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fastest growing international airport with 364% growth in passenger numbers in 2010. WikiPedia:Lappeenranta Commons:Category:Lappeenranta


by the Roshen corporation), a growing international IT-outsource center and the main base of the Ukrainian Air Force. The city is also home to the RPC Fort, the largest Ukrainian firearms manufacturer. Vinnytsia is considered the long-time political base for the current Ukrainian President (President of Ukraine) Petro Poroshenko. He owns a local confectionery (as part of the Roshen Corporation (Roshen)) and was elected member of parliament (Verkhovna Rada) from


to his regime grew, culminating in the outbreak of the Second Liberian Civil War in 1999. By 2003, he had lost control of much of the countryside and was formally indicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone. That year, he resigned as a result of growing international pressure and went into exile in Nigeria. In 2006, the newly elected President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf formally requested his extradition. Upon his arrival in Monrovia, he was transferred to the custody of the United Nations Mission in Liberia and immediately flown to Sierra Leone. He is currently being held in the United Nations Detention Unit on the premises of the Penitentiary Institution Haaglanden (Belgisch Park) in The Hague, where he is on trial before the Special Court for Sierra Leone for his role in the civil war. WikiPedia:Monrovia Commons:Category:Monrovia

East Timor

education and microfinance, was also founded in his memory. Reports of disobeying orders According to journalist Alan Nairn (Allan Nairn), Blair disobeyed orders from civilians in the Clinton (Bill Clinton) Administration during the 1999 East Timorese crisis during his tenure as commander-in-chief of the US Pacific Command. Amid growing international concern over violence against the independence movement in Indonesian-occupied East Timor, Blair was ordered to meet

