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Bakersfield, California

the Telecaster electric guitar, more than other subgenres of country of the era, and can be described as having a sharp, hard, driving, no-frills, edgy flavor. Leading practitioners of this style were Buck Owens, Haggard, Tommy Collins (Tommy Collins (country music)), Dwight Yoakam, Gary Allan, and Wynn Stewart, each of whom had his own style.


the Russians with British war-surplus equipment, and the other with improving the White Army's communications. Warner. ''Horrocks'', pp. 28–29; Horrocks. ''A Full Life'', p. 38. The band also played at the VladiROCKstok '96 Music Festival in Vladivostok, Russia. According to a CBS News report, Russian fans enjoyed their hard-driving style and cowboy hats, while the festival supported Friends of the Earth and a local children's fund. According to lore, the heavy police presence and temporary stage barriers inspired their song "Barricade". '''Leonid Petrovich Moiseyev''' ( Commons:Category:Vladivostok WikiPedia:Vladivostok Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Primorskiy Kray Vladivostok


Newman: Obituary newspaper The Times page 25 date November 1, 1997 Returning to his native country, in 1941 he gained a job as a film editor at the National Film Board of Canada. He was eventually to work on over 350 films while an editor for the NFB. James Dixon Played by Thomas Lennon. A conniving, hard-driving ex-Hollywood agent who lands himself very

Awards Oscar winning film ''The Greatest Show on Earth'' (1952). The years after the Second World War saw a resurgence of the industry, which used 16 mm film to produce hundreds of films, many of them hard-driving action films. Competition from Hollywood brought the Thai industry to a low point in the 1980s and '90s, but by the end of the '90s, Thailand had its "new wave", with such directors as Nonzee Nimibutr, Pen-Ek Ratanaruang and Apichatpong


a forgiving crowd to his lean, hard-driving dance music" Scott has also been a successful radio consultant in the 1990s for WPLY (WPLY (FM)) Philadelphia and WKCI-FM New Haven. Before the Charles

Washington, D.C.

-ch5" She was made partner there, and was known to be "charismatic and hard-driving" and a tough negotiator in settlement talks and "as a real star" for her ability to work on complicated financial transactions. The Blaintologists, meanwhile, petition the government for tax-exempt status (tax exemption). Their request is denied, and all the Blaintologists are told that they are to commit mass suicide in Washington, D.C.. Kyle is shown to have escaped the cult's control, but when he tries to convince Cartman that they should flee, Cartman reports him, and Kyle is imprisoned in a glass bubble and forced to participate at the mass suicide. When word about the mass suicide reaches the Super Best Friends, they consult Moses (previously seen in "Jewbilee") for advice. Moriarty attended Upper Arlington High School (Upper Arlington High School (Ohio)) in Columbus, Ohio, and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Ohio State University. She received a law degree from Ohio State University and is licensed to practice law in Ohio, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.


There '', which also went platinum and contained their highest charting hit, the hard-driving "Dance Desire". A promised third video was not forthcoming from the label, so Haywire financed the video for "Fire" themselves. Although this showed great initiative and conviction by the group, this inexplicably did not please Attic. Throughout the late 1980s, Haywire toured with other popular Canadian rockers such as Helix (Helix (band)), Honeymoon Suite (band) Honeymoon Suite

United States

) was an American (United States) stock car racing driver from Danville, Virginia. He is the only black driver to win a race in what is now the Sprint Cup Series. According to a 2008 biography of Scott, he broke the color barrier in Southern stock car racing on May 23, 1952, at the Danville Fairgrounds Speedway. The book, "Hard Driving: The American Odyssey of NASCAR's First Black Driver," by Brian Donovan (Steerforth Press), says that after gaining experience and winning some

) was an American (United States) toy maker and businessman whose company, Louis Marx and Company was the largest toy company in the world in the 1950s. Marx was described as an intense, hard-driving, and energetic man, who " T alks, walks, and gestures tirelessly, like one of his own wound-up toys." '''''Diamond Princess''''' is the second studio album by American (United States) rapper Trina.

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