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Teluk Intan

favorite site during the lunchtime. It is well known for its delicious Nasi Kandar dishes. Keng Heng Kopitiam The old traditional Chinese kopitiam, selling various kind of mee and breakfast at morning, and there will be Nasi Kandar at lunchtime. During afternoon, there will be Wantan Mee and fish balls (home made) and traditional kuih. It has been the locals’ favorite site due to the delicious traditional Chinese food they offer. There is a small photo gallery of the Teluk Intan Leaning Tower

Bing, which is a home made sherbet with a local favorite flavor. However, the Yao Yao Bing stall are not always open. If the stall is open, the sherbet sold out very fast. *'''Hainan Coffee''' The best place to have specially roast Hainan Coffee is Keng Heng Kopitiam. It is a kind of Robusta coffee. However, the local worker group prefers sweeter taste. Thus, the coffee usually taste too sweet for normal people. Make sure to ask for the coffee for less sugar. Sleep * Wikipedia:Teluk Intan Dmoz:Regional Asia Malaysia States_and_Federal_Territories Perak Localities Teluk_Intan

Ko Tao

north Thailand. Delivery option available. * Commons:Category:Ko Tao Wikipedia:Ko Tao


the Romanian border. There is an interesting museum there about local biology and ecology. '''Visit Vaja''' west of Mátészalka on route 49. It has got an old castle and a popular lake. '''Visit the Lake of Terem''' near Bátorliget and Terem, south of Mátészalka. Another popular lake in the region. '''Visit the home-made nuclear fallout shelter''' in Kocsord, the next village to the east of Mátészalka. A local, Fogarassy Árpád, thought in the 1980s that nuclear war between the USA and USSR is imminent


automobile enthusiasts. Meetings like Power Big Meet and clubs such as Wheels and Wings in Varberg, Sweden have established themselves in Swedish Hot Rod culture. Since there is very little "vintage tin" the hot rods in Sweden are generally made with a home made chassis (usually a Ford model T or A replica), with a Jaguar (or Volvo 240) rear axle, a small block (Small-block#Small block) V8 (V8 engine), and fiberglass tub, but some have been built using for instance




WikiPedia:Selçuk Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Turkey Provinces Izmir Districts Selcuk Commons:Category:Selcuk


Ghoulam; tel. +212 3567-4344 - small Internet-café with 9 PCs, headphones and microphones. While chatting or surfing the web you can enjoy the local home-made joghurt ("raibe") or munch some sweets. Very friendly service who helps with all difficulties concerning the net and even gives some tips about chatting. It is open 7 days a week from morning to midnight (hours vary acccording to season). 4 dirham hour. Post Taza has three post offices, one at the Medina (vis-à-vis the Place


garden, and all meals are fresh and home-made. They are also very kind and serviceable to visitors, and speak some French as well as Armenian and Russian. The house is placed about 700 m off the main road. * wikipedia:Yeghegnadzor Dmoz:Regional Asia Armenia Vayots_Dzor Localities Yeghegnadzor


made ones. Dahab Community Market Dahab Community Market is a weekly event for everyone, that is held every Friday afternoon at Sheikh Salem House, Eel Garden Area, Dahab. The market currently starts at 3PM and finishes between 7 - 8PM. There are different sellers every week and regular sellers including hand made Bedouin and Egyptian Crafts, Jewelry, Clothes, 2nd Hand bargains, foods from around the world including home made Egyptian Food, delicious cakes and deserts See the

Arabia. Prices start from 80 EGP per person for a tasty feast including transport. Booking via Desert Divers, Sheikh Salem House or Blue Beach. There is also the option to go to dinner on a camel, by jeep, by horse, hike (30 mins from Dahab town centre or even by quad bike!). * '''The Lazy Camel Cafe''' Assalah Beach at the end of the beach footpath just north of the Eel Garden Dive Site. Serves a great mix of Bedouin Middle Eastern European food including home made beef burgers, Bedouin wrap



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