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I in 1086. However, many of Latakia's great public buildings were already in ruins by then. '''Thierry of Alsace''' (Dietrich) ( – January 17, 1168), in Flanders known as ''Diederik van den Elzas'', was count of Flanders from 1128 to 1168. He was the youngest son of Duke Thierry II of Lorraine (Thierry II, Duke of Lorraine) and Gertrude of Flanders (daughter of Robert I, Count of Flanders Robert I of Flanders

Skid Row, Los Angeles

cleverly done and it creates conversation and debate, which often great public art does."


Dependency which enjoys a measure of autonomy but is otherwise integrated into Fiji politically and economically despite its cultural divergence (Rotumans are Polynesian, unlike ethnic Fijians (Fijian people), who are predominantly of Melanesian stock). He is the first Rotuman to be appointed to the bench in Fiji, and his appointment as Chief Justice resulted in great public rejoicing on the island. He is married to Martha (Martha Fatiaki) and has 4 sons. He was made a Companion of the Order of Fiji (Order of Fiji), together with Vijay Singh, in 2004. '''Rotuman''', also referred to as ''Rotunan'', ''Rutuman'' or ''Fäeag Rotuma'', is an Austronesian language (Austronesian languages) spoken by the indigenous people of the South Pacific (Oceania) island group of Rotuma, an island with a Polynesian (Polynesian culture)-influenced culture that was incorporated as a dependency into the Colony of Fiji in 1881. Classification of Rotuman is difficult due to the large number of loan words from Samoan (Samoan language) and Tongan (Tongan language), as a result of much cultural exchange over the history of the Pacific. Linguist Andrew Pawley groups the language with the West Fijian languages in a West Fijian – Rotuman branch of the Central Pacific sub-group of Oceanic languages.

Gore, New Zealand

Blacks between 1995 and 2005. He is now a Sky Sports commentator in New Zealand for most All Blacks games and other provincial level matches. * Gisborne (Gisborne, New Zealand), Poverty Bay * Gore (Gore, New Zealand), northern Southland (Southland Region) * Hastings, Hawkes Bay The "Great Public Works Policy" placed a high priority on the completion of the Main South Line. At this time, New Zealand accepted narrow gauge railway narrow gauge

South Boston

, Pleasure Bay, M Street Beach and Carson Beach Fort Independence, a pentagonal five-bastioned, granite fort built between 1834 and 1851, is the dominating feature of Castle Island. This 22-acre urban park is connected to the mainland by both pedestrian and vehicular causeways. Pleasure Bay, the M Street Beach and Carson Beach form a three-mile segment of parkland and beach along the South Boston shoreline of Dorchester Bay. Carson Beach offers some beautiful views and great public amenities: a rehabilitated Mothers' Rest, public restrooms, exhibit space, first aid and lifeguard functions, while the outdoor courtyards allow space for passive recreation. Carson Beach also features a walkway which allows one to walk, bike, or run along the water's edge from Castle Island to the Kennedy Library. Fort Independence and Castle Island are on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, and the fort is a National Historic Landmark. Fort Independence is open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, hours vary. Fort tours are conducted by the Castle Island Association in the summer months and there is interpretive signage for self-guided tours. The principal program theme, the History of Castle Island, stresses the role of the fort in harbor defense." Thomas Park Atop the Dorchester Heights hill sits a tall monument commemorating the Patriot battery that drove the British out of Boston. A popular site to view the Fourth of July fireworks, the Thomas Park (the oval drive around Dorchester Heights) area is one of the most attractive areas in South Boston. M Street Park Between M and N streets and north of Broadway, the M Street Park was one of the most desirable addresses in Boston in the late 19th century, and the brownstone buildings overlooking the park on the south side of the park remain some of the best examples of this style of architecture in New England. M Street Park is also home to the 1st standing Vietnam memorial in the nation included in this memorial are all the names of the South Boston residents who gave their lives fighting for the freedom of the United States. Also a popular spot for, families, dog lovers, and for watching the St Patrick's Day Parade. In addition also, two softball fields, little league field, basketball court, and play ground all contribute to the beautiful neighborhood which is South Boston. Public housing South Boston is home to some of the oldest public housing in the United States. Boston Connects. South Boston '''Frank Wallace''' (died December 22, 1931) was an Irish-American gangster from South Boston, who ran the Gustin Gang in Boston during the Prohibition in the United States. Early life Adams was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up in a prosperous neighborhood in South Boston, the last child in a gifted family that included Adams's three older sisters (two went to Radcliffe College and one to Smith College). Adams was part of the prominent Adams family, and was descended from John Adams's (John Adams) grandfather. Murder victim Barboza was paroled in October 1975 and moved into a $250-a-month apartment under the name "Joseph Donati". He took the last name from small-time underworld figures, identical twin brothers Richard and Robert Donati. After he was befriended by small-time South Boston hoodlum James Chalmas, Gennaro Anguilo was at last informed of his whereabouts. On February 11, 1976, Barboza left Chalmas' San Francisco apartment and walked towards his Oldsmobile. He was armed with a Colt 38 but never had a chance to draw it. He was hit by four shotgun blasts from close range, killing him instantly. F. Lee Bailey was quoted as having said his client's death (referring to Joseph Barboza) was "no great loss to society," but his young daughter never recovered from his death and was consumed bygrief. Ilario Zannino, chief enforcer of Gennaro Anguilo, was later overheard saying to an associate on a hidden bug that it was J. R. Russo who had assassinated Barboza. In the conversation, Zannino described Russo as "a genius with a carbine". Langer was born in South Boston to Charles Rudolph and Johanna Rockenbach, recent immigrants from Germany. His older brother William (William L. Langer) became the history department chair at Harvard University, and took a leave of absence during World War II to serve as head of the Research and Analysis section of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Walter Langer, who for a time was also a professor at Harvard, held a Ph.D but not an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine), and was the first person admitted to the American Psychiatric Association who lacked a medical degree. '''Edward Lawrence Logan, A.B. (Bachelor of Arts), LL.B.''' was born on January 20, 1875, in South Boston to a military family, and attended Boston Latin School and Harvard University. He was an American (United States of America) militia officer and jurist. After World War II, on October 1, 1946, the 2nd Infantry Battalion was activated at the Naval and Marine Corps Training Center in South Boston under the command of Lieutenant Colonel James J. Dugan, who had established an excellent personal record as a member of the battalion before the war and distinguished himself by outstanding service during World War II. Lieutenant Colonel Dugan remained the commanding officer until July 1950, shortly before the battalion was called to active duty during the Korean War. The service during the Korean War was short and the battalion was quickly returned to Boston in October 1951, where it grew into one of the largest Marine Reserve units in the country. align center align center South Boston, Massachusetts align center 6' 1"