Vatican City

, in France. birth_date February 1843 birth_place Vatican City, Rome dead dead DATE OF BIRTH 1843 PLACE OF BIRTH Vatican City, Rome DATE OF DEATH 1928 In 1957, the Confederation changed its name to Caritas Internationalis to reflect the growing international presence of Caritas members on every continent. Today, the Confederation is one of the world's largest humanitarian networks with 164 members working in over 200 countries and territories. Its General Secretariat is located in the Palazzo San Calisto (Vatican City) in Vatican City. Biography Mikołaj z Radomia was a Polish (Poland) composer working in the first half of the XV century, probably in Kraków, known only through his signatures on a few compositions: „N. de Radom”, „Nicolaus de Radom” and „Mycolay Radomsky”. Searches for the composer’s identity have not brought any results so far. Hypotheses have been put forward in the literature (for example H. Musielak) linking the identity of Mikołaj with any person in the sources with that name (e.g. „Nicolaus clavicembalista dominae reginae Poloniae” from 1422, „Nicolaus Geraldi de Radom”, who studied in Kraków, where he gained his Master’s degree, and in the years 1389–91 was named in the Vatican (Vatican City) acts as a spiritual person born in Radom and linked with the Kraków diocese, a few Mikołajs from Radom studying in the Kraków Academy (Jagiellonian University) in the years 1420, 1426 and others, a few signed in manuscripts from the second half of the XIV century and the second half of the XV century from the Jagiellonian Library and the psaltery of the Wawel Cathedral in 1460) but have not been confirmed to date. Compositions signed with the name M. and to date not identified as works of other composers are noted with black mensura in two Polish collections of polyphonic music from the second quarter of the XV century (1440?): in manuscripts of the Świdziński Library, later the Krasiński Library signature 52, now the National Library signature III 8054 and a manuscript in the Załuski Library, next the Imperial Library in St Petersburg signature F. Lat. I 378 and next in the University Library in Warsaw, then the National Library, lost during the second world war and now known through microfilm copies (incomplete) and hand-written transcriptions made from the original by M. Szczepańska and kept in the PAN Instute of Art in Warsaw; both manuscripts are published in «Antiquitates Musicae in Polonia». 1946 marked the beginning of the tenure of maestro Herbert von Karajan who, though not principal conductor, worked with the VSO in the "Karajan Series" concerts, going on extensive tours throughout Europe and North America. In 1959 the VSO performed for Pope John XXIII at Vatican City, leading up to the debut of Wolfgang Sawallisch. Cleopatra were invited to support the Spice Girls on the UK leg of their sell out Spiceworld Tour playing to 150,000 fans at Wembley Stadium. They were also invited to perform at the Vatican (Vatican City) by request of Pope John Paul II, backed by a 100-piece orchestra. They sang "O Come All Ye Faithful". The performance was later released on DVD as 'All-Star Christmas - From the Vatican (2004)'. They covered (cover version) the Bee Gees song "I've Gotta Get a Message to You", renaming it "Gotta Get A Message To You", for the tribute album of the same name. They were also asked to record a cover of the disco song "Right Back Where We Started From" for ''An Extremely Goofy Movie'' by Disney (The Walt Disney Company). The Bigelow Report asserted that in 1945, the Vatican (Holy See) had confiscated 350 million Swiss francs in Nazi gold for "safekeeping," of which 150 million Swiss francs had been impounded by British authorities at the Austro-Swiss border. The report also stated that the balance of the gold was held in one of the Vatican’s numbered Swiss bank accounts. Intelligence reports, which corroborated the Bigelow Report, also suggested that more than 200 million Swiss francs, a sum largely in gold coins, were eventually transferred to Vatican City or to the Institute for Works of Religion (aka the Vatican Bank) (Istituto per le Opere di Religione), with the assistance of Roman Catholic clergy and the Franciscan Order. right 230px thumb St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. (Image:Place-Saint-Pierre-foule.jpg) The Mujahedeen Army, a group of insurgents in Iraq (w:Iraq) has posted a message on the Internet threatening attacks on Vatican City (w:Vatican City) in Rome, Italy (w:Rome, Italy). Vatican City (w:Vatican City) has not released the contents or details of the letter, but news agencies in Iran report that the letter contains a discussion about the United Nations (w:United Nations) resolution against Iran, which imposes sanctions. The Vatican (w:Vatican City) reported that Pope Benedict XVI (w:Pope Benedict XVI) was the first to know of the Jesuits' decision and immediately gave his required approval. The information was announced that the Pope had accepted an invitation to visit the United Kingdom (w:United Kingdom) from Prime Minister (w:Prime Minister) Gordon Brown (w:Gordon Brown). The latter had visited the Vatican City (w:Vatican City) three times and had invited the Pope to come to Great Britain in February 2009. Downing Street (w:Downing Street) is expected to confirm the arrangements later today. This visit would make the first Papal visit to the UK since Pope John Paul II (w:Pope John Paul II)'s visit in 1982. However, John Paul's visit was on a pastoral basis, so this is set to be the first state visit to the UK by a pope in that it is the first to follow an official invitation. Leaders from the Vatican (w:Vatican City) and the Muslim (w:Muslim) community around the world have deplored the vote as an attack on religious freedom. The Swiss government has also expressed shame at the result, and expects repercussions from Muslim countries with which it does business. Some politicians from other countries, however, defended the ban.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

which Leopold and his associates could extract from the colony. Hochschild, Adam (Adam Hochschild). ''King Leopold's Ghost'', Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1999; ISBN 0-547-52573-7 In the Free State, colonists brutalized the local population to produce rubber, for which the spread of automobiles and development of rubber tires created a growing international market. The sale of rubber made a fortune for Leopold, who built several buildings in Brussels and Ostend to honor himself and his country. To enforce the rubber quotas, the army, the ''Force Publique'', was called in and made a practice of cutting off the limbs of the natives as a means of enforcing rubber quotas a matter of policy. Fage, John D. (1982). The Cambridge history of Africa: From the earliest times to c. 500 BC, Cambridge University Press. p. 748; ISBN 0-521-22803-4 During the period of 1885–1908, millions of Congolese died as a consequence of exploitation and disease. In some areas the population declined dramatically – it has been estimated that sleeping sickness (African trypanosomiasis) and smallpox killed nearly half the population in the areas surrounding the lower Congo River. Fage, John D. (1982). The Cambridge history of Africa: From the earliest times to c. 500 BC, Cambridge University Press. p. 748; ISBN 0-521-22803-4 A government commission later concluded that the population of the Congo had been "reduced by half" during this period, but determining precisely how many people died is impossible, as no accurate records exist. Belgian Congo (1908–1960) Commons:Category:Democratic Republic of the Congo Wikipedia:Democratic Republic of the Congo Dmoz:Regional Africa Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Empire of Japan

