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Federal Railroad Administration

new types of rolling stock, both high speed and conventional (see for instance Commission Decision 2011 291 EU) after having been a widespread feature since the eighties. The FRA also oversees distribution of funding to Amtrak and to the High Speed Rail initiatives currently under study in various states. See also * The Federal Transit Administration provides financial and technical assistance to local public transit agencies. * The Interstate Commerce Commission regulated

and coordinated between freight and passenger railways for timeliness of their schedules. Due to this shared system, both are regulated by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and follow the AREMA (American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association) standards for track work and AAR (Association of American Railroads) standards for vehicles. '''High-speed rail''' (HSR) is a type of passenger

publisher Federal Railroad Administration url http: downloads rrdev hsrstrategicplan.pdf title Vision for High-speed rail in America page 2 accessdate 5 February 2010 format PDF There is a history of what would now be considered light-rail vehicles operating on heavy-rail rapid transit tracks in the U.S. (United States of America), especially in the case of interurban streetcars. Notable examples are Lehigh Valley Transit trains running on the Philadelphia and Western Railroad high-speed third rail line (now the Norristown High Speed Line). Such arrangements are almost impossible now, due to the Federal Railroad Administration refusing (for crash safety reasons) to allow non-FRA compliant railcars (i.e. subway and light rail vehicles) to run on the same tracks at the same times as compliant railcars, which includes locomotives and standard railroad passenger and freight equipment. Notable exceptions in the USA is the New Jersey Transit River Line (River Line (New Jersey Transit)) from Camden (Camden, New Jersey) to Trenton (Trenton, New Jersey) and Austin's Capital MetroRail, which have received exemptions on the provision that light rail operations occur only during daytime hours and Conrail (Bordentown Secondary#Today) freight service only at night, with several hours separating one operation from the other. The O-train in Ottawa also has freight service at certain hours. He was recruited by then Secretary of Transportation, Drew Lewis, and Federal Railroad Administrator Robert Blanchette, both Reagan appointees. Despite the fact that Claytor frequently opposed the Reagan Administration over Amtrak funding issues, he was strongly supported by John H. Riley, an attorney who was the highly skilled head of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) under the Reagan Administration from 1983–1989. Claytor, the longest serving Amtrak CEO, at 12 years, clearly enjoyed a good relationship with Congress and was perceived by many in the rail industry and government to have done an outstanding job of running Amtrak. Due to limited federal funding, Claytor was forced to use short-term debt (money market) to keep most of its operations running. Desert Xpress Enterprises Desert Xpress Enterprises has proposed Desert Xpress, a privately owned high-speed rail line running nonstop from Victorville, California, to Las Vegas, a 200-mile run along the I-15 corridor. The Federal Railroad Administration public scoping meetings on July 25 and July 26, 2006, could lead to an environmental impact statement for the project. Notably, federal planners identified New York State's Empire Corridor (Buffalo-Albany-New York City) as one of the best-suited for high-speed rail service. http: us content 201, Federal Railroad Administration report; October 21, 2003 In 2005, New York State Senate Majority Leader (Majority Leader of the New York State Senate) Joseph Bruno expressed renewed interest in high-speed rail proposed research into high-speed rail development in New York State as part of a plan to boost Upstate New York's economy. "Fast Trains in NY: Slashing Travel Time is Key to Accelerating Upstate Economy" by Joseph Bruno In addition, the Empire Limited Amtrak service between New York and Albany already has one of the highest levels of ridership outside the Northeast Corridor and Acela lines. regulations require railroads to notify the w:Federal Railroad Administration Federal Railroad Administration any time that a false signal to proceed is known to have occurred. A number of different conditions can cause false proceed signals, including communication circuit failures, wiring errors or, more rarely, software bugs. In one instance, such a design flaw on an Amtrak (w:Amtrak) line went undetected for nearly 35 years.

Chowchilla, California

Punishment in California ." California Department of Corrections. Retrieved on August 16, 2010. "All male prisoners on condemned status are housed at a maximum-security custody level in three units at San Quentin State Prison. Females are housed in a maximum-security unit at Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla." thumb left Valley State Prison for Women Valley State Prison (File:VSPW 24th Avenue Chowchilla California sign Oct 2004.JPG) High-speed rail

Chowchilla is the proposed northern terminus of the first leg of the California High-Speed Rail system. Education There are two school districts in Chowchilla. The Chowchilla School

to begin construction on the first south of Madera (Madera, California) at Borden (Borden, California), and continue through downtown Fresno to Corcoran (Corcoran, California).