Albany, Oregon

The city and Parks Department also take part in Arbor Week.

Prescott, Arizona

-prescottAZ.html in 2004 by First Lady Laura Bush. 2006. One of a “Dozen Distinctive Destinations” Dozen Distinctive Destinations - Prescott, AZ: http: travel-and-sites sites southwest-region prescott-az-2006.html by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 2008. Yavapai Courthouse Plaza recognized as one of the first ten “Great Public Places” American Planning Association (APA). Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza Prescott

Burlington, Vermont

such as the "South End Art Hop" and public galleries such as The Firehouse Gallery and Pine Street Art Works, provide a forum for the visual arts in the South End. The American Planning Association named the Marketplace one of America's "Great Public Spaces" for 2008. Briggs, John. "Marketplace: 'Great Public Space'" ''Burlington Free Press'' (October 9, 2008) A "Festival of Fools" had an estimated 25,000 attendees


as Bamako, thus tracing its course for some 300 miles. At Kamalia he fell ill, and owed his life to the kindness of a man in whose house he lived for seven months. Eventually he reached Pisania again on 10 June 1797, returning to Scotland by way of Antigua on 22 December. He had been thought dead, and his return home with news of the discovery of the Niger River evoked great public enthusiasm. An account of his journey was drawn up for the African Association by Bryan Edwards, and his own detailed narrative appeared in 1799 (''Travels in the Interior of Africa''). It was extremely popular and is available in Project Gutenberg. http: etext 5266 'Mungo Park, ''Travels in the Interior of Africa'' v. I; http: etext 5305 v. II. The expedition did not reach the Niger until mid-August, when only eleven Europeans were left alive; the rest had succumbed to fever or dysentery. From Bamako the journey to Ségou was made by canoe. Having received permission from the local ruler to proceed, at Sansandig, a little below Ségou, Park made ready for his journey down the still unknown part of the river. Helped by one soldier, the only one capable of work, Park converted two canoes into one tolerably good boat, 40 feet long and 6 feet broad. This he christened H.M. schooner ''Joliba'' (the native name for the Niger River), and in it, with the surviving members of his party, he set sail downstream on 19 November. The African Reference Alphabet is clearly related to the Africa Alphabet and reflected practice based on the latter. The Niamey conference also built on work of a previous UNESCO-organized meeting on harmonization of transcriptions of African languages, that was held in Bamako, Mali in 1966. Bamana-speaking peoples live in central Mali; the language is the most common in Mali. Music is simple and unadorned, and pentatonic. Well-known Bamana performers include Mali's first female musical celebrity, Fanta Damba. Damba and other Bamana (and Maninka) musicians in cities like Bamako are known throughout the country for a style of guitar music called Bajourou (named after an 18th century song glorifying ancient king Tutu Jara). Bamana djembe ("djembe" is a French approximation of the Maninka word, with correct English phonetic approximation: jenbe) drumming has become popular since the mid-1990s throughout the world. It is a traditional instrument of the Bamana people from Mali (This is incorrect, the instrument is a Maninka Maraka instrument adopted by the Bamana). - 8. 7 February 2002 Stade 26 mars, Bamako Commons:Category:Bamako Wikipedia:Bamako Dmoz:Regional Africa Mali Localities Bamako


birth_place Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada birth_name Carrie-Anne Moss Life and career Carrie-Anne Moss was born in Burnaby, British Columbia to parents Melvyn and Barbara Moss. She has an older brother, Brooke. Moss' mother reportedly named her after The Hollies' 1967 hit song, "

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