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Renfrew, Ontario

, there are also several manufacturing facilities employing several hundred people; Scapa Tapes Renfrew, formerly Renfrew Tape makes products such as hockey tape that is used across North America and the duct tape brand featured on the discontinued Red Green Show. Times Fibre Canada and Madawaska Hardwood Flooring also have manufacturing facilities in town. Renfrew is also home to many successful small businesses. Between 2000 and 2005, a major portion of Renfrew's retail business

Hamilton, Ontario

on Metro Morning accessdate 2008-03-13 author Wente, Jesse work Metro News ''The Red Green Show'' was produced first by CHCH-TV in Hamilton, Ontario, then by CFPL-TV in London (London, Ontario), then by the Global Television Network, before finally finding its permanent home at CBC Television for the 1997 season (its seventh) onward. The show was renamed ''The New Red Green Show'' upon its move to Global


with his personal conductor Ezra Rachlin. Their visit to Denmark was particularly meaningful as they were the guests of King Frederic, who was an amateur conductor with his own personal concert hall in his palace. ''Movie Night in Canada'' During the 2004–05 NHL lockout, CBC replaced ''Hockey Night in Canada'' with a triple-feature of movies, mostly of the Hollywood variety. (The pregame was replaced with repeats of ''The Red Green Show''.) However, as a reminder to viewers that Saturday night was supposed to be ''Hockey Night'', Ron MacLean hosted the movies from various hockey venues throughout Canada, under the title '''''Movie Night in Canada'''''. Ron would mention some facts about the film and talk hockey during the commercial breaks. The venues were usually those of CHL (Canadian Hockey League) teams. Prior to his marriage to Irene, he and his brother John fell out over the issue of Irene's chastity in the wake of her having been one of John's lovers. The brothers didn't speak again for two years and weren't seen together until the premiere of John's film ''Don Juan (Don Juan (1926 film))'' in 1926, having patched up their differences. In 1924, he left Broadway for Hollywood. He starred as Frederick Harmon in director Henri Diamant-Berger's drama ''Fifty-Fifty (Fifty-Fifty (1925 film))'' (1925) opposite Hope Hampton and Louise Glaum, and made several other freelance motion pictures, including ''The Bells'' (Tiffany Pictures 1926) with a then-unknown Boris Karloff. After 1926, however, he worked almost exclusively for ''MGM'', appearing opposite such luminaries as John Gilbert (John Gilbert (actor)), Lon Chaney, Sr., Jean Harlow, Wallace Beery, Marie Dressler, Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, and his brother John. Jones and Walker returned to Tulsa for a 13-week radio program, arranged by Jones' father, and then made their way to Hollywood. Jones landed two small roles, first in a 1939 John Wayne western titled ''New Frontier (New Frontier (film))'', followed by a serial (Serial (film)) entitled ''Dick Tracy's G-Men''. In these two films, she was billed as 'Phyllis Isley' (Phyllis now spelled with two Ls). However, she failed a screen test for Paramount Pictures and decided to return to New York City.


series, ''Four on the Floor''. He can be seen as Bill on ''The Red Green Show'' '''Sterling Rufus Lyon''' PC (Queen's Privy Council for Canada) OC (Order of Canada) (January 30, 1927 – December 16, 2010) Former Manitoba premier Sterling Lyon dies was a lawyer, cabinet minister, and the 17th (List of premiers of Manitoba) Premier (Premier of Manitoba) of Manitoba

''. Among some of the more well-known Canadian television series among American viewers include the ''Degrassi High'' franchise (which aired in Canada on CBC Television, with the later incarnation ''Degrassi: The Next Generation'' airing on CTV (CTV (Canada)) and presently MuchMusic), ''SCTV Network'' and ''The Red Green Show''. American Spanish-language networks also import much of their programming; for example, Univision imports much of its programming, especially

finally getting a network deal in 2000. In 2001, the show won a Gemini Award in the "Best Writing in a Comedy or Variety Program or Series" category. The 2003 season saw them take the show to New York, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The show ended for no particular reason in 2005, after six successful seasons. Originally created in Toronto, the show found a place on the Comedy Network when ''The Tom Green Show'' left to MTV. The show uses sketch comedy


on MTV's ''The Tom Green Show'' in an episode in which the host took her to his parents' home in Ottawa in search of fabric for her new business. Later in 2000, Lewinsky worked as a correspondent for British Channel 5 (Five (TV channel)) on the show ''Monica's Postcards'', reporting on U.S. culture and trends from a variety of locations. Commons:Category:Manhattan, New York City WikiPedia:Manhattan Dmoz:Regional North America United States New York Localities N New York City Manhattan


for Internet & Society in Boston, Massachusetts. And you can submit a paper even if you aren't attending. Programming WSBE airs most popular PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) series on, usually, an eight-day delay from primary public television stations such as Boston's WGBH (WGBH-TV). WSBE also airs programs such as ''The Lawrence Welk Show'', ''The Red Green Show'', and "Britcoms" from the BBC, including ''Keeping Up Appearances'', '' As Time Goes


Network when ''The Tom Green Show'' left to MTV. The show uses sketch comedy, non-sequiturs (Non sequitur (literary device)) and guerilla comedy. The two hosts, Daryn Jones, a geeky theatre major, and Mista Mo, an "almost real rapper" often riff on the racial tensions between them. The Roman Emperor Elagabulus (Elagabalus) was known to employ a prototype of whoopee cushions at dinner parties, Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto

United States

movie ''Panther (Panther (film))''. He was born in Seattle, Washington. '''''The Red Green Show''''' is a Canadian television comedy that aired on various channels in Canada, with its ultimate home at CBC Television, and on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations in the United States, from

1991 until the series finale April 7, 2006 on CBC. ''The Red Green'' Show is essentially a cross between a sitcom (situation comedy) and a sketch comedy series, and is a parody of home improvement, do-it-yourself (do it yourself), fishing, and other outdoors shows (particularly ''The Red Fisher Show''). Reruns currently air on CBC Television, The Comedy Network, and various PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) stations. It was produced by S&S Productions, which

Charlie Farquharson (pronounced by Harron in performance ), a personality he first portrayed in 1952 on the CBC (CBC Television) series ''The Big Revue'' and used as part of the cast of the U.S. (United States) country music television show, ''Hee Haw''. The character was also reprised on ''The Red Green Show''. The Shining firmoss ranges in Canada from Manitoba to Newfoundland (Newfoundland (island)), and south into the United States

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