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Sitka, Alaska

''The World in His Arms'' has Russian Sitka as one of its settings. * Sitka is the opening setting in Ivan Doig's 1982 historical fiction ''The Sea Runners''. * Sitka is mentioned in Chapter 53 of James Clavell's 1993 historical fiction about Japan ''Gai-Jin (Gai-Jin (novel))''. * Mystery author John Straley described Sitka as "...''an island town where people feel crowded by the land and spread out on the sea''." * Part of the action in the novel '' César Cascabel


to writing historical fiction in 1876 with ''Princess Ostrozhskaya''. He visited Paris in 1884 where he met Blavatsky (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky) and mixed with other people in the Paris occult scene, such as Juliette Adam, Vera Jelikovsky, Blavatsky's sister, and Emilie de Morsier. By 1886 he had become a bitter and disillusioned enemy of the founder of theosophy. Vsevolod Sergeevich Solov'ev, ''A Modern Priestess of Isis'' (London: Longmans & Co., 1895

Port of Spain

in Port of Spain, Trinidad) is an American (United States) novelist and author of screenplays, principally of military historical fiction (historical novel) set in classical antiquity. His historical fiction is well-researched, but for the sake of dramatic flow, Pressfield may alter some details, like the sequence of events, or make use of jarring contemporary terms and place names, his stated aim being an attempt to capture the spirit of the times (zeitgeist). The '''Trinidad and Tobago Regiment''' is the main ground force element of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. It has approximately 2,800 men and women organized into a Regiment Headquarters (located in Port of Spain) and four battalions. There is also a Volunteer Defence Force that has been renamed the Defence Force Reserves. The regiment has two primary roles; Maintaining the internal security of Trinidad and Tobago and the assistance of local law enforcement. Trinidad and Tobago Citizens in Trinidad and Tobago were the first to observe IMD on 19 November 1999. The event was conceived and coordinated by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh from The University of the West Indies at the Families in Action headquarters in Newtown, Port of Spain. As his rationale for creating the event Teelucksingh stated, "I realized there was no day for men... some have said that there is Father's Day, but what about young boys, teenagers and men who are not fathers?" Dr. Teelucksingh, understanding the importance of celebrating good male role models, felt that his own father had been an example of an excellent role model and so chose 19 November partly because this was his father's birthday, and also because it was the date on which a local sporting team in his country created a level of unity which transcended gender, religious and ethnic divisions. In following years the event was jointly coordinated by Dr. Teelucksingh and Harrack Balramsingh, Chairman of Citizens for a Better Trinidad and Tobago (CBTT). The idea of celebrating an International Men's Day received written support from officials in UNESCO and the event has continued to be celebrated annually in Trinidad and Tobago and other countries since its beginning. WikiPedia:Port of Spain Commons:Port of Spain zh:西班牙港

Fort Smith, Arkansas

actor. * Juliette Danielle, screen and television actress. * Douglas C. Jones, author of historical fiction. * Charlie Jones (Charlie Jones (sportscaster)), sportscaster. Politicians, statesmen, legislators, lawyers, judges * Fay W. Boozman (Fay Boozman) (1946–2005), Republican nominee for the United States Senate in 1998. * John Boozman (born 1950), United States Senator and former United States Representative from Arkansas's 3rd congressional district

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Frank Sinatra song "The Train," which appears as the first song on his album Watertown (Watertown (album))''. * Allentown was the film location for much of James Neilson (James Neilson (director))'s film ''Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows'', released in 1969. * ''Hiding The Bell'', a 1968 historical fiction novel by Ruth Nulton Moore, chronicles the events surrounding the hiding of the Liberty Bell in Allentown in 1777. Hiding The Bell by Ruth Nulton Moore Westminster Press, 1968 * Allentown was the subject of the 1963 Irving Gordon song "Allentown Jail", which was subsequently recorded by several other artists, including The Kingston Trio, The Lettermen, The Seekers and Jo Stafford. * In the 1960 musical ''Bye Bye Birdie (Bye Bye Birdie (musical))'', character Rosie Alvarez is from Allentown. In the song "Spanish Rose," she sings: "I'm just a Spanish Tamale according to Mae Right off the boat from the tropics, far, far away Which is kinda funny, since where I come from is Allentown, PA." * Allentown is mentioned in the 1957 book, ''On the Road'', by Jack Kerouac. * Allentown was the home town of the fictional Detective Arthur Dietrich (Steve Landesberg) in the television program Barney Miller (1975-1982). Sister cities and twin cities

Santiago de Compostela

had to be raised to cover the debt, but a ''Cortes (Cortes Generales#History of the Cortes)'' (the Spanish parliamentary body) was required to approve new taxes. Thus, in late March 1520, Charles convened the Cortes in Santiago de Compostela. Charles ensured the Cortes would only have limited power, and further attempted to stack the Cortes with pliable representatives he could bribe. Support for the opposition only increased in response, and the representatives demanded that their grievances be heard first before any new tax was granted. Haliczer 1981 (#Hal81), p. 159. A group of clerics soon circulated a statement in protest of the king. It argued three points: any new taxes should be rejected; Castile should be embraced and the foreign Empire rejected; and if the king did not take into account his subjects, the ''Comunidades'' themselves should defend the interests of the kingdom. Pérez 2001 (#Per01), p. 39–40. It was the first occasion in which the word ''comunidades'' (communities, communes) was used to signify the independent populace, and the name would stick to the councils later formed. At this point, most of the members of the Cortes in Santiago intended to vote against


-7rm *''Lord of Samarcand'' is a work of historical fiction by Robert E. Howard. *In Sergei Lukyanenko's ''The Last Watch'', the main character Anton Gorodetsky visits Samarkand as part of his investigation and the city's landmarks feature heavily. *Samarkand can appear as an archetype of romantic exoticism, notably in the work by James Elroy Flecker: ''The Golden Journey to Samarkand'' (1913). *In Islamic literature and discussions, Samarkand has taken on a semi

Evansville, Indiana

was the featured location for the feature film "Back in the Day" filmed in 2014. Back in the Day (2014 film) Literary media Evansville is featured in a section of Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 novel Lolita, as well as Walker Percy's 1962 novel The Moviegoer, and Robert Silverberg's 1969 science fiction novel To Live Again (To Live Again (novel)). Evansville is the primary location in the historical fiction novel, Invitation to Valhalla

Quebec City

in historical (Historical fiction) and thrillers (Thriller fiction). Several of her stories take place in Quebec City or Paris. '''30,255''' Single Responses 0.4% of Quebec's Population popplace Montreal, Quebec City, Eastern Townships langs English (English language), French (French language), Scottish Gaelic (Canadian Gaelic), Lowland Scots (Scots language) Settling Some of these Scottish immigrants settled in Quebec City but many with an entrepreneurial drive kept moving west to Montreal which at the time was little more than a small port town on the St. Lawrence River. By far the majority of the Scots arrived in Quebec with little more than the shirt on their back. John Redpath, who had only enough money for ships passage to Quebec City, walked all the way to Montreal.


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