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Digby, Nova Scotia

, a Canadian Tire, a Home Hardware, a Dollarama, and a Shoppers Drug Mart. Restaurants include franchises such as two Tim Hortons locations, Dairy Queen, Subway (Subway (restaurant)), Pizza Delight, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and McDonald's along with several other locally owned restaurants filling the downtown Water Street area. Most of the locally owned restaurants serve seafood dishes with a high concentration on scallops. Many restaurants close during the winter


. referenced at Czech Wikipedia (:cs:Kostel Povýšení svatého Kříže (Žižkov)). In 1771, a large influenza epidemic, enhanced by famine, led to over 2000 people being buried in the cemetery that year. In 1839 the cemetery, already having a high concentration of burials in a small area (over 8,000), was closed. When Tchaikovsky Street was built in 1957, a large number of skeletal remains from the former cemetery were found. In June 1849 the whole area

Riverdale, Toronto

multiculturalism; with several cultural neighbourhoods along its major paths. Danforth Avenue (commonly referred to as "The Danforth" in Greek Town) has a high concentration of Greek restaurants while Gerrard Street (Gerrard Street (Toronto)) East and parts of Broadview Avenue are home to a variety of Asian shops and restaurants (referred to as East Chinatown (Chinatown, Toronto#East Chinatown)). South of Queen Street East are several large corporate film studios extending down


blank3_name_sec2 blank3_info_sec2 website footnotes '''Umeda''' (梅田) is a major commercial and business district in Kita-ku (Kita-ku, Osaka), Osaka, Japan, and the city's main northern railway terminus (Ōsaka Station, Umeda Station). The area is notable for its comparatively high concentration of tall buildings, of which those in Nishi-Umeda, Dojima and Nakanoshima form a prominent skyscraper

Downtown Jacksonville

"The River City". Historically, life in the city existed around the economic activity along the shores of the St. Johns River. Downtown lies on a portion of river that narrows before it empties out into the Atlantic Ocean. The areas strategic location makes it home to a high concentration of bridges. Just in Downtown, there are 5 bridges (listed below) connecting the two halves of Duval County. *Fuller Warren Bridge *Acosta Bridge * Main Street Bridge (Jacksonville) Main

Near North Side, Chicago

concentration of the city's major media firms and advertising agencies (advertising agency), including the ''Chicago Tribune'' newspaper. It is the home of Chicago's famous Water Tower (Chicago Water Tower) landmark, Water Tower Park with its historic clock, and the eight-level Water Tower Place shopping center which grew up next door to, and overshadowed, the comparatively diminutive landmark. The shopping center is anchored by Macy's North Michigan store. North of the shopping center can be found the famous John Hancock Center, the Art Deco Palmolive Building and the lavish Drake Hotel (Drake Hotel (Chicago)). Cabrini–Green Its northern portal lies at the foot of the Magnificent Mile, between the Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower. Its southern portal is at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, overlooked by the London Guarantee Building and 333 North Michigan. The neighboring bridges are Columbus Drive Bridge to the east and Wabash Avenue Bridge to the west.

located here. Magnificent Mile thumb Magnificent Mile (File:20070513 Magnificent Mile.JPG) The '''Magnificent Mile''' is a stretch of North Michigan Avenue between the Chicago River and Oak Street (Oak Street (Chicago)) in Streeterville. Although actually about three-quarters of a mile, the name "Magnificent Mile" has stuck. Along this street is a mixture of luxury stores, restaurants, office buildings and hotels. The area has a high


