sparrows, feeding on grain in the town of Baikonur, Kazakhstan thumb A male House Sparrow feeding a fledgeling (File:Passer domesticus -male feeding chick-8.jpg) Many European Soviet citizens and much of Russia's industry were relocated to Kazakhstan during World War II, when Nazi armies threatened to capture all the European industrial centers of the Soviet Union. These migrants founded mining towns which quickly grew to become major industrial centers such as Karaganda (1934), Zhezkazgan (1938), Temirtau (1945) and Ekibastuz (1948). In 1955 town of Baikonur was built to support the Baikonur Cosmodrome to this day its administered by Russia. Many more Russians arrived in the years 1953-1965,during the so-called Virgin Lands Campaign of Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev. Still more settlers came in the late 1960s and 70s, when the government paid bonuses to workers participating in a program to relocate Soviet industry close to the extensive coal, gas, and oil deposits of Central Asia. By 1979 ethnic Russians in Kazakhstan numbered about 5,500,000, almost 40 % of the total population. In December 1986 Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev appointed Gennady Kolbin, with no ties to the republic as the first secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Kazakh SSR, breaking with a tradition of ethnic Kazakh dominance in the local administration. Following several incidents of ethnic unrest in 1989, Kolbin was replaced by Nursultan Nazarbayev who following the dissolution of the Soviet Union became the president of independent Kazakhstan. StartDate 18 September 2006, 04:09 UTC (Soyuz TMA-9) & 10 December 2006, 01:47 UTC (STS-116) LaunchSite Baikonur, Cape Canaveral LaunchVehicle Soyuz TMA-9 (Lopez-Alegria Tyurin), Discovery (Space Shuttle Discovery) STS-116 (Williams)

Orono, Maine

first Clarke date November 12, 2007 publisher USA Today accessdate 2008-11-25 College years Sweeney was signed to play quarterback for the University of Maine in Orono (Orono, Maine). There he decided to play baseball full-time. He went on to become a Golden Spikes Finalist (Golden Spikes Award), playing outfield, and breaking many of the school's offensive records. As a senior he hit (Batting average) .384 with 23 home runs, 80 RBI (Run batted in) and 22

Huntsville, Ontario

in Chicago. A native of Huntsville, Ontario, Selkirk batted left-handed and threw right-handed. He earned the nickname "Twinkletoes" for his distinctive way of running on the balls of his feet. During his nine years of major league service, all with the Yankees, he appeared in 846 games and batted .290 (.265 in 21 World Series games), with 108 regular-season home runs. The '''Huntsville Otters''' are a Junior "C" ice hockey team from Huntsville (Huntsville, Ontario), Ontario, Canada. They were a part of the Ontario Junior Hockey League until 2012 when they sold their franchise back to the league. History Highway 522B was created as a result of a realignment of Highway 11, which is being upgraded into a freeway between Huntsville (Huntsville, Ontario) and North Bay (North Bay, Ontario). As part of this project, several bypasses (bypass (road)) have been or are being constructed to avoid established communities along the route. Construction on the ''Trout Creek Bypass'', an The company operates eight retail stores, located in Bobcaygeon, Minden (Minden, Ontario), Bancroft (Bancroft, Ontario), Lindsay (Lindsay, Ontario), Uxbridge (Uxbridge, Ontario), Huntsville (Huntsville, Ontario), and Peterborough (Peterborough, Ontario) and Barrie. Ontario provincial police (w:Ontario provincial police) (OPP) are also investigating two other bodies this long weekend in May. Human remains were found in a construction area near Barrie (w:Barrie, Ontario) and a body was also found near Huntsville (w:Huntsville, Ontario) in a roadside ditch. A firebombing at a Royal Bank of Canada (w:Royal Bank of Canada) branch in Ottawa (w:Ottawa) has resulted in an urgent call for OPP re-inforcements. Ontario security has been increased in preparation for the June 26-27 G20 summit (w:2010 G-20 Toronto summit) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (w:Metro Toronto Convention Centre) and the G8 summit in Huntsville and the ensuing arrival of international leaders and delegations.

Pebble Beach, California

'''Peter "Inky" Joseph Incaviglia''' (born April 2, 1964, in Pebble Beach, California) was a Major League Baseball outfielder. He was drafted in the 1st round (8th overall pick) by the Montreal Expos in the 1985 amateur draft (Major League Baseball Draft) out of Oklahoma State University, but was traded later the same year to the Texas Rangers (Texas Rangers (baseball)). He debuted in the major leagues on April 8, 1986 without having spent any time in the minor leagues. Pete played for 12 seasons from 1986 to 1998 with 6 different teams. His last game was on September 27, 1998. He was noted for his power, but also for his tendency to strike out (strikeout). He led the majors in strikeouts by a hitter in 1986 and 1988. He struck out 1,277 times in his career. He still owns the single-season NCAA home run record, with 48, and RBI record, with 143. From October 1972 to October 1973 a controversy spawned by Cameron over Roald Dahl's ''Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'' embroiled the pages of The Horn Book Magazine. http: history magazine camerondahl.asp http: 85868 Eleanor-Cameron-vs-Roald-Dahl Due to her criticisms of the book, labeled by Cameron as "sadistic

Oro Valley, Arizona

of Oro Valley, Arizona. Kinsler helped lead the baseball team to state titles in 1997 and 2000. He hit (Batting average) .380 as a junior, to earn second-team All-League honors, and .504 with 5 home runs and 26 stolen bases during his senior year, in which he was named first-team All-State and first-team All-League.

Swift Current

La Crosse, Wisconsin

Baseball Players Association , as he was a replacement player during the 1994 Major League Baseball strike. These players are barred from joining the players' union. His name also does not appear on any official commemorative merchandise from the Arizona Diamondbacks' 2001 World Series win. On June 27, 2007, in a home game against the Houston Astros, Miller hit his second career walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th inning to win the game for the Brewers. It was his first home run of the 2007 season. The walk-off came on La Crosse (La Crosse, Wisconsin) Day at Miller Park (Miller Park (Milwaukee)). by 16 degrees. http: bis halloween.php Record snow and cold was recorded as far south as Nebraska and Colorado. http: oax ?n Halloween http: pub ?n climate halloween_als.php The Arctic air also spread over Chicago, recording a low of 11 on November 4. http: lot ?n Nov_wx_trivia http: dtx climate fnt_summary_2003.php Herbert, who was born in Waconia (w:Waconia, Minnesota), Minnesota, attended the University of Wisconsin (w:University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) in La Crosse (w:La Crosse, Wisconsin). After graduating with degrees in English and general science, he joined the US Army Air Corps, and served in World War II as a bomber pilot in Europe. Post-war, he worked as an actor before becoming the host of ''Watch Mr. Wizard'' in 1951. The program ran for nearly 15 years on NBC (w:NBC) and CBC (w:CBC).

Brookings, South Dakota

567629.html 04 08 2008 Royals scoreboard is a vision of the future It was adorned with a crown during the 2008 offseason. Strobe lights atop the scoreboard flash after every Royals home run. Personal life Rounds attended South Dakota State University in Brookings (Brookings, South Dakota), where he earned his B.S. (Bachelor of Science) in political science. While at SDSU, Rounds met his wife, Jean, formerly

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