the Pacific coast gave way to the construction of major seaports and airports across the state. The state's shipping industry then evolved to help support the growing international trade with Asia and Oceania. During World War II, California's location also meant it had to be the first line of defense against a possible Japanese (Empire of Japan) invasion on the Contiguous United States, and therefore numerous military bases and various wartime industries were quickly established in the state. Transports from Espiritu Santo arrived at Lunga Point on the 11th, ''McCawley'''s group from Nouméa on the 12th. By dusk on the 12th, as reports of Japanese (Empire of Japan) ship movements from Truk (Chuuk) increased, 90% of the transports' lading had been discharged, despite torpedo bomber attacks. thumb Snowy Peak with Cranes (Image:Yokoyama Taikan 002.jpg) was an administrative post not of Cabinet rank in the government of the Empire of Japan. The Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal was responsible for keeping the Privy Seal of Japan and State Seal of Japan. With the rise of the 1917 revolution (Russian Revolution of 1917), the Altay attempted to make their region a separate Burkhanist republic called Oryot, but their support for the Mensheviks during the Civil War (Russian Civil War) led to the venture's collapse after the Bolshevik victory and the rise of Stalin. In the 1940s, the Altay were accused of being pro-Japanese (Empire of Japan), and the word "oyrot" was declared counterrevolutionary. By 1950, Soviet industrialization (History of the Soviet Union (1927-1953)#Planning) policies brought Russian immigrants reducing the proportion of Altay from 50% to 20% of the population. "Altay", Centre for Russian Studies, NUPI, retrieved 17 October 2006 Ethnic Altaians currently make up about 31% of the Altai Republic's population. Altai Republic :: official portal At 11pm Trans-Baikal time on August 8, 1945, Soviet foreign minister Molotov (Vyacheslav Molotov) informed Japanese ambassador Sato (Naotake Satō) that the Soviet Union had declared war on the Empire of Japan, and that from August 9 the Soviet Government would consider itself to be at war with Japan. Soviet Declaration of War on Japan, August 8, 1945. (Avalon Project at Yale University) At one minute past midnight Trans-Baikal time on August 9, 1945, the Soviets commenced their invasion simultaneously on three fronts to the east, west and north of Manchuria. The operation was subdivided into smaller operational and tactical parts: *Khingan-Mukden Offensive Operation (August 9, 1945 - September 2, 1945)


'''Serbia and Montenegro''' competed at the '''2004 Summer Olympics''' in Athens, Greece. The nation competed previously as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at the 2000 Summer Olympics. This was the last appearance of a joint Montenegrin (Montenegro) and Serbian state at the Summer Olympics. - Kotor, Montenegro The old town is car free. 23,481 The old Mediterranean port of Kotor, surrounded by an impressive city wall, is very well preserved and protected by UNESCO. - * other initiatives limited to some states, such as the European Defence Initiative


Image:Peterhanskolvenbach.jpg left thumb 200px Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach


of Madagascar off the African coast, then still independent and ruled by countless native chieftains. Finally in July 1772, he and most of the Kamchatka rebels arrive in France, where he is joined by his wife and learns about his promotion to General of the Polish Confederation, as well as his growing international fame. He suggests to King Louis XV (Louis XV of France) that he could establish a French colony on Formosa (Taiwan) or Madagascar. The king appoints him as Governor

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