Corcoran, California

'''State Route 137''' (SR 137) is a state highway in California, USA, running from Corcoran (Corcoran, California) to State Route 65 (State Route 65 (California)) in the San Joaquin Valley.


. One of the famous dishes is ''fuliji'' (braised chicken), whose 13 herbs and spices give it a rich aroma. Transportation thumb right Electric locomotive at Bengbu Railway Station (File:China Railways DF11 0350.jpg) The city is on the Jinghu Railway, with hourly direct trains to Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities. The new Bengbu South Railway Station will be served by the high-speed Beijing-Shanghai Railway. Bengbu Airport, which has been relocated from the city's

;Clam Wharf" or "Oyster Quay") is a prefecture-level city with a population of 3,469,700 (including rural area) in northern Anhui Province. Get in The city is on the Jinghu Railway, with hourly direct trains from Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities. Bengbu South Station is in the south of Donghai Avenue, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to the first station, east China Central Station, one of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail seven central hub station, while the high-speed railway linking Beijing and Taiwanco mussels passenger line. The early stages of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail operating speed of 300 km, the initial operation Bengbu to Nanjing can be reached in about 35 minutes. Get around Taxis start at ¥5 for 2.5 km, and ¥1.2 per km after that. See Bengbu is the birthplace of the Huagudeng Sizhou drama, has been declared the country and the world intangible cultural heritage. Do Bengbu is the provenance of the House of Flying Daggers, Farewell My Concubine story Gaixia ancient battlefield Gaixia, to pay homage; contains white Ruquan, Bian and Tung Kai Mother Stone, Yu Temple Jing Tu Lanwins; Huaihe River culture Square, and the musical fountain Metro night; covered by the Long Lake and the awl mountain Scenic Area, including the soup and the tomb of the pearl bridge, Long Lake bridge, the Longhu style garden, and martyrs' cemetery, including Longhu scenery; city River, Huaihe RiverLiu view of the scenery on both sides Huai River; the center of the Pearl Garden dawn; According to legend, Yu Yu dukes princes Tu Yu Kuaihuai ancient executive instruments of peace, the nations "; Wang Huai tower, public lake Zhang Gong foothills; the Tuohu crab and mussels mountain sunset. Buy Antique jade, wine and Anhui, the arrival of tobacco, a product of Huangshan smoke, the Guzhen peanut, Huaiyuan asparagus, peppermint oil, pomegranate. Five river crabs. Eat A local specialty is river crayfish cooked with lots of spices. There is a whole block near the center of town that consists mainly of restaurants serving this and other dishes. Turn right at the end of that block, there is a nice small trendy restaurant on the right. Specialties are ice cream and Japanese Taiwan style light meals. The jiaozi are excellent. Drink Sleep * Wikipedia:Bengbu

Cuenca, Spain

Arab castle, Kunka. Other alternative original names have been suggested, including "Anitorgis", "Sucro" or "Concava". The city of Cuenca is also known as the "Eagle's Nest" because of its precarious position on the edge of a gorge. Transportation The city is served by the Cuenca Railway Station. It is a popular day or weekend trip from Madrid, to which it is very well connected. On 2010 December 19 a new AVE (high-speed rail (High-speed rail in Spain)) link was established between Madrid – Atocha (Madrid Atocha railway station) and Valencia and some of them stops at the Cuenca – Fernando Zobel station (Cuenca Railway Station), providing travellers with frequent connections everyday with both Madrid and Valencia, reducing the journey time to only 50 minutes to from Madrid and one hour to from Valencia. RENFE also operates a non high-speed service taking 3 hours going from Madrid. Auto Res, a bus operator, links Madrid to Cuenca with a 2 hour or 2:30 hour trip duration. The A-40 motorway, recently completed, connects the city with the A-3 at Tarancón, '''Unión Balompédica Conquense''' is a Spanish football team (List of football clubs in Spain) based in Cuenca (Cuenca, Spain), in the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha. Founded in 1946, it currently plays in 2ªB - Group 1 (Segunda División B Groups 1-4), holding home games at ''Estadio La Fuensanta'', with a 3,500 total capacity.

