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foundation - under the name Anuradhapura (Anuradha's city) it was to become capital of Rajarata for over a thousand years. Buddhist claims and conflict A temple dedicated to a deity in "Gokarna" city is mentioned in a 5th century CE religious and historical literary work called Mahavamsa. It mentions that Mahasena (King Mahasena) (334–361) a Mahayanist zealot known for his temple destructions, who ruled a central kingdom of the island from the southern city


. Unlike traditional robots, which expend energy by using motors to control every motion, McGeer's early passive-dynamic machines relied only on gravity and the natural swinging of their limbs to move forward down a slope. Work Coming out of Vancouver’s 1970s photoconceptual tradition, Rodney Graham’s work is often informed by historical literary, musical, philosophical and popular references. He is most often associated with other West-coast Canadian artists, including Vikky Alexander


since at least the middle of the 19th century. The story has been portrayed in many forms including oral, historical, literary, theatre, and film adaptions. The story also has a role in Cambodia's education (Education in Cambodia) in the 12th grade and has appeared as a topic for the Khmer language examination several times. Although its first translation into French had already been made by Étienne Aymonier in 1880, Tum Teav was popularized abroad when writer George Chigas


, Pakistan, India (Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka), Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal - Other dialects of Hindi-Urdu Khariboli is related to four standardized registers (standard language) of Hindi-Urdu: Standard Hindi, Urdu, Dakhini and Rekhta. Standard Hindi (also High Hindi, Nagari Hindi) is used as the ''lingua franca'' of Northern India (the Hindi belt), Urdu is the ''lingua franca'' of Pakistan, Dakhini is the historical literary dialect of the Deccan region, and Rekhta the court register of Urdu used in medieval poetry (Urdu poetry). These standard registers together with Sansiboli form the Hindustani (Hindustani language) dialect group. This group together with Haryanvi, Kauravi, Braj Bhasha, Kanauji and Bundeli forms the Western Hindi dialect group. Commons:Category:Pakistan WikiPedia:Pakistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan


Studies Association . It is devoted to the study of modern Greece and explores social, cultural, and political affairs in Greece from the late Byzantine period until the present day. The journal attempts to cover historical, literary, anthropological, artistic, and other aspects of contemporary Greek society. The current editor is Maria Koundoura of Emerson College. The journal is published biannually, in May and October, by the Johns Hopkins University Press. '''Nikolaos


are working all over India and abroad. S.Manjunath who was killed in Lucknow was from 3rd Cross Road, Vivek Nagar. Vivek Nagar is named after Swami Vivekananda. There is a temple dedicated to Ayappa. Taking a comparative and historical literary review of European, mainly British and French, scholars and writers looking at, thinking about, talking about, and writing about the peoples of the Middle East, Said sought to lay bare the relations of power between the colonizer and the colonized in those texts. Said's writings have had far-reaching implications beyond area studies in Middle East, to studies of imperialist Western attitudes to India, China and elsewhere. It was one of the foundational texts of postcolonial studies (postcolonialism). Said later developed and modified his ideas in his book ''Culture and Imperialism'' (1993). thumb Shathashrunga Mountain Range (File:Shathashrunga grey sky.JPG) '''Shathashrunga''' is a mountain range in the Kolar district of India that meets the Eastern Ghats. The Antara Gange comes within this range of mountains. The Universal Great Brotherhood As Yoga continued to persist as the central point of his interest, Serge, without discarding his responsibilities, public activities, or scientific investigations, slowly began to partake in various initiations within the science and ancient tradition of the Great Rishis and Yogis of India and Tibet. Pilgrimage On April 13, 1950, at Hardward India, he attended the Kumbha Mela, a pilgrimage that occurs every twelve years during which all the holy men, rishis, and sages come together along with their followers with the goal of reconnecting and strengthening that connection with what is considered their source. The '''Govardhana matha''' is located in the city of Puri in Orissa state (States and territories of India) (India), and is associated with the Jagannath temple. It is one of those four cardinal mathas said to have been founded by Adi Shankara, and is the eastern matha. As per the tradition initiated by Adi Shankara, it is in charge of the Rig Veda. Padmapadacharya was the first pontiff appointed by Adi Shankara. thumb 200px right Goverdhana matha main gate (Image:Goverdhana matha.jpg) * Haydar Hatemi, Iranian artist * Nawab Ali Haider Khan (1900–1963), Indian politician * Ali Haydar Şen, Turkish businessman Surname * Ali Haidar (1913–1999), Indian recipient of the Victoria Cross * Aminatou Haidar (1967–), Sahrawi (Sahrawi people) human rights activist International broadcasts ''Grand Designs'' is also broadcast in Australia (on The LifeStyle Channel and ABC1), New Zealand (on TV3 (TV3 (New Zealand))), Canada (on Viva (Viva (TV channel))), the Netherlands (on Discovery Channel and SBS 6 as ''De Grote Verbouwing''), Germany (on DMAX (DMAX (TV channel)) as "Große Träume, Große Häuser"), South Africa (on BBC Lifestyle), Denmark (on TV3 Puls), India (on BBC Entertainment), Norway (on FEM), Sweden (on Kanal 9), Finland (on MTV3 and AVA (AVA (TV channel))), Romania (on TLC (TLC (TV channel))) and Taiwan (on BBC LifeStyle). An important factor to consider is the pitch and it can determine the swing of the ball. The Indian sub-continent pitches are rougher and dustier than pitches elsewhere in the world. Hence, Indian sub-continent bowlers obtain reverse-swing after only 10 overs. On the pitches in Australia and New Zealand, there is significantly less and wear and tear on the ball. Thus, the manner in which the ball is hit by the batsmen is much more important in determining degree and likelihood of reverse swing. South Africa presents the same picture, where reverse-swing rarely seen. England, however has seen some change in pitch conditions in the last decade and bowlers use that to reverse their deliveries earlier. '''Government College of Engineering, Salem''' in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India, is an engineering education center in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the three institutions offering Metallurgical Engineering as a full time course in Tamil Nadu. Commons:Category:India Wikipedia:India Dmoz:Regional Asia India


. '''Invasion literature''' (or the '''invasion novel''') was a historical literary genre most notable between 1871 and the First World War (World War I) (1914). The genre first became recognizable starting in Britain (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) in 1871 with ''The Battle of Dorking'', a fictional account of an invasion of England by Germany. This short story was so popular it started a literary craze for tales that aroused imaginations and anxieties about

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