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Regional Municipality of Niagara

partnerships between research and industry, and give rise to an economic cluster in advanced health studies and biomanufacturing in the Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara). The complex will also be home to the Niagara Campus of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine (McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences). The CFHBRC will be developed based on principles of sustainability and quality environments, following the Canadian Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy

Shoreview, Minnesota

a city on January 1, 1974 through an act of the State Legislature. With a population of over 14,000 at the time, the residents voted in November 1974 to adopt the present “Plan B” Council-Manager form of government. '''2007''' - Shoreview celebrated its golden anniversary with a ceremony recognizing residents living in the community since its incorporation. '''2011''' - Shoreview Maintenance Center renovated received the LEED Gold Certification by the Green Building Council. This was the first in the nation to be certified under the 2009 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system and only the fifth city facility in the state to be LEED certified. Mayor Martin received the C.C.Ludwig Award for outstanding service and leadership from the League of Minnesota Cities. Climate '''Roseville Area High School''' ('''RAHS''') is a public high school located in Roseville, Minnesota near the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul). It serves Roseville and the surrounding communities of Falcon Heights (Falcon Heights, Minnesota), Lauderdale (Lauderdale, Minnesota), Little Canada (Little Canada, Minnesota), Maplewood (Maplewood, Minnesota), and Shoreview (Shoreview, Minnesota), Minnesota. RAHS is the only traditional public high school in Roseville Area School District 623 (Roseville Area Schools). '''Mounds View Public Schools (District 621)''' is a Minnesota school district serving the cities of Arden Hills (Arden Hills, Minnesota), Mounds View (Mounds View, Minnesota), New Brighton (New Brighton, Minnesota), North Oaks (North Oaks, Minnesota), Roseville (Roseville, Minnesota), Shoreview (Shoreview, Minnesota), Vadnais Heights (Vadnais Heights, Minnesota) and portions of Spring Lake Park (Spring Lake Park, Minnesota) and White Bear Township (White Bear Township, Minnesota). The district currently operates 11 schools. Previously the district operated 13 schools, but due to budget problems it was forced to close Pike Lake and Snail Lake elementary schools and reopen them as Education Centers. In addition to the schools, Mounds View also operates a handful of other educational programs, including the Oak Grove program for special education students, and the Pike Lake and Snail Lake Education Centers, which provide various community education programs and house administrative offices.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

'''Frank Albert Benford, Jr.''', (1883 Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania – December 4, 1948) was an American electrical engineer and physicist best known for rediscovering and generalizing Benford's Law, a statistical statement about the occurrence of digits in lists of data. DATE OF BIRTH 29 May 1883 PLACE OF BIRTH Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania DATE OF DEATH 4 December 1948 airdate 15th September, 1949 location Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania) State College, Pennsylvania callsign_meaning '''J'''ohnstown '''A'''utomotive '''C'''ompany (original owner) '''WJAC-TV''' is the NBC-affiliated television station for the Allegheny (Allegheny Mountains) area of Pennsylvania that is licensed to Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania). It broadcasts a high definition (High-definition television) digital signal on UHF channel 34 from a transmitter northwest of the city in Laurel Ridge State Park along the Cambria (Cambria County, Pennsylvania) and Westmoreland (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania) County line. Owned by Cox Enterprises, the station has studios on Old Hickory Lane in Johnstown. Syndicated (television syndication) programming on the station includes ''The Ellen DeGeneres Show'', ''Dr. Phil (Dr. Phil (TV series))'', ''Live with Kelly'', ''Entertainment Tonight'', ''The Big Bang Theory'', ''The Insider (The Insider (TV series))'' and ''Judge Judy''. Commissions Lieberman is known for his ability to write and tell the story behind historical events. He has created performances commissioned by the city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the Smithsonian Institution (for the National Air and Space Museum), Van Andel Museum Center (Public Museum of Grand Rapids), NASA, and Historic Philadelphia. Syd Lieberman biography at August House airdate October 13, 1986 (1986 in television) location Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania) State College, Pennsylvania callsign_meaning '''W'''e're '''W'''onderful '''C'''entral '''P'''ennsylvania '''WWCP-TV''' is the Fox (Fox Broadcasting Company)-affiliated television station for the Allegheny (Allegheny Mountains) area of Pennsylvania that is licensed to Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania). It broadcasts a high definition (high-definition television) digital signal on VHF channel 8 from a transmitter in Ligonier Township (Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania) along the Somerset (Somerset County, Pennsylvania) County line. The station can also be seen on Comcast channel 8 and in high definition on digital channel 808. Owned by Peak Media, WWCP operates the area's ABC (American Broadcasting Company) affiliate WATM-TV (owned by Palm Television, L.P.) through a local marketing agreement (LMA). Early years Prosser was born on March 16, 1834 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the son of Welsh (Welsh people) immigrants. His family moved to Johnstown, Pennsylvania when he was very young. In Johnstown, Prosser received a limited formal education, but went on to teach school and study law (although he never practiced). He moved to California in 1854, where he engaged in mining.


