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Muang Sing

Sing Museum alt url email address lat long directions phone fax hours M-F, 09:00-11:30 and 13:30-15:30 checkin checkout price 5,000 kip (plus 5,000 kip extra for the Akha film) content Close to the centre of town, is a good place to start exploring Muang Sing's rich culture and history. The old wood and brick building was once the residence of Phanya Sekong, a local lord called Jao Fa Noi or Little Prince, who ruled over the area in the early 20th century

by the people of Muang Sing. *

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

-7735-2285-5 date 2003-10-03 Bolsover House For fur trade in the area see Beaver River (Canada). Peter Fidler of the Hudson's Bay Company was told by Indian guides that Meadow Lake was a good place for furs. On August 30, 1799 he reached the mouth of the Meadow Lake River. The stream was so narrow and crooked that he almost despaired of navigating it. When he reached the Lake he found it so shallow and swampy that he had to proceed portage#Technique demi-chargé

. Finding no good place on the lake he went up a river and selected a place about 1000 yards inland. He named it Bolsover House after his home town (Bolsover) in England. The post returned only 190 made beaver in the first season so in 1801 it was closed and everything moved east to Green Lake House (Green Lake, Saskatchewan). The exact site of Bolsover House is unknown. There is a monument to Peter Fidler in Meadow Lake. Elizabeth Browne Losey,"Let Them be Remembered:The Story of the Fur Trade Forts",1999 Demographics Farming, Sand and Gravel Operation. Flying Dust is a treaty land entitlement band with the capability of purchasing 22,000 more acres of land. The Flying Dust has a long-standing partnership with the town of Meadow Lake and they have worked jointly on several major projects in the region over the last few decades.


with merchants. It's expected. Eat Great Lake Victoria's fresh water talapia fish is a must eat food. A good number of fish industries exist. They export Nile perch fish fillet (sangara fish) to Europe and South Africa. *'''Pizzeria Kuleana''', Post St. Pizzas, as expected, as well as a breakfast that is the favorite of both locals and travelers. Opens early, so it makes a good place to wait for the town come alive if you have arrived with the night ferry. 7AM-9PM daily. *'''The Food Square

). Nice view of traffic and people walking below. Open air but covered. A good place to wait out a sudden rain shower. Any local hotel and most restaurants serve beer and other drinks Sleep *'''La Kairo''' is a top-end place to stay, prices from 30.000 Tsh to 100.000 Tsh. Working free internet, good meeting rooms. City is noisy at night. *'''The Tilapia Hotel''' (on the shores of Lake Victoria) in the Capri Point area of town offers a swimming pool and bar, ideal for swimming in on a hot


; F 4pm-10pm price content A good place to pick up traditional hand-crafted items. *

hours price content Carries books in English and Arabic, and a good place to find maps. * Grocery stores *

54.074952 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Groceries are on the ground floor, while a food court is upstairs. *


email address lat long directions Ask a bici-taxi to take you phone tollfree fax hours irregular price content Yes there's a factory that makes them! It's located on the outskirts of town (ask a bici-taxi driver to take you there) and is a good place to buy the conical coconut confection, at least when it's open. *

, and this is most so in Baracoa, with virtually all non-tourist goods (such as trips to the national park) being payable in either currency. * Baracoa is a good place to buy indigenous-styled art, although it's not cheap. Eat Travelers weary of the repetitive


for the children and good bar too. Regular live acoustic music is played here too. Good place to interact with guests and meet local expats. * '''Four Seasons,''' in new town, is a lovely set of restaurants and small shops set in beautifully kept gardens. An excellent Indian restaurant called Blue Ginger with prices ranging from around 1500-2200 kwacha for curries, there is also another restaurant offering pastas, salads and steaks all reasonably priced. You'll probably need to drive, its located

just near the Capital Sunbird Hotel in the Government District. But well worth the trip - there's also a great bar serving some lethal cocktails! * '''Spur''', Newly opened South African chain restaurant. Sells steaks, burgers etc. Sells good ice cream, milkshakes and soda floats too! Muslim run - so no pork is served. * '''Chilli Peppers''', An Italian Mexican themed restaurant up the road past Sunbird Lilongwe in Old Town. Very good place, about MK1500-2000 for a main meal. Nachos, fajita's

