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game Friendly -style "background-color:#ccffcc" caption location Maringá, Paraná (Paraná (state)), Brazil geo '''Catedral Basílica Menor Nossa Senhora da Glória''' (or simply '''Catedral de Maringá''' 'Cathedral of Maringá' is a Roman Catholic (Roman Catholic Church) cathedral located in downtown Maringá, Paraná (Paraná (state)), Brazil, reaching 124 m in height. It was completed in 1972 and is the tallest church in South America


Villa's enlisted men were paid the then enormous sum of a peso per day, and each day of delay cost thousands of pesos. -style "background-color:#CCFFCC" 18 October 11, 2011 Torreón, Mexico birth_place Torreón, Mexico death_date

Al Ain

0 Friendly (Exhibition game) - - style "background:#DDDDDD" Al Ain style "background:#DDDDDD" Al Ain International Airport thumb left 180th Tactical Airlift Squadron flying over Kuwait 1991 (File:C-130 180AS Over Kuwait 1991.JPG) ** The 180th Tactical Airlift Squadron was ordered to the active service on December 28, 1990 as a result of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait to support Gulf_War#Operation_Desert_Shield


Cuiabá, Brazil 3–0 0 Friendly (Exhibition game) -style "background-color:#ccffcc" After extensive preparations, the Langsdorff Expedition departed with 40 people and 7 boats from Porto Feliz, by the Tietê river on June 22, 1826 and reached Cuiabá, in Mato Grosso on January 30, 1827. The expedition was then divided into two groups: the first one, with Langsdorff and Florence, was able to reach Santarém (Santarém, Brazil) on the Amazon


:#FFCCCC" 1 17 November 2010 Dushanbe, Tajikistan U23 1–0 W Kohistani (Israfeel Kohistani) Kohistani (Israfeel Kohistani) International friendly (Exhibition game) -style "background-color


International friendly (Exhibition game) - -style "background-color:#CCFFCC" 20 November 14, 2011 Doha, Qatar 2–0 W Jonas (Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira) (2) Thiago Silva (Thiago Silva (footballer)) International friendly (Exhibition game) - Construction of Terminal 3 began in 2004 as next stage of phase 2 of the development, with an estimated cost of around $4.55 billion. Originally planned for completion in 2006, the date

Doha, Qatar 1–2<

;ref 3–0


in 2000 turned their back on a big, Parker-friendly style for their flagship Muntada wine, in favour of a more traditionally French style. He made a comeback under the reign of Mehmed III, becoming grand vizier in 1596 for the first time. His recall was particularly due to the loss of territories in the border regions between the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Monarchy in Hungary (Kingdom of Hungary). Rather than dashing toward immediate action, he distinguished himself as an orderly


- 26. 12 February 2003 Larnaca, Cyprus align center LCA align center LCLK Larnaca International Airport align center - birth_place Kirkmichael, Ayