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, in a green field a silver nogay's nomad tent and the black plough, meaning a seminomadic life lodged in this district Nogays and employment with tillage of other local residents, and in the bottom part, on a blue field – a black anchor which symbolised affinity of the given district to the sea are represented. By this time the customs outpost here has been opened. From Mariupol and Odessa some foreign representatives (negotiators) with their offices on purchase and grain sending for the seas-oceans


through the cave parking area and into a green field. Walk to the back and there is a good spot for safe camping right next to the river. Go next Moving on from Postojna, Divača and the Škocjan Caves are about 25 km southwest along the A1. Further along the A1 are the Slovenian coastal towns of Koper, Izola, Piran and Portorož, and the Italian city of Trieste (direction Sežana). The highway south of town leads to Rijeka in Croatia, providing access to the Kvarner and Istria regions of the country... Wikipedia:Postojna Commons:Category:Postojna


of an uyezd of Moscow Governorate. Catherine the Great granted the former village a town charter and a coat of arms featuring golden horse on a green field, a nod to Bronnitsy stud farms. Influx of petty bureaucrats resulted in a significant growth in population and construction of the first public buildings; the new grid plan was approved in 1784 and by 1787 population tripled. It leveled at around 1,500 until


of St. Kitts and Nevis. The OECS is the successor of the Leewards Islands' political organisation known as the West Indies Associated States (WISA). Flag and logo The flag and logo of the OECS consists of a complex pattern of concentric design elements on a pale green field, focused on a circle of nine inwardly pointed orange triangles and nine outwardly pointed white triangles. It was adopted June 21, 2006, and first raised on that day at Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis. OECS Press Release of June 22, 2006 : birth_date Wikipedia:Basseterre


on stadium stands. Afar the banner is sparkling: "The Cup for Lviv!" On it the traditional Lviv's lion holds the highest of the national football awards. And now, after the reception of the Cup, the winners are walking around the green field of the Luzhniki (Luzhniki Stadium)... Biography Labazanov was born in internal exile in Kazakhstan in 1967 to the Turkxoj ''teip'' (clan). He became an Eastern martial arts expert and served in the Soviet Red Army as a physical training instructor. After leaving the army, he became known as a flamboyant, charismatic and extremely violent gangster. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, ''Ethnicity, Nationalism and Conflict in and after the Soviet Union'', 1997 James Hughes, ''Chechnya: From Nationalism to Jihad'', 2007 In 1990 he was convicted of murder in Rostov-on-Don and sentenced to death, before escaping from prison in 1991. According to himself, he actually escaped from Grozny pretrial detention center: "During the 1991 coup (1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt), I freed the whole prison, nearly 600 men, ahead of time. They obeyed me." Special to Moskovskiye Novosti: SECOND OPPOSITION LEADER, RUSLAN LABAZANOV, EX-CONVICT AND FORMER HEAD OF PRESIDENT'S BODYGUARDS, RECOUNTS SPLIT WITH DUDAYEV, CALLS CHECHNYA'S FEUD WITH RUSSIA NEEDLESS, ''Moskovskiye Novosti'', August 1994 Commons:Rostov-on-Don Wikipedia:Rostov-on-Don


;million and will be completed by mid 2013. This will be the first green field airport in Pakistan with an area of commons:Peshawar


Commons:Category:Islamabad WikiPedia:Islamabad Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Islamabad Capital Territory


of Lahore, and WikiPedia:Lahore

Portland, Oregon

rowspan "2" Rose Garden (Rose Garden Arena) - right thumb 200px Flag of Portland flying (upside down) in Pioneer Courthouse Square (File:Flag-of-portland-flying.jpg) The '''city flag of Portland, Oregon''', consists of a green field on which is placed a white four-pointed directional star (astroid) from which radiate blue stripes, each bordered by L-shaped yellow elements. Narrow white fimbriations separate the blue and yellow elements from each other and from


, Bulgaria, Romania, and Albania. Deutsche Telekom holds 30% of the Greek company. The company is among the biggest green field investment in Bulgaria with over BGN 1.6 billion (some €800 million) invested by in the development of GLOBUL’s network and services. '''VIVACOM''' (

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