;ref name "" The Timmins Public Library was constructed in 2005 with locally manufactured products, using wood as the main structural material, making efficient use of our natural resources while reducing construction waste. The eco-friendly design was recognized by the Green Building Initiative and the building achieved a 3 Green Globes rating for its efficient use of resources and sustainable development. Police The local police force is the Timmins Police Service, established in 1912. Provincial highways in and around Timmins are patrolled by the Ontario Provincial Police from the South Porcupine Detachment. Communities thumb right The Dante Club - Italian Social Club (File:Dante Club in Timmins, Ontario.jpg) Timmins has multiple neighbourhoods owing to historical and geographic circumstance. They are generally culturally homogenous but are of varied socioeconomic status. However, this variation is generally less than that which can be seen in major urban centres. For more, see Wikipedia:Timmins


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Cambridge, Ontario

at Queen's Square, Preston and the new Design at Riverside location. Together, the three galleries host approximately 23 exhibitions per year. In June 2008, the new Cambridge City Hall facility opened as the first city hall in Canada to achieve the ranking of gold in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the Canada Green Building Council. The $30 million project was completed on time and on budget, and financed through a settlement of a loan with the city’s hydro utility. A conservative estimate comparing a standard cities Stratford (Stratford, Ontario), Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario), Cambridge (Cambridge, Ontario), Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario) towns Goderich (Goderich, Ontario), Clinton (Clinton, Ontario) History Highway 8 is one of the oldest provincial highways in Ontario, having first been established in 1918. Up until the early 1970s, the highway was much longer than its current length, extending from Goderich (Goderich, Ontario) through Kitchener-Waterloo (Regional Municipality of Waterloo), Cambridge (Cambridge, Ontario), and Hamilton to Niagara Falls. However, in 1970, the Government of Ontario decided that the stretch of Highway 8 between Winona (Winona, Ontario) (just east of Hamilton) and Niagara Falls was no longer of major transportation significance, since by this time most traffic used the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), just to the north, to go between the two locales. Accordingly, the province downloaded this section of the highway to the newly-formed Regional Municipality of Niagara, which designated the road as Regional Road 81 (Niagara Regional Road 81). In 1998, the provincial government of Mike Harris carried another downloading of the highway to municipal authorities; this time the section between the town of Peters Corners (Peters Corners, Ontario) (near Dundas (Dundas, Ontario)) and Winona was transferred to the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth. Ontario Highway 8 History - The King's Highways of Ontario thumb left Construction is underway to widen the Conestoga River crossing to eight lanes (File:Highway 8 widening.png) Highway 8 then enters Cambridge (Cambridge, Ontario), following city streets such as Shantz Hill Road, Fountain Street, King Street, Coronation Boulevard, and Dundas Street. It then continues as a normal road out of Cambridge and into Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), meeting with Highway 5 (Highway 5 (Ontario)) in the town of Peters Corners (Peters Corners, Ontario). Route 25 runs between University of Waterloo and Square One. It also stops at Cambridge (Cambridge, Ontario), the Charles Street Terminal at Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario), and Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario). The frequency of this route depends on the direction of travel, as well as the day of the week, ranging from hourly to every three hours. Routes 25B, 25C, and 25D provide extra express services between Square One and the two aforementioned Waterloo universities, bypassing Kitchener and Cambridge. Route 25 runs year-round, seven days a week, while the express branches only run during the academic year. Production The film was shot on location in Cambridge (Cambridge, Ontario), Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), and Toronto.


and Tacuary. Green building. phone tollfree fax hours Open all evening, earlier than many other places until late price content A mix of traditional and fine cuisine. Excellent food and service in a very traditional feeling atmosphere. Really fantastic beer on tap, served in their chilled Oktoberfest steins. Splurge For a traditional Paraguayan meal, visit "La Paraguayita." Don't miss a Brazilian steak house called a "churrasqueria." *


(Taiwan). The building ranked officially as the world's tallest (list of skyscrapers) from 2004 until the opening of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010. In July 2011, the building was awarded LEED Platinum certification, the highest award in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system and became the tallest and largest green building in the world. WikiPedia:Taipei Dmoz:Regional Asia Taiwan Localities Taipei City commons:台北市

Austin, Texas

about 10% of the restaurant's electrical needs. The Gurnee restaurant has received Platinum level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from U.S. Green Building Council. A restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, uses recycled drywall, low-VOC paint, and energy-efficient appliances.

Urban Tulsa Weekly accessdate 2009-09-14 A Chipotle restaurant in Austin, Texas was the first to receive a four-star rating from the city's Green Building Program. Additionally, Chipotle has made arrangements to add solar panels

