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in 1968), as the (late 1960s) £222,000 section, the Link road from Ratcliffe Power Station to M1. This became the A648 when completed in 1970, extending along the present B679 to West Bridgford, then the A453 in 1978, when it was diverted from its Long Eaton route.history story-12165553-detail story.html A453 history CBRD maps Between

Metro Detroit

Italian , Lebanese (Lebanese American), Assyrian Chaldean (Assyrian Chaldean Syriac-Americans), Greek (Greek American), Jewish (Jewish American), and Belgian (Belgian American) immigrants who made their way to the area in the early 20th century and during and after World War II. Baulch, Vivian M. (September 4, 1999).history story historytemplate.cfm?id 109 Michigan's greatest treasure -- Its people. Michigan History


contingent known as the Polar Bear Expedition. During both world war (World war#World War I and World War II)s, Arkhangelsk was a major port of entry for Allied aid. During World War II, the city became known in the West as one of the two main destinations (along with Murmansk


under Lefebvre (Jules Joseph Lefebvre) and Boulanger (Gustave Boulanger). Baulch, Vivian M. (January 31, 1998).PKFHSPKFHS history story historytemplate.cfm?id 74&CFID 11407321&CFTOKEN 28665147 Detroit is fertile ground for art. Michigan History, ''The Detroit News''. Retrieved on June 6, 2008. Attracted by the pictorial side of Holland, he settled at Egmond. In 1882, Melchers presented ''The Letter'', painted


umbrella (Bulgarian umbrella). Widespread allegations involving the Bulgarian government and KGB have not led to any legal results. However, it was learned that after fall of the USSR, the KGB had developed an umbrella that could inject ricin pellets into a victim, and two former KGB agents who defected said the agency assisted in the murder.history story 2007 01 070117_markov.shtml The case of the poisoned umbrella. BBC World Service, 2007.<


concerned about a lack of facilities for winter sports. Judd (2008), p. 21 Findling and Pelle (2004), p. 283 The idea was resurrected for the 1916 Games (1916 Summer Olympics), which were to be held in Berlin, Germany


history story index.cfm?id 178&category life title Detroit's Polar Bears and their confusing war accessdate July 12, 2007 publisher The Detroit News language Western émigré victims Some of the victims of the terror were American (USA) immigrants to the Soviet Union, who had emigrated at the height of the Great Depression in order to find work. At the height of the Terror, American immigrants besieged the US embassy, begging for passports so they could leave


May 2007 ''Superman: Red Son'' In the alternate history story ''Superman: Red Son'', Superman lands as an infant in Ukraine and becomes a Soviet citizen. Instead of Kandor, Brainiac bottles Stalingrad. Superman's failure to restore its size troubles him greatly. German nationalism From its outset, the party saw German reunification as its foremost goal. The party welcomed the reunification when it occurred in 1990, but considered it to only be a "


(2008), p. 21 Findling and Pelle (2004), p. 283 The idea was resurrected for the 1916 Games (1916 Summer Olympics), which were to be held in Berlin, Germany. A winter sports week with speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey

Washington, D.C.

name as nothing more than the fact that the road traveled toward the wooded area to the north of the city. Baulch, Vivian M. (June 13, 1999).history story historytemplate.cfm?id 205 Woodward Avenue, Detroit's Grand old "Main Street" Michigan History, ''The Detroit News''. Retrieved on January 31, 2010. 19 07 1990 align left Kingdome, Seattle, Washington, D.C. Washington

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