to have major towns approximately half an hour from Gopeng, Batu Gajah to the west, Ipoh to the north and Kampar (Kampar, Perak) at the south. Gopeng is classified under the newly created District of Kampar, the 10th district of Perak. Previously Gopeng was inside the Kinta (Kinta_District) district. The two Mukims under District of Kampar are Mukim Kampar and Mukim Teja. According to the official website of PDT Kampar, the whole area of Gopeng, along with Teja and Kota Baharu are grouped together under Mukim Teja which is now administered by the Penghulu, Mr. Mohd Helmi Jamaludin. Once this town was bustling with tin miners and locals who busied themselves with the great tin mining industry of Malaysia until the collapse of the tin empire in 1980s. According to locals, there were once French (France), British (United Kingdom) and local tin mining companies developing tin mine industry there. Among them was called the Osbourne & Chappel which opened its franchise here in one of Gopeng's rich tin mine. Both locals and immigrants worked there. People started to flee the town and seek better opportunities in neighboring towns and cities soon after the collapse of the 1980s. However, the love towards the town has never been faded and now Gopeng already flourished with heritage, cuisine and eco-tourism attractions developed by the locals themselves. Gopeng is also well known for limestone caves such as Gua Tempurung, located approximately 5 km from the town centre. Significant landmark '''Structural Landmark''' Gopeng often affiliated with the old mine giant water pipes stretching above the trunk road, Jalan Gopeng (Jalan Gopeng, Perak), between the Shell Gas Station and Masjid Baru Gopeng. The rusty pipes channeled the water all the way from the hill slopes into the tin mines in the low lands which is now, Gopeng. Locals called it, '''Paip Besar''' (Malay), literally, Huge Pipes in English. Although there are no more mining activities, the giant pipes remained intact on the original stilts and became a very significant landmark of recognizing Gopeng. However in July 2010 most of the pipes were removed for scrap metal, leaving just a small section at the side of the main road - the ones that crossed over the road were removed. '''Cultural Landmark''' Gopeng and its surrounding population is also known for an extremely high concentration of Rao people, with its famous Rao Dialect ''(Chakok Rao)'',the Adet Bojojak ''(Adat Berjejak in standard Bahasa Melayu)'', the Kelamei ''(a type of Rao distinctive cuisine)'' and the all time favourite, Gulei Nangko ''(Gulai Nangka or Nangka Masak Lemak in standard Malay)''. The Rao closely related to the Minang and Mandailing instead of the Malays in which both the Rao and the Malays are exclusively distinguished culturally particularly language and cuisines. Town layout thumb 300px An ordinary morning scene on a clear day of Gopeng Road overlooking Kampung Tersusun Kampung Pulai and the mountains. (File:Gopengroadoverlookingthemountains.JPG) thumb 300px View from the Padang Bandaran Gopeng towards Jalan Gopeng (Gopeng Road), from the left, Gopeng Post Office and the Gopeng Police Station. (File:Padangbandarangopengtowardstowncentre.JPG) thumb 300px Gopeng Fire Station situated along the Jalan Gopeng, between the Masjid Baru Gopeng and the Kuan Yin Temple, this was taken from a compound nearby the Jalan Kampung Rawa opposite the Dewan Bandaran Gopeng. (File:Gopengfirestationseenfromjlnkgrawa.JPG) thumb 300px Alif Cafe Restaurant situated in front of Gopeng Bus Station. (File:Alifcaferestaurantgopeng.JPG) In the central area of Gopeng, there is an old bus station. There are mosques, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples and a Sikh temple located near each other. The Gopeng Police Station is located near the Gopeng Post Office and a field named as '''Padang Bandaran Gopeng'''. This area is considered the central area of Gopeng since the field is essential for the locals for various occasions, especially for local soccer (football(soccer)) matches and other special events. Central Gopeng is filled with old pre-war shophouses which are extremely valuable for conservation and perhaps tourist attractions. Among the most recognized places in the town centre, particularly nearby the Gopeng Bus Station is the Alif Cafe Restaurant, the local post office, the police station, Giat Mara Gopeng, Padang Bandaran Gopeng, Pasaraya Ku,the Goodyear Tyre Workshop and newly opened Indian restaurant Hega's Spice. The Podal Video Rental Service is located along the same row of shophouse of the Pasaraya Ku. There are local tailors and a brand new bundle shop located nearby the area. A newly opened stationery shop is located opposite the driving school office at the High Street. '''The major settlements in Gopeng are:''' ! !style "width:25px;" rowspan "2" ! - * Desa Lawan Kuda * Kampung Baru Jelintoh * Kampung Chulek * Kampung Gunung Mesah Hulu * Kampung Gunung Mesah Hilir * Kampung Gunung Panjang * Kampung Jahang * Kampung Lawan Kuda * Kampung Tersusun Gopeng * Kampung Tersusun Jelintoh * Kampung Tersusun Kampung Pulai * Kampung Rawa * Kampung Rawa Baru * Kampung Pintu Padang * Kampung Pulai SC * Kampung Sungai Itek * Kopisan Baru * Kota Bharu (Kota Bharu, Perak) a.k.a. (Kota Bharu Estate) * Lawan Kuda Baru * Perumahan Awam I * Perumahan