and Austin (Austin, Texas), Texas. Twelve cities were also honoured by the Local Government Honours Award for innovative local environmental programs. These included Sudbury (Greater Sudbury) in Canada for its ambitious program to rehabilitate environmental damage from the local mining industry, Austin (Austin, Texas) in the United States for its green building strategy, and Kitakyūshū in Japan for incorporating an international education and training component into its municipal pollution control program. Third U.S. label The third '''Domino Records''' was a regional label started in the late 1950s in Austin, Texas. This label lasted into the early part of the 1960s. Artists that they recorded included: George Underwood (George Underwood (singer)), Clarence Smith (Sonny Rhodes), Ray Campi, the Slades, and Joyce Harris. Turner Broadcasting issued an apology for an ad campaign causing a series of bomb scares throughout Boston on January 31, 2007. A statement emailed to ''The Boston Globe'' from Turner Broadcasting said: "The 'packages' in question are magnetic lights that pose no danger. They are part of an outdoor marketing campaign in 10 cities in support of Adult Swim's animated television show ''Aqua Teen Hunger Force''. They had been in place for two to three weeks in Boston (Boston, Massachusetts), New York City, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California), Chicago (Chicago, Illinois), Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia), Seattle, Portland (Portland, Oregon), Austin (Austin, Texas), San Francisco (San Francisco, California), and Philadelphia. Parent company Turner Broadcasting is in contact with local and federal law enforcement on the exact locations of the billboards. We regret that they were mistakenly thought to pose any danger." thumb left Marker on the Harris County Annex 2 Building in Downtown Houston (File:SamHoustonMarkerDowntownHouston.JPG), indicating the site where Sam Houston lived from 1837 to 1838 Soon, Houstonians were prompted to put an end to their problems. And so, they wanted to make a Chamber of Commerce just for the city. A bill had been introduced on November 26, 1838 in Congress that would establish this entity. President Mirabeau B. Lamar signed the act into law on January 28, 1840. This move could not have come sooner; some creditors had already cut off some Houston businessmen, and there were numerous yellow fever outbreaks, including an 1839 outbreak that killed about 12 percent of its population. Also, on January 14, 1839, the capital had been moved to Austin (Austin, Texas), known as Waterloo at the time. On April 4, 1840, seven men met at the Carlos City Exchange and enacted the Chamber of Commerce. The seven men were Thomas M. League, Henry R. Allen, George Gazely, John W. Pitkin, Charles Kesler, E.S. Perkins, and Dewitt C. Harris. The chamber's community development efforts would revive the dying frontier village. Then again on Sunday, calls to 9-1-1 (w:9-1-1) began to come in to Williamson County (w:Williamson County, Texas), Texas sheriff's office around 12:30 p.m. (Central time (w:Central Time Zone)) that burning debris and fireballs were seen falling from the sky onto parts of Austin (w:Austin, Texas), Houston (w:Houston, Texas), Waco (w:Waco, Texas) and San Antonio (w:San Antonio, Texas). By this time, I’m thinking that it might be good for a change. Bye to California, I’ll try Austin (w:Austin, Texas) for a while. So I moved, only to find out that this is a place with a highly inflated sense of self-importance and where damn little real engineering work is done. I’ve never experienced such a hard time finding work. The rates are 1 3 of what I was earning before the crash, because pay rates here are fixed by the three or four large companies in the area who are in collusion to drive down prices and wages… and this happens because the justice department (w:United States Department of Justice) is all on the take and doesn’t give a fuck about serving anyone or anything but themselves and their rich buddies.

Greater Sudbury

Government Honours Award for innovative local environmental programs. These included Sudbury (Greater Sudbury) in Canada for its ambitious program to rehabilitate environmental damage from the local mining industry, Austin (Austin, Texas) in the United States for its green building strategy, and Kitakyūshū in Japan for incorporating an international education and training component into its municipal pollution control program. Centre Killarney North Greater Sudbury, Unorg. North Sudbury Dist. (Unorganized North Sudbury District) Northeast French River (French River, Ontario) - CBBS-FM 00 90.1 FM Greater Sudbury CBC Radio 2 public (public broadcasting) music - - CBBX-FM 00 90.9 FM Greater Sudbury Espace musique public (public broadcasting) music (French (French language)) - - CICS-FM 00 91.7 FM Greater Sudbury Larche Communications country (Country music) - - CJRQ-FM 00 92.7 FM Greater Sudbury Rogers Communications active rock - - CIGM-FM 00 93.5 FM Greater Sudbury Newcap Broadcasting CHR (contemporary hit radio) - - CJTK-FM 00 95.5 FM Greater Sudbury Eternacom Christian radio - - CKLU-FM 00 96.7 FM Greater Sudbury Laurentian University campus radio - - CBON-FM 00 98.1 FM Greater Sudbury Première Chaîne public (public broadcasting) news talk (talk radio) (French (French language)) - - CHYC-FM 00 98.9 FM Greater Sudbury Le5 Communications hot adult contemporary (French (French language)) - - CBCS-FM 00 99.9 FM Greater Sudbury CBC Radio One public (public broadcasting) news talk (talk radio) - - CKJC-FM (CHIM-FM) 0 101.7 FM Greater Sudbury 1158556 Ontario Ltd. (CHIM-FM) (Roger de Brabant) tourist information - - CHNO-FM 0 103.9 FM Greater Sudbury Newcap Broadcasting classic hits - - CJMX-FM 0 105.3 FM Greater Sudbury Rogers Communications adult contemporary - birth_date Rimstead began his journalism career at the age of 11, reporting on local farm births. A high school drop-out, Rimstead would become a seasoned sports reporter, columnist, and writer.

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