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New Jersey Turnpike Authority

what_exit B-3-F.htm "COMPROMISE SETTLES SUIT OVER WIDENING OF TURNPIKE" , copy of article from ''The Star-Ledger'' at the New Jersey Historical Society, January 29, 1972. Accessed January 4, 2012. * Dylan O'Brien (born 1991), actor, best known for his role in MTV's hit show, ''Teen Wolf (Teen Wolf (2011 TV series))''. * Herbert I. Olarsch, Executive Director of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (1993–1994). ref

Fort Collins, Colorado

Theler Talks About His New Hit Show publisher College Magazine date July 11, 2012 url http: editorial 2804 Baby-Daddy-Derek-Theler-talks-about-his-new-hit-show * Haeley Vaughn, top 25 finalist of ''American Idol''. * Byron Raymond White (Byron White), Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court of the United States). * Jason Wingate (Jason Wright Wingate), composer.

Daly City, California

. - Finals Daly City (Daly City, California), California Host ''Pinagmulan'' is hosted by mayor of Daly City, California Mike Guingona. Guingona, a second generation (immigrant generations) Filipino-American who has worked for the last year and half on TFC's other hit show, ''CITIZEN PINOY''. The Gas Chamber Orchestra stopped performing regularly in 1996, after its members completed their MA (Master of Arts (postgraduate))s. Andrade died from


player *Bill Huard - Former NHL Hockey Player *Matt Johnson (ice hockey) - Former NHL Hockey Player *Peter Kormos - long-serving NDP Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario *Anthony Lacavera (Tony Lacavera) - Chairman and CEO of Globalive Communications Corporation (Globalive) *Amy Ciupak Lalonde - Co-Star of CBC's hit show Sophie and one of the stars of Diary of the Dead (2007) *Daniel Romano - Visual Artist and Musician *Anna Olson - Host of Sugar (Sugar (TV series)) and Fresh with Anna Olson on Food Network Canada (Born in Georgia, United States (Georgia (U.S. state)), now resides in Welland) *Daniel Paille - Boston Bruins hockey player. *Gilbert Parent - Former federal Speaker of the House of Commons (Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons) *Tammy Plante - Playboy Playmate *Mike Smrek - Former NBA player (Chicago, Los Angeles, San Antonio & Golden State) *Bill Welychka - News Anchor In popular culture Welland's Seaway Mall gained national attention when a flash mob was filmed singing the Hallelujah Chorus in the food court in November 2010. http: news canada Food+court+Hallelujah+Chorus+goes+viral 3918451 story.html A video of the event went viral on YouTube, Wikipedia:Welland, Ontario


primarily in Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. He was Eddie Towne's favorite player in ESPN's hit show ''TILT (Tilt (TV series))''. He created the First and Goal Challenge, a unique program to benefit Winthrop University Hospital's outstanding Child Life Program and Pediatric Services. NY Jets' Kevin Mawae Helps Benefit Pediatric Patients

Youngstown, Ohio

url http: films jgth.html publisher Friday the 13th: The Website accessdate 30 November 2012 The hit show ''Dance Moms'' has filmed and made several references to dance competitions being held in Youngstown, the most recent being aired on episode 24 of season 3. Season 1 episode 28 of the 1961 TV show ''Route 66'' was filmed and took place in Youngstown. The opening scene shows the two main stars driving down Poland Ave, talking about the trip

Toledo, Ohio

''The Painted Woman'' (1913), which failed. Next, he acted in and co-directed with Frank Craven the hit show ''Too Many Cooks'' (1914), which ran for 223 performances. In the last years of his life, Comly suffered much from his old Civil War wounds. He died in Toledo, Ohio at the age of 55 and was buried in Green Lawn Cemetery (Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio) in Columbus. Career After graduating from Law school, Berman worked as a labor law attorney for Bethlehem Steel