Awam II * Taman Bertuah * Taman Changkat Golf * Taman Kinta * Taman Gopeng * Taman Gopeng Baru * Taman Gopeng Jaya * Taman Gopeng Indah * Taman Gopeng Setia Most of these settlements are located along the prominent, straight and long Jalan Gopeng connecting Ipoh to the north and Kampar (Kampar, Perak) to the south. Some of the villages are located away from the main road but are still accessible by various types of vehicles. A quite significant proportion of neighborhoods are also situated within the Taman Kinta area, mostly terrace houses and shop houses. New housing scheme and neighborhoods are being built around the Taman Kinta areas today. '''Roads in Gopeng''' ! !style "width:25px;" rowspan "2" ! - * Jalan Kampung Rawa * Jalan Sungai Itek * Jalan Tasik (High Street) * Lorong Tasik (High Land) * Jalan Eu Kong * Jalan Masjid * Jalan Majlis * Jalan Pasar * Jalan Merdeka * Jalan Mulia * Jalan Jaya * Jalan Tuah Business and commerce thumb 300px The High Street or Jalan Tasik in Gopeng town with rows of old and classic shophouses. (File:Jalantasikhighstreettowardsthewest.JPG) There are two banks operating at the centre of the town, the BSN (Bank Simpanan Nasional) and the RHB Bank. A newly opened Pasaraya Ku is located exactly next to the town bus station. It became one of the large all in one mini supermarket in Gopeng replacing the Soon Hing Supermarket which is now has ceased operation in High Street. There are also several hair salons both the traditional Indian barbers and the modern hip hair salon operated by locals. There are also a few gold stores in the town and numerous convenient stores located all around the town. Once, Gopeng had a cinema, an old wooden building which was situated at the town's only roundabout now. After the cinema left defunct, it started to decay and finally demolished, creating a vacant land. At that time during the 1990s, mobile theme park was held there with merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel. Soon after, a roundabout was created and new row of modern shop houses started to be built at the foundation of the old cinema. There is not even a single portion of the old cinema left to be preserved. However the Wayang Lane (Lorong Wayang) name is derived from the late cinema itself commemorating the glory and almost forgotten history of the one and only Gopeng's cinema. Medan Purnama is a mini business centre comprising small restaurants, computer workshop and a few smaller kiosks. It is located on the same foundation of the Old Gopeng wet market which was redeveloped in mid-1990s. The people of Gopeng now have a larger and proper wet market located at the edge of Jalan Tasik (High Street). Adilkap Sdn Bhd is located along Lorong Tasik (High Land), just next to the RHB Bank Gopeng, operating the JPJ driving license test compound as well as driving lessons for beginners. Other commercial activities equally dispersed into restaurants, hawker stalls, photo studios, workshops and convenient stores. Attractions '''Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng''' thumb The Great Wall of Gopeng, a tourist attraction at Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng. (File:Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng.jpg) Approximately 2 kilometres from Gopeng’s town center, you will find Gaharu Tea Valley, the 1st Organic Certified Agarwood Plantation (Malaysia Book of Record) with 300 acres of grown special 12 in 1 hybrid Aquilaria spp trees Agarwood, Gaharu, Chén-xīang (沉 香), Jin-koh (沈香), or Oud (عود) . To add to its natural beauty, the wonderful fragrance of the Gaharu tree will mesmerize you whilst the clean, crisp breeze filled with valuable anion touches your face amid a beautifully canvassed green backdrop surrounded by an iconic 3-metre tall, formidable fortress that local folks call “The Great Wall of Gopeng” encompassing the plantation. There are also lots of other natural landscapes to view as you savour the freshly brewed Gaharu tea and other nutritious products made primarily from the super hybrid Gaharu which can be found at the deli on the plantation. The naturally healthy ambiance of Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng will without a doubt make your visit a memorable one. '''Kandu Eco Adventure''' Nestled within the vicinity of a historic limestone cave, Kandu Eco Adventure offers a variety of activities such as flying fox, rock climbing, caving, mountain obstacle, night trekking, white water rafting, water-tubing, water abseiling. Many tourists gravitate towards our rustic chalets which houses freshwater lakes, making it a perfect place for team-building and group get-together. It is strategically located along the North-South Highway, making it an ideal transit for stopover. '''My Gopeng Resort''' thumb 300px Whitewater Rafting along the Kampar River is one of the main attractions in Gopeng. (File:Wwr my gopeng resort.jpg) Eco tourism has been developed in recent years to promote Gopeng for its lush nature rain forest. My Gopeng Resort located in Ulu Geruntom, known for its packages of outdoor activities. Although remotely located from the town centre, approximately 7 kilometers away into the hill slopes, tourist continue to flock by, including international tourists. This is a place for those in love with active outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting in Sungai Kampar and jungle trekking in the hill sides. The Orang Asli also participated in this eco tourism as travel guides for hot spots in the forests. '''Gopeng Rainforest Resort''' This is another outback oriented resort for those who are in love with nature. It is located approximately 6.5 kilometers to the east of Gopeng town center surrounded by traditional Malay villages, flaunted with its virgin rainforest. It is a must see attraction for those who want the experience of jungle trekking, water rafting and many other activities. The facilities includes a multi-purpose hall, fruits orchard, car parks, electricity, piped water, clean toilets, bathroom, BBQ sets, kitchen and natural stream run through the resort. '''Nomad Adventure's Earth Camp & Mountain School''' Operated by Nomad Adventure - the only outdoor adventure company with ISO 9001: 2008 certification in Malaysia, Earth Camp is an outdoor learning centre in Kampung Chulek, Gopeng with accommodation and facilities built largely from re-purposed materials. Since 1994, Nomad Adventure has provided whitewater rafting trips, corporate team building events and adventure races. The company was the first to develop white water rafting along Sungai Kampar and is the training centre for Rescue 3 International in the region. Nearby, the Nomad Mountain School garnered Tourism Malaysia's 'Most Innovative Adventure & Nature Tour' Award in 2009. It has drawn acclaim as one of the most unique adventure ropes courses in South East Asia with rockclimbing, abseiling, high ropes, low ropes (through a cave) and the latest addition, a zip line canopy tour. '''Riverbug''' Traverse Tours Sdn Bhd or fondly known as RIVERBUG Crew, a 100% Bumiputera owned company has grown to being the leading name in its field and continues to thrive, along with the tourism industry, and is renowned as 'The White Water Rafting Specialists'. Adventure activities namely; white water rafting, kayaking, corporate training, jungle trekking, wildlife close up, Rafflesia (Rafflesia cantleyi), nature adventure and camping sites located in Kampar River (Gopeng, Perak Darul Ridzuan) which offers excellent outdoor facilities for guests convenience. RIVERBUG's crew consists of professional tourist’s river guides with more than 10 years of experience in adventure activities, with proficiency in both, Swift Water Rescue Program and White Water Safety. At present, their rafting crew consists of 50 staff which can handle 300 people in a single journey and at any given time. '''Rumah Rehat Adeline''' Rumah Rehat Adeline or Adeline Resthouse is located in Sungai Itek, Gopeng. It provides outdoor activities such as white water rafting, wet abseiling, caving, nightwalk, high rope course and river boarding. Similar to the other neighboring resorts, this is an outdoor oriented resort with most of its visitors were active weekenders from abroad and also local Malaysians, mostly from the big cities. '''Gua Tempurung''' Gua Tempurung is set up as a show cave with some large chambers and impressive formations and an underground river. There are 2 entry points to the area both from Gopeng and Gunong Mesah. There are food stalls within the compound. '''Gopeng Homestay''' The Gopeng Homestay has attracted so many tourist particularly students, both locals and internationals. The Homestay Program already recognized by the Tourism Board of Malaysia to be one of the highlighted events in Malaysian tourism calendar. Among the interest of many who came by is the Adat Berjojak which is still being practiced by the local Rao in Gopeng. Four villages namely Kampung Sungai Itek, Kampung Pintu Padang, Kampung Baru Jelintoh dan Kampung Tersusun Jelintoh collaborated with the ministry to work this program. The traditional Kelamai (popular Rao cuisine in Gopeng) also being promoted during the homestay. '''Gopeng Museum''' The most recent attraction

Presidente Prudente

and irregular, which needs careful attention from the driver to not have problems with their cars right, whether in motion or parked. * Avoid the circular central pathways, those between the Avenues Brazil, Manoel Goulart, Coronel Marcondes and Washingon Luiz on weekdays. Pathways are much pedestrian traffic and high concentration of cars. Another problem is the parking issue, and in the central area is the levy called "Blue Zone". Outside this perimeter there are difficulties to find places

Watts, Los Angeles

a history of Watts from the 1920s to the present and a record of the activities of the Watts Towers Arts Center. Watts is one of several Los Angeles neighborhoods with a high concentration of convicted felons. Geography As drawn by the "Mapping L.A." project of the ''Los Angeles Times,'' Watts is flanked on the north by Florence-Graham, California

Selkirk, Manitoba

The Channel Cat - Catfish Statue - Selkirk Manitoba.jpg thumb right ''Chuck the Channel catfish'', 1986 roadside sculpture in Selkirk, Manitoba Canada Channel catfish possess very keen senses of smell and taste. At the pits of their nostrils (nares) are very sensitive odor sensing organs with a very high concentration of olfactory receptors. In channel catfish these organs are sensitive enough to detect several amino acids at about 1 part per 100 million in water. In addition

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