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6th of October City

are under construction . ''List Of Cinema Complexes in 6 October City'' * Renaissance Cinemas * Galaxy Cineplex - Mall of Arabia * Cityscape Cinemas * Dandy Mega Mall Cinemas * Good News - MUST * Plaza Cinemas * An IMAX Theater Located in Plaza Cinemas * Mall of Egypt Cinemas ( Under Construction - Due 2015 ) * Ramw Mall Cinemas ( Under Construction - Due 2014 ) * Good News - Sheikh Zayed ( Under Construction - Due 2014 ) *Clubs 6 October City has 8 Sporting Clubs ( 1 Under

Pierre, South Dakota

Country Country Dakota Radio Group Pierre Reliance - 95.3 FM KLXS Country 95.3 Country Riverfront Broadcasting LLC Pierre Pierre - 96.1 FM K241AF (South Dakota Public Broadcasting) South Dakota Public Broadcasting NPR (National Public Radio) SD Board of Directors for Educational Telecommunications Pierre Pierre - 97.9 FM K250AP (KPGN-LP) Pierre's Good News Station Christian (Christian Radio) KPGN-LP broadcast translator

translator Pierre Educational Radio, Inc Pierre Pierre - 100.1 FM KJBI 100.1 The Eagle Classic Hits Dakota Radio Group Pierre Fort Pierre - 100.5 FM KPLO-FM (K263AW) 94 Country Country Dakota Radio Group Pierre Fort Pierre - 104.7 FM KPGN-LP Pierre's Good News Station Christian (Christian Radio) Pierre Educational Radio, Inc Pierre Pierre - 107.1 FM K250AP (KGFX (AM)) Country News Talk Dakota Radio Group Pierre


to. In case of bad Weather, Nalchik offers you even less options: shop (not much choice), play bowling (new, clean bowling alley, food and drinks available), go to the swimming pool (clean, indoor, very strange schedules), visit the marketplace (quite lively all year round), watch a movie in Russian in one of the two cinemas (elbrus and vostok cinemas). In winter you can ski in either CHEGET or ELBRUS . Lifts are quite old and run down, except one brand new (expensive) gondola in Elbrus. Good news though, there are plans to upgrade all the lifts and build more. Cheget is a more challenging ski resort than Elbrus. But then, Elbrus is Elbrus.... The snow tends to be better on Elbrus side (higher altitude) and the trails are prepared (which is not the case in Cheget). Both ski resorts have only 2-3 lifts. Choose by yourself what suits you best, the two places are less than 10 km apart. In both places you will find rental equipment in sports shop and hotels but you will have more choice in Cheget as far as equipment goes. In 2006-7, a daily pass in Cheget was going for some 550 RUR (20 USD), a single trip for 80 RuR (3 USD) per lift. Another option is to simply give 50 RUR to the employee at the lift (not the cashier). If you intend to spend a night in the area, sleep at Cheget. It is friendlier, hotels and restaurants are better, it has more of a resort-feel than Elbrus. Cheget has a few restaurants, a disco bar under the big ugly hotel Cheget, a small market with traditional products and an ice-ring. Hotel Esen which is usually clean and affordable but there are many other options as well (all similar). In the winter 2006-7, a double room was going (double occupancy) for between 1000-1500 RuR (40-60 USD) per night depending on the season. Some private pensions exist as well. The kabarda (and balkar) are famous horse-riders. They have successfully bred their own type of horse "kabardin", which has achieved a certain fame. It is considered a very resistant, sturdy, hard working, small-sized horse. Locally these horses are used for livestock rearing in the mountains. You will easily find someone ready to rent you a few horses. If you are a proficient rider, go to the hippodrome in Nalchik and directly rent a horse there (pure-breed competition horses). If you are less proficient or prefer to take a ride in the nature on a somewhat quieter animal, horses can be found in the winter months in the plain immediately around Nalchik in many farms (ask locals for advice). In the summer, the horses are typically brought in the mountains. A good bet is to try in the area past the Chegem waterfalls (Chegem valley). Many of the farms will be willing to rent you a horse for half a day or so. (count about 400-500 RuR per horse). Buy Eat Drink Sleep Go next Don't come too close to the border with Georgia. Relations between Georgia and Russia are not good and there is a no-go security zone enforced for foreigners 10km of the Georgian border. The Russian army is present and will check you. It can easily become an administrative hassle. Evidently this border zone puts the highest summits (Dykh Tau, Koshtan Tau, Katyn Tau, Shkara, etc...) out of reach. Too bad, you will only be able to look at them from a distance. wikipedia:Nalchik commons:Нальчик

North Beach, San Francisco

at the Condor for 22 years. In 1961, the singer opened her own club, Sugar Hill: Home of the Blues, on San Francisco's Broadway in the North Beach (North Beach, San Francisco) district, with the idea of creating a venue for the blues in a tourist district where a wider audience could hear it. There Dane performed regularly with her two most constant musical companions: Kenny "Good News" Whitson on piano and cornet and Wellman Braud, former Ellington bassist. Among her guest




good news '') is a city (types of inhabited localities in Russia) and the administrative center of Amur Oblast, Russia, located at the confluence of the Amur (Amur River) and Zeya Rivers, opposite to the Chinese city of Heihe. Population: The Amur has formed Russia's border with China since the 1858 Aigun Treaty and 1860 Treaty of Peking. The area north of the Amur belonged to the Manchu Qing dynasty

