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is Gothenburg City Airport. On May 16, 2008, Jim Dine formally presented a nine meter high bronze statue depicting a walking Pinocchio, named ''Walking to Borås'' to the city of Borås, Sweden. On May 16, 2008, Jim Dine formally presented a nine meter high bronze statue depicting a walking Pinocchio, named ''Walking to Borås'' to the city of Borås, Sweden. After World War I, the rivalry calmed, and Gothenburg supporters became known as friendly

Willimantic, Connecticut

Department of Transportation publisher date accessdate 2013-04-29 Architecturally designed bridge, officially opened in June 2001. The landmark is adorned with eight foot high bronze frogs atop concrete thread spools, designed by Leo Jensen. The spools on the bridge represent Willimantic’s prominence in cotton thread and silk manufacturing. The frogs represent the legendary Windham Frog Fight of 1754.


thumb Our Lady of Zahle and Bekaa. Took in the 1970s (File:Our Lady of Bekaa.jpg) Located on a hilltop to the Southwest of Zahlé, this is a -- birth_place Zahlé, Lebanon origin '''Isabel Bayrakdarian''' (born 1974 in Zahlé, Lebanon) is a Grammy Award-nominated Armenian Canadian (Canadians of Armenian descent) opera singer. *Tripoli: Rue El Mina *Zahlé: Rue Brazil Rose Bouziane was born in Zahlé, Lebanon, to a sheep broker and a teacher. She taught high school French (French language) and Arabic (Arabic language), as the first woman teacher to teach outside of her hometown, before she married Nathra Nader in 1925. They immigrated to the United States, and soon settled in Winsted, Connecticut, where Nathra's Main Street bakery restaurant general store became a place for residents bemoaning actions or inactions at town hall. With her husband, she authored ''It Happened in the Kitchen: Recipes for Food and Thought'' ISBN 0-936758-29-5 In the Bekaa, there are Armenians living in Zahlé and most notably Anjar (Anjar, Lebanon).


high bronze Buddha statue donated by the Song emperor in the 11th century. It is also home to four unique ancient pagodas. Other attractions *'''China and Tajikistan''' Kwong temple tower, also known as tower. In 1961by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection units.Tower is composed of a main tower and subsidiary turrets, all brick. The main tower bottom four corners of the building a fan hexagonal pavilion shaped turret, turret around the main tower, scattered


developed in different historical styles. * The Gardens of Murillo and the Gardens of Catalina de Ribera, both along and outside the South wall of the Alcázar, lie next to the ''Santa Cruz'' quarter. * The ''Parque del Alamillo y San Jerónimo'', the largest park in Andalusia, was originally built for Seville Expo '92 to reproduce the Andalusian native flora. It lines both Guadalquivir shores around the ''San Jerónimo'' meander. The impressive 32-meters-high bronze sculpture, "


(Semiramis), unveiled on February 11, 1979. Attending the inauguration of the revamped Midan was Venezuela's first lady, Dona Blanca Rodriguez de Perez, who arrived especially for the occasion. The 500-kilogram, 2.3-meter high bronze statue is attributed to Venezuelan sculptor Carmelo Tabaco; the accompanying pedestal is the work of his countryman, Manuel Silveira Blanco. These are only a few of the examples. *Caracas, Venezuela: central avenue named Avenida Bolívar, at its terminus a twin-tower-complex named Centro Simón Bolívar, built during the 1950s holds several governmental offices World War II After school, Cooper became a shipwright in Hythe, Hampshire, and in 1940 was called up as a trooper (trooper (rank)) in the Royal Horse Guards regiment of the British Army in World War II. He served initially in Montgomery's (Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein) Desert Rats (7th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)) in Egypt. Cooper became part of the NAAFI entertainment party and developed an act around his magic tricks (Magic (illusion)) interspersed with comedy. One evening in Cairo, during a sketch in which he was supposed to be in a costume which required a pith helmet, having forgotten the prop, Cooper reached out and borrowed the fez (Fez (hat)) from a passing waiter which got huge laughs. Tommy Cooper: Just Like That! BBC News It was from this incident that stemmed two of the attributes that were a hallmark of his later act: the ever-present Fez hat and his aptitude for slapstick comedy. Under Al-Muizz Lideenillah, the Fatimids entered Egypt (may refer Fatimid Egypt) in the late 10th century, conquering the Ikhshidid dynasty, and founding a new capital at ''al-Qāhira'' (Cairo) in 969.


Poland (b. 1326) *1419 – John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy (assassinated) (b. 1371) On November 12, 2009, a monument was dedicated in Israel, in Jerusalem's Arazim Park. Designed by Israeli artist Eliezer Weishoff, the 30-foot high bronze sculpture is composed of a waving American flag transformed into a memorial flame, which rests upon a base of gray granite, part of which is from the original Twin Towers. The sculpture is surrounded by a circular, crater-like plaza and reflection area tiled in stone. As of November 2009, it is the only monument outside of New York which lists the names of all of the victims. U.S. Ambassador to Israel James Cunningham and U.S. Congressman Erik Paulsen led a U.S. delegation attending the ceremony dedicating the monument. They were joined by Israeli Cabinet ministers, Knesset members, families of the victims. Commons:Category:Jerusalem Wikipedia:Jerusalem Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Jerusalem

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