Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl

of Mexico. It also has a very high crime rate, in part due to “cholos” or gangs formed since the 1990s based on List of criminal gangs in Los Angeles, California gang models in the United States, especially Los

with drugs and gangs which is strongly associated with Ciudad Neza. The word cholo, as used in various Latin American countries, referred to a person of mixed race (mestizo) from

the lower classes. The origin of the cholo culture stems from the “pachuco” culture of the United States in the 1940s among the Hispanics there, which eventually morphed into the gangs that populate cities such as Los Angeles. The phenomenon of gangs came to Mexico from the U.S. in the 1980s. The first Mexican cholo groups came about in the 1990s, and were called by various names, such as “barrios,” "clickas" and “gangas.” Many of these groups

Little Havana

Americans. Little Havana Drawing from the real-life Little Havana in Miami, Vice City's Little Havana consists of a predominantly Spanish-speaking Cuban (Cubans) population. The area is controlled by the Cuban gang (List of gangs in Grand Theft Auto series#Cubans Los Cabrones), led by Umberto Robina (List of characters in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City#Umberto Robina) from his father's cafe, located in the southwest end of Little Havana. Due to Little Havana's proximity

with Little Haiti, occasional fights and gun battles between Cuban and Haitian gangs erupt in areas bordering the two districts. Game location The Shula Bowl was first played at Pro Player Stadium in Miami, Florida on 23 November 2002. The game alternates between Florida Atlantic and FIU's home fields. Until 2010, Florida Atlantic used Pro Player Stadium (later renamed Dolphin Stadium in 2006) as their home field, where FIU has always used FIU Stadium on the FIU campus as its home

in a large expensive apartment and asks her how she got it, She says that she's working for Nestor now and he storms off assuming that shes sleeping with him. In the lobby he is met by Nestor who takes Nikki by the hair and tells him he has nothing now in Miami and must leave. Meanwhile at the house, Ruben and Moss' gangs gather to see what their leaders want them to do now that they have come back. They find them painting the house and begin to ridicule them for doing bad work Moss challenges one

Watts, Los Angeles

and for the 1965 Watts Riots. The neighborhood also has a number of youth gangs. Residents engage in civic activities such as bicycling, a toy drive, a Christmas parade and an athletic tournament. There is a local theater and a dance company. http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 2204:the-beautiful-color-of-watts-lynn-manning-s-gift-for-theatre-thrives-at-the-watts-village-theater-company&catid 23:community&Itemid 118 ref>

by the California Highway Patrol on drunk-driving charges, actually occurred outside Watts. Mobs did the most property damage in Watts in the turmoil. Watts suffered further in the 1970s, as gangs gained strength and raised the level of violence in the neighborhood. Between 1989 and 2005, police reported more than 500 homicides in Watts, most of them gang-related and tied to wars over control of the lucrative illicit market created by illegal drugs. Four of Watts's influential gangs— Watts Cirkle City

;ref "Troubled Watts pool to reopen today with police added to security force." ''Los Angeles Times''. June 26, 2008. Retrieved on May 4, 2009. The pool, located between the Nickerson Gardens and Jordan Downs public housing complexes, also lay between two competing gangs (Gangs in the United States) in 2008. Mitchell, John L. " Watts pool drowned in violence." '' Los Angeles Times

Alief, Houston

. Drug trafficking became more common in the 1980s. Although the Houston Police Department had downplayed the existence of criminal gangs in the city, Westside Tactical Unit Officer R.L. Spurgeon revealed in a 1988 ''Houston Chronicle'' interview that the Los Angeles Crips were attempting to recruit the loosely formed Alief Gangsters. " `They're

packs, like wolves' Ex-convicts serving as unofficial leaders of loosely organized gangs ". ''Houston Chronicle''. September 5, 1988. Retrieved July 6, 2011. Later the same year, the ''Houston Chronicle'' reported that although there were many gangs in Houston, several were in the Alief area, "HPD reports gangs here not as violent". ''Houston Chronicle''. November 24

; Violence associated with criminal gangs escalated. In 1993, five people were arrested when a dispute between rival gangs resulted in the murder of a teenager at a Halloween party. "Luck, hard work lead to arrest in gang-related shooting death". ''Houston Chronicle''. November 7, 1993. Retrieved July 6, 2011. Reactions to the rise in crime varied. In 1991


regional neighbor (Central America)s.

Mara Salvatrucha: MS 13 url http: uploadedFiles Investigate ms-13.pdf accessdate 2007-12-30 language format PDF The number of gang members was estimated at 4,500 throughout the country, lower than all of its Northern neighbors in the region except Belize.

-08-30 language format PDF In 2003, the National Police of Nicaragua (Policía Nacional (Nicaragua)) recognized gangs committed only 0.51% of all crimes. In 1991, there were 110 gangs in Managua, in 2001 the number of gangs reduced to 96 gangs with a total of 1,725 members. Over the next 3–4 years the number of gangs and gang members both decreased and increased. In late 2005 the number of gangs and members decreased significantly to 34 gangs and their 706 members


and in early June 2013 the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant said they were open to receive complaints at their Raqqa headquarters.

Inland Empire

among the cities of San Bernardino-Riverside. Boundaries and definitions There is no universally accepted definition for the boundaries of the Inland Empire region. Some sources such as the ''Los Angeles Times'' ref name Semuels1>

, by contrast, 58 killings occurred in 2005, but only a third of cases in San Bernardino led to arrests, due to a lack of witness cooperation in that city. Latino gangs

have been active in the region since the area's citrus days while a continual migration of African American gangs from LA has flowed into the area since the Watts Riots. ref>


and Uzbeks got killed and destroyed over 2000 buildings, mostly homes, and deepened the gulf between the country’s ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks." Local media reported that gangs of young men armed with sticks and stones smashed shop windows

June 2010 The Kyrgyz intelligence agency claimed that the 2010 violence was initiated by the just-deposed president, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who is said to have made a deal with foreign narco-jihadist gangs: jihadists take over southern Kyrgyzstan and initiate a shariah state in exchange for the Bakiyev family's being returned to controlling Bishkek. http: world Bishkek-obvinil-Bakieva-v-finansirovanii-popytki-gosperevorota However, to the day

Bayview-Hunters Point, San Francisco

: 2008-01-15 bay-area 17148237_1_police-department-s-homicide-detail-killings-guns title Guns, crack cocaine fuel homicides in S.F. - 98 killings in 2007 first Cecilia M. last Vega date January 15, 2008 work The San Francisco Chronicle accessdate 2011-08-02 A 2001 feature article in the San Francisco Chronicle cited feuding between small local gangs as the major cause of the area's unsolved homicides.

Hunters Point as a backdrop for a story on gentrification and street gangs. Community activism A number of community groups, such as the India Basin

Chivington, Colorado

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