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" to distinguish him from another SS general named Heinrich Müller. He was last seen in the Führerbunker in Berlin on May 1, 1945 and remains the most (ex-Nazis) senior figure of the Nazi (Nazism) regime who was never captured or confirmed to have died. In popular culture Globocnik features as a major character in the alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) ''Fatherland (Fatherland (novel))'' by Robert Harris (Robert Harris (novelist)). In the novel, which

German Empire

;The Origins of EEG" ''International Society for the History of the Neurosciences'' (ISHN) and the discoverer of the alpha wave rhythm known as "Berger's wave". Grimwood's work tends to be of a quasi-alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) genre that could be dubbed "Alternative future"; whilst set in an alternate universe, they are still set in the future. In the first four novels, set in the 22nd century, the point of divergence


-alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) genre that could be dubbed "Alternative future"; whilst set in an alternate universe, they are still set in the future. In the first four novels, set in the 22nd century, the point of divergence is the Franco–Prussian War (Franco-Prussian War) of 1870, where Grimwood posits a reality where Napoléon III's France defeats Otto von Bismarck's Prussia, causing the German Empire never to form and the Second


at the universities of Leidenand Wales suggest that this name may be derived from Proto-Celtic language Proto-Celtic *''Ad-bej-ānos'', literally meaning ''at-striking-related-one'' and possibly denoting the concept of '' harp-strumming''. The Romano-British form of this name, if it existed, might plausibly have been *''Abeianos''. He also appears in Phillip Mann's alternate history (fiction) alternate

of the church. In others, whilst the figure of Christ was made to ascend, that of the devil was made to descend. On 26 February 2012 Liverpool won the 2012 Football League Cup Final at Wembley (Wembley Stadium), London, beating Welsh (Wales) side Cardiff City (Cardiff City F.C.) 3–2 on penalties after the game finished 1–1 after 90 minutes and 2–2 after extra time. '''''Century Rain''''' is a 2004 noir (Hardboiled#Noir fiction) science fiction Alternate history (fiction) alternate


of land. The original Order was disbanded in 1929, and was later revived by King Muhammad Zahir Shah (Mohammed Zahir Shah). ''The Spiders'' is a webcomic written and illustrated by cartoonist Patrick S. Farley for his website, Electric Sheep Comix. The comic traces an alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan (War in Afghanistan (2001–present)), where Al Gore is President of the United States, and ordinary civilians can view

Soviet Union

diplomatic issue of the time. He was heavily instrumental in Carter's decision to return the Canal Zone (Panama Canal) to Panama, and in the Camp David Accords agreement between Israel and Egypt. Changing themes The nature of the show changed throughout the seasons. The first two seasons focused on alternate histories (alternate history (fiction)) and social norms, with the consensus amongst the creative team maintaining these two seasons

appeared in Siberia in the Soviet Union. ''Eternals'' Vol. 1 #9 Nezarr was targeted by an atomic missile (missile) directed by General Greshkov of the Soviet Army. However, Nezarr projected illusions in the minds of Greshkov and the firing crew that the missile had turned back on them, and the resulting mental trauma put all of them into comas. ''Eternals'' Vol. 1 #11 Plot ''Six-String Samurai'' is set in an Alternate history (fiction) alternate

has caused them to degenerate into just another gang. As the movie begins, Elvis has died and a radio disc jockey Keith Mortimer announces a call for all musicians to come to Lost Vegas to try to become the new King of Rock'n'Roll (Rock and roll). Plot ''Six-String Samurai'' is set in an alternate history (Alternate history (fiction)) America, in which Soviet Union attacked the U.S. with nuclear weapons in 1957, making most of the country an inhospitable desert. The government


'', David Fromkin, Avon Books, New York, 1990 '''Stephen Michael Stirling''' is a French (France)-born Canadian (Canada)-American (United States) science fiction and fantasy author. Stirling is probably best known for his Draka series (The Domination) of alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) novels and the more recent time travel alternate history Nantucket series and Emberverse series (The Emberverse series). Personal Stirling was born

in an alternate world (alternate history (fiction)) where a joint Anglo (United Kingdom)-French (France) empire still led by a Plantagenet dynasty has survived into the twentieth century and where magic works and has been scientifically codified. The Darcy books are rich in jokes, puns, and references (particularly to works of detective (detective fiction) and spy fiction: Lord Darcy is himself partially modelled on Sherlock Holmes), elements that often appear in the shorter works

Powers (Britain, France, Russia, and Italy) had run the coastal sections and immediate hinterland of the island. The British administered the prefecture of Heraklion, the Russians (Russian Empire) the prefecture of Rethymno, the French (France) the prefecture of Lasithi and Sitia, and the Italians (Italy) the prefectures of Chania and Sfakia. Grimwood's work tends to be of a quasi-alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) genre that could be dubbed "

United States

military factory. He has the unshakeable feeling he's been inside that building many times before. Plot summary In this alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) the corrupt US (United States) President Ferris F. Fremont (FFF for 666, ‘F’ being the 6th letter in the alphabet, see Number of the Beast) becomes Chief Executive in the late Nineteen-Sixties following Lyndon Johnson's administration. The character is best described as an amalgam of Joseph McCarthy and Richard

''', an award-winning American (United States) writer of science fiction and alternate history (alternate history (fiction)). He wrote and published over 1,500 short stories and articles, 14 movie scripts, and hundreds of radio scripts and television plays. '''Wrigley Field''' ( ) is a baseball stadium in Chicago, Illinois, United States that has served as the home ballpark of the Chicago Cubs since 1916. It was built in 1914

''The Heartland Café'' released in Sweden) under the name "Roxette"; however, the album flopped, selling only about 8,000 copies. The name Roxette was later used by Per Gessle to name his successful collaboration with Marie Fredriksson. In 1985 Gyllene Tider officially broke up. *''The Probability Broach'' (1980) is an alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) novel in which history has taken a different turn because a single word in the Declaration

New Zealand

. '''Brithenig''' is an invented language, or constructed language ("conlang"). It was created as a hobby in 1996 by Andrew Smith from New Zealand, who also invented the alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) of Ill Bethisad to "explain" it. In 1946, she co-founded and became the first president of the Soil Association, an international organization claiming to promote sustainable agriculture (and the main organic farming association in the United

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