Madera, California

downtown Fresno to Corcoran (Corcoran, California). in federal funds reallocated from states that canceled

their high-speed rail plans, the initial segment of construction was extended to Bakersfield. Another $300 million was reallocated on May 9, 2011, extending the funded portion north to the future Chowchilla (Chowchilla, California) Wye (Wye (rail)), so that the train can be turned. Construction is expected to begin in September 2012.

: pr_approvesstatematch.aspx publisher California High-Speed Rail Authority date 20 December 2010 accessdate 8 January 2010 *Macomb, Illinois (MAC) *Madera, California (MDR) (Amtrak station) (Madera (Amtrak station)) *Madison, Florida (MDO) (Amtrak station) (Madison (Amtrak station)) 200px right thumb The San Joaquin parked at Bakersfield Station. (Image:San Joaquin at Bakersfield in 2003.jpg) The ''San Joaquin'' operates twelve trains (six in each


–Huanghua (Huanghua, Hebei) railroads. The new Shijiazhuang Railway Station (opened December 2012) has a rare distinction of being served by both the "conventional" Beijing–Guangzhou Railway and the new Beijing–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway. Such an arrangement is fairly uncommon on China's high-speed rail network (High-speed rail in China), as typically high-speed lines are constructed to bypass city cores, where the older "conventional" train stations are. commons:Shijiazhuang


WikiPedia:Anshan, China



in temporarily silencing hostile fire from the Kasba, an old citadel situated on a cliff commanding the mouth of the Sebou. * Tamesna, a historical region in North Africa, that is currently the area between the Moroccan (Morocco) cities of Kenitra and Safi (Safi, Morocco). People from this region are referred to as ''Imesnawen'' in Berber, or ''Mesnawa'' in Moroccan Arabic. * Tamesna, Rabat, a new city created between Rabat, Temara, Skhirat and Ain Aouda, in Morocco. * '''GMMX''' (RAK) – Marrakech-Menara Airport – Marrakech, Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz * '''GMMY''' (NNA) – Kenitra Air Base (Third Royal Air Force Base) – Kenitra, Gharb-Chrarda-Béni Hssen * '''GMMZ''' (OZZ) – Ouarzazate Airport – Ouarzazate, Souss-Massa-Draâ He came from a modest Berber family, was born in a small village called Adouz near Al-Hoceima in north Morocco. He was schooled at the International Israelite Alliance which sponsored people from underprivileged backgrounds. He then passed his baccalaureate in Kenitra and Rabat. He then headed for France, where he pursued a literature major. '''Ajax Kenitra''' is a futsal club based in Kenitra, Morocco. After several months of hiding, Abraham Serfaty and Abdellatif Zeroual were arrested again in 1974. After their arrest, Abdellatif Zeroual died, a victim of torture. In October 1974, at "Derb Moulay Chérif", center of "interrogation" (torture) à Casablanca, Abraham Serfaty was one of the five culprits sentenced to life in prison. He was officially charged with “plotting against the State’s security”, but the heavy sentence seemed to have been more a result for his attitude against the annexing of the Western Sahara, even if this motif did not appear in the official indictment, than his political activism. He then served seventeen years at the Kenitra prison, where, thanks to Danielle Mitterrand's help, he was able to marry his biggest supporter, Christine Daure (Christine Daure-Serfaty). Ferroukhi was born in Kenitra. He gained exposure with his 1992 short film ''L'Exposé'', which won the Kodak Prize at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival. Following, Ferroukhi co-wrote the Cédric Kahn film ''Trop de Bonheur'' (1994). :::::*I think you're probably right. A vague guideline is better than an en.wp-style hard policy. Cases should be assessed on their individual merits, not against a checklist of bureaucratic criteria. The last thing I want to do is ban local news. I think the hard part comes when we try to set a dividing line between acceptable and unacceptable local stories. I don't think, having thought about it more, that my proposals for a hard line are very good, and think a simple recommendation (with examples) would work better. ''' Den dodge (User:Dendodge)''' T (User talk:Dendodge) \ C (Special:Contributions Dendodge) 21:21, 12 November 2009 (UTC) *Methinks it be the story, not the paper that reports it, that makes the difference. Rabat Chaîne

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