Providence, Rhode Island

Questions for Josh Schwartz: Gossip Guy author Deborah Solomon date 2007-10-14 work The New York Times url http: 2007 10 14 magazine 14wwln-q4-t.html accessdate 2007-10-20 He attended Providence's private Wheeler School, a coeducational independent day school, for 11 years, graduating with the class of 1994. Updike was born at Providence, Rhode Island. In 1880 he joined the publishers Houghton, Mifflin & Company (Houghton Mifflin), of Boston as an errand boy. He worked for the firm's Riverside Press and trained as a printer but soon moved to typographic design. He set up on his own in 1893, and renamed his enterprise the Merrymount Press in 1896. That same year, one of his first works with the "Merrymount Press" was "In the Old Days, A Fragment" written by his mother, Elisabeth Bigelow Updike, as reminiscences of her youth. Production * This episode wrongly reports the location of the University of Rhode Island (URI), claiming that it is in Providence (Providence, Rhode Island) when, in fact, it is in Kingston (Kingston, Rhode Island) on the other side of the state. While URI has a satellite campus (the Feinstein Campus) in Providence, URI's sports teams play in Kingston. * Actor Steven Van Zandt wore his own golfing hat for a scene in which Silvio plays a round of golf. right 225px thumb No word floats without an anchoring connection within an overall structure. (File:Typography case be.svg) '''Stanley Eugene Fish (w:Stanley Fish)''' (born 19 April 1938) is an American (w:United States) literary theorist (w:literary theory) and legal scholar. He was born and raised in Providence (w:Providence, Rhode Island). He is the Davidson-Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Humanities and a professor of law at Florida International University (w:Florida International University), in Miami (w:Miami), as well as Dean Emeritus of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago (w:University of Illinois at Chicago), and the author of 12 books. US District Court (w:US District Court) Judge Ernest Torres convicted Taricani, a reporter for WJAR-TV News in Providence (w:Providence, Rhode Island), Rhode Island (w:Rhode Island). The video in question showed the city's mayor, Vincent Cianci, taking a $ (w:United States dollar)1000 bribe. The official was subsequently convicted for corruption. During Cianci's trial, the court had ordered the video to be sealed. It was subsequently released to reporter Jim Taricani. Torres opined that the leak had been designed to prevent a fair trial and, as the video was sealed, the person who leaked it had broken the law. Physicist Horatiu Nastase of Brown University (w:Brown University) in Providence, Rhode Island (w:Providence, Rhode Island) says that the calculations show that the fireball has properties similar to that of a black hole. Nastase says this could help explain why so few jets are seen coming out of the fireball. He thinks the particles are being absorbed into the core and reappearing as thermal (Hawking) radiation (w:Hawking radiation), just like theory predicts happens in a black hole. The poor weather conditions prompted the shutdown of LaGuardia (w:LaGuardia International Airport), John F. Kennedy (w:John F. Kennedy International Airport), and Newark International (w:Newark International Airport) Airports. Delta Airlines (w:Delta Airlines) also canceled flights in and out of Washington (w:Washington, D.C.), Philadelphia (w:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Baltimore (w:Baltimore, Maryland), Providence (w:Providence, Rhode Island), and Hartford (w:Hartford, Connecticut). In Massachusetts, heavy snow and blizzard warnings were in effect as visibility had been greatly hindered by the falling snow. There were other reports of near-blizzard conditions in parts of Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Birmingham, Alabama

in Decatur, Alabama, attended Samford University in Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama) and went on to perform in musical theater in Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee) early in his career. In addition to appearing in several movies, Stephens was a guest on a number of popular television shows, including ''L.A. Heat'', ''Wings (Wings (NBC TV series))'' and ''Family Matters (Family Matters (TV series))'', as well as a 1996 cameo on the hit show ''Frasier'' as Sam the bartender. In the fall of 1997, He played Mr. Anderson, Scott Whyte's father on ''City Guys'' in which appeared for three seasons. In 2001, Stephens returned to the stage in the play ''Judah Ben-Hur''. Zabaleta struggled inititally with the transition from juniors to seniors. In 1996 he won his first Challenger (ATP Challenger Tour) event in Birmingham, Alabama over Bill Behrens 6–4, 6–4 and his quarter final performance in Bournemouth was his best showing on the main tour. '''Bruce Edwin Benedict''' (born August 18, 1955 in Birmingham, Alabama) is an American (United States) former professional (Professional baseball) baseball player, coach (Coach (baseball)) and scout (Scout (sports)). He entered the Army on September 1, 1942, and was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 29th Quartermaster Regiment. He was a passenger aboard the Dutch (Netherlands) steamer USAT ''s'Jacob'' (SS s'Jacob) on March 8, 1943, which was near Porlock Harbor (Porlock Bay, Papua New Guinea), New Guinea, when the ship was hit by Japanese bombers. 125px right thumb City plan of Birmingham, Alabama drawn by Warren Manning. (Image:Birmingham District copy.jpg) In 1919, Manning’s talents took him to Birmingham, Alabama, where he worked on a new design for the city. He recommended a radical resource-based plan which included “multiple neighborhood-based centers determined by available resources” (Karson, 2001). He also makes note of the importance of parks throughout the city stating that “the cities that are best designed have about one-eight of their area in parks and about one acre to 75 people” (Manning, 1919). This approach was in direct contrast to the then popular City Beautiful movement which emphasized monumental civic centers and Beaux Arts architecture style public buildings (Karson, 2001). The architectural design of the Chicago Columbian Exposition was based in the City Beautiful movement, but now, on his own, Manning decided on a different course following his own landscape theories which were based on the natural available resources. This idea was the basis for his creation of the “wild garden” which he applied to many of his landscape designs.


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