Longview, Washington

forever url http: mountsthelens bud13.shtml author Bud May date May 13, 2000 publisher Seattle Post-Intelligencer accessdate December 18, 2011 * ''Columbia River Reader'' – A monthly community newspaper. * ''Valley Bugler'' – A monthly "good news" and community events paper that grew out of the now defunct ''Castle Rock Advocate'' in 1998. Television * KLTV (KLTV (Washington)) – Local public-access television cable TV channel, which has its headquarters in downtown Longview, at the corner of 12th Avenue and Washington Way. Tourism Longview is a gateway to the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, and tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the area's economy. Nutty Narrows Bridge Longview is home to the famous Nutty Narrows Bridge built in 1963 by Amos Peters. For many years, it was the only bridge in the world designed and built strictly for squirrels. The bridge was built in 1963 and its purpose was to avoid squirrel casualties on the busy streets beneath. -Squirrel bridge Longview began a new annual festival, known as Squirrel Fest, in 2011. http: news local locals-visitors-go-nuts-for-squirrel-fest article_3225f9ec-c09c-11e0-a1ff-001cc4c03286.html As part of the festival, a new squirrel bridge has been unveiled each year, and as of 2014, there are now four squirrel bridges in the city. http: news local longview-s-fourth-squirrel-bridge-to-be-installed-june article_0481df5c-f1d0-11e3-8eef-0019bb2963f4.html Recognition In 2012, Forbes listed Longview as one of The United States' prettiest cities. headquarters 770 11th Ave. Longview, Washington Longview , WA (Washington (U.S. state)) 98632 United States ISSN '''The Daily News''' is the primary newspaper of Longview (Longview, Washington), Kelso, Washington, and Cowlitz County, Washington. It is owned by Lee Enterprises, which acquired the newspaper with its 2002 purchase of Howard Publications. Howard, in turn, had purchased the paper in 1999 from Ted and John Natt, grandsons of John M. McClelland Sr., ending 76 years of McClelland-Natt family ownership. According to "R.A. Long's Planned City" by John McClelland Jr., McClelland Sr. purchased the paper, which began as a Long-Bell Lumber Company daily, from Robert A. Long, the lumber magnate and founder of Longview. Long founded both Longview and The Daily News in 1923. R. A. Long Robert A. Long (1850–1934) was born in Shelby County, Kentucky. In 1873 Long moved to Columbus, Kansas and with a friend and a cousin, Victor Bell and Robert White, started a hay business. This was unsuccessful but there seemed to be a need for lumber so the three formed the R. A. Long & Company. After the death of Robert White the remaining two formed the Long-Bell Lumber Company in 1887 and the headquarters was moved to Kansas City. This was a very lucrative business and Long became a millionaire. His other milestones achieved were lumber baron, developer, investor, newspaper owner, town and city builder, being Longville, Louisiana and Longview, Washington, and philanthropist. In 1907 he built the R.A. Long Building, the first steel framed skyscraper, in Kansas City. The building was bought by City National Bank & Trust Company (UMB Financial Corporation) in 1940. Long was a founding member and president of the Liberty Memorial Association that secured funding for the memorial. James M. Kemper was treasurer as well as president of a bank. In 1911 he built Corinthian Hall, a 72 room mansion and in 1914 he built the Longview Farm.


until it was deemed likely to survive. When the baby first cried out, a midwife went into the street and asked a stranger for a name. The stranger proposed ''Andromaha'' (Andromache), but this was rejected as "too Greek", so the second stranger's proposal, ''Vangelia'' (Vangelis, , "herald of the good news (true news (Christianity))", from the components ευ- meaning "true" and άγγελος which means "

Kirkland Lake

central (central Canada) and eastern Canada. These good news stories are supplemented by a number of developments occurring regionally that will have a positive impact because KL is the economic hub of the north Timiskaming District, and so the primary supplier of products, people and services to regional activities. For example: * The steady increase in the price of gold has brought a number of other mining projects to the feasibility stage. Queenston Mining Inc. announced promising results at its Upper Beaver Properties. Northgate Minerals has poured over $20 million into exploration work and is moving ahead with mining operations at its Young-Davidson properties near Matachewan. According to the company, this site has the potential to produce 150,000 ounces of gold per year for a decade. In addition, more finds are coming online because of the Discover Abitibi mineral exploration program. * St. Andrew Goldfields will commence production at the Holloway-Holt Gold Mine Complex near Matheson (Matheson, Ontario) in the second quarter of 2007. The mine has a forecast production rate of 75,000-100,000 ounces of gold per annum for the next seven years, and will employ over 100 people. * Tres-Or Resources Ltd. continues to return high quality results from its diamond exploration efforts southwest of Kirkland Lake. The richness of the finds, the large size of the host kimberlite pipes, plus expected low mine construction and operating costs in the area indicate a very positive future in this wholly new area of economic activity. Exploration continues. If more kimberlite structures are found, and the price of diamonds increases as expected, a mine could be in the making within 10 years. Through the 1990s, one of the town's dominant political and economic controversies surrounded a proposal to ship Toronto's garbage to the Adams Mine, an abandoned open pit mine in Boston Township (Boston Township, Ontario) just outside of Kirkland Lake. Kirkland Lake is also self-sufficient when it comes to power production with a generator that produces up to 117MW. Kirkland Lake also has a shopping mall with stores including Ardene, Box Office Entertainment and The Source by Circuit City, Carlton Cards, Dollarama, easyhome, Hart Stores, North Shore Outfitters, ReMax and Warehouse One. to Kirkland Lake, Ontario '''117 SOUTH:''' to Val-d'Or - - Kirkland Lake Bill Enouy (S) (acc.) -

Tula, Russia

of the Kremlin (Moscow Kremlin) when it reached the last tramstop of the Moscow line at Khimki. Meanwhile, the 2nd Panzer Army, despite its best efforts, failed to take Tula (Tula, Russia), the last Soviet city that stood in its way of the capital. After a meeting held

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