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all CFA franc (XAF & XOF) using countries. Both CFA francs are guaranteed by the French treasury and are pegged to the euro at €1 XOF655.957 There are plenty of great crafts in Mali. Various ethnic groups have their own, trademark masks. There are some great musical instruments; blankets; bogolas (a type of blanket); silver jewelry, and leather goods. The Touareg people, in particular, craft great silver and leather goods, including jewellery, daggers, spears, swords, and boxes. Buying


became Archbishop of Prague in 1885, and was created cardinal in 1889. * '''Christoph Cardinal Schönborn''' is the Dmoz:Regional Europe Czech Republic Regions Prague Commons:Category:Prague Wikipedia:Prague

White House

the Drama Desk Award "Outstanding One Person Show" in 1987 for her Broadway show ''A Concert for the Theatre'', again with Harper. "Drama Desk Awards, 1987-1988", accessed September 7, 2011 In October 1991 they appeared as featured artists at the Carnegie Hall Gala ''Music and Remembrance: A Celebration of Great Musical Partnerships'' which raised money for the advancement of the performing arts



archaeology and philosophy in Göttingen, then moved to Munich, later Dresden, and 1833 to Berlin, from where he followed Friedrich Wilhelm Eduard Gerhard to Rome. Throughout his life Bülow was devoted to music, his great musical ability bringing him to the notice of King Frederick William II of Prussia, and ca. 1790 he was conspicuous in the most fashionable circles of Berlin. He did not, however, neglect his military studies, and in 1792 he was made


and offered him a job arranging for his band. It was initially a difficult move because Shaw had generally allowed his arrangers great musical latitude, while Miller's commercial orientation often led him to second-guess his staff. Gray gradually found himself more in line with Miller's less–mercurial personality and was allowed more of the freedom that he appreciated. As Gray later told author George T. Simon, "To me, Glenn's band didn't swing like Artie's. ... But after I made


. These included directors like Wim Wenders, Hans-Jürgen Syberberg and Werner Herzog. The king John VI of Portugal brought with him to Brazil the great musical library from the House of Bragança, one of the best of Europe at that time, and ordered the arrival of musicians from Lisbon and the ''castrati'' from Italy, re-ordering the Royal Chapel. Later, John VI ordered the construction of a sumptuous theater, called the Royal Theater of São João. The secular music

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