normally MK600 a bottle. Mixing with the sugary, very tasty Fanta always works and you see many locals doing this! The Vodka, Gin and Powers can also all be bought in 30ml sachet forms. Harry's Bar, in the old town, is a good place to have a drink and a burger during the day or to slam Malawi gin and tonic with an energetic local and expat crowd on weekend nights. More of a pre-drink place. *'''Diplomats Pub''', (''in old town''), +265 8553492. Offers good music and cold beers, also a braai


video and interactive displays. A visit takes at least one hour, and probably longer if you want to read everything. Fee includes a free coffee or tea at upstairs cafe, where you can sit at the window bench overlooking the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. It is a good place to sit and reflect after your tour of the centre. Far superior to the JEATH War Museum. *

, cold beer, and real coffee. You can play your own music over the speakers or pluck at a guitar. * * address Soi Bangklated, River Kwai Rd lat long directions phone +66 34 512981, +66 85 2937683, +66 95 494920 tollfree fax checkin checkout price 400-950 Bht content Swimming pool, motorbike hire, shuttle taxi services to Bangkok & the local area, and local sightseeing tours. Friendly staff, Wi-Fi, movie screenings on a large TV at 18:00. The reception is shared with the restaurant and is a good place to meet other guests. *


from the gorges to the forest in order to feed from the fruits on the trees. This is also a good place to get in contact with guides for tours such as to Lake Maninjau (see below) or jungle hiking trips through the Canyon. * '''Fort de Kock'''. A fort built by the Dutch (nothing is left, only a water reservoir is on top of the hill) and '''Bundo Kanduang Park'''. The park includes a replica Rumah Gadang (traditional house), used as a museum of Minangkabau culture (many curiosities

roasted dry leaves of the coffee tree. The dried leaves are boiled in hot water and put into sections of bamboo and drunk from a "cawan tampuruang" (coconut shell). It can be found in Bukittinggi, Payakumbuh and Batusangkar. Please ask anyone, especially people over age 40. They will show you where a good place is to taste Daun Kawa! Price Rp 5,000-15,000 in 2009 Jus Pinang (Pinang Juice) Juice of Pinang (betel nut, the Areca catechu seed) is a bitter tasting drink available in Padang, Bukittingi, and other areas that is believed to have an effect on sexual stamina. Pinang has a biological effect as a stimulant like tobacco, coffee, and tea. Its chemical contents are arecolin, arecain, tannin, and flavonoids. Just try it and feel the difference! For beginners, don't drink more than one pinang seed. Price Rp 5,000-15,000 in 2009 Teh Talua (egg tea) This is a special Minangkabau drink made from egg mixed with hot tea and lemon. Please taste it. You will never forget the experience! Price Rp 5,000-15,000 in 2009 Fruit Juices There are a variety of fruit juices ranging from Alpokat (avocado juice), Sirsak (soursop), Jeruk (orange), wortel (carrot) etc. The list is endless. Prices range from Rp 4,000-10,000. Kopi Luwak ("Civet Cat" Coffee) Enjoy one of world's most prestigious coffees, Kopi Luwak, in Batang Palupuah Kampong, Bukittinggi. The coffee is made from coffee beans that have passed through a civet cat before roasting. Alcoholic Drinks The Minangkabau also have traditional alcoholic beverages such as tuak. Tuak is made from fermented nira, a liquid collected by cutting the fruit branch of aren or enau tree (''Arenga pinnata''). However, it is quite difficult to find in Bukittinggi now because alcoholic beverages are haram - forbidden - for Muslims). Sleep The top hotels in the city are the '''The Hills Bukittinggi''' (formerly the '''Novotel Coralia''') and '''Pusako Hotel'''. Although The Hills Bukittinggi is comfortable place to stay especially for tourists from the West, the cost is at least Rp 800,000 for a night; in comparison there are many small hotels around Fort de Kock that are around Rp 120,000 that are quite nice. Small budget hotels are easy to find. Many locals offer accommodation which are like family-owned hotels that provide a "feel at home" atmosphere. The prices span from Rp 40,000 - Rp 200,000 per room without air-conditioning. Breakfast is included. There are no lifts in these small hotels, so be prepared if your room is on the upper floors. Room cleaning is not provided everyday in some cases, so don't hesitate to ask the hotel manager if you want a daily cleaning service. * WikiPedia:Bukittinggi Commons:Category:Bukittinggi

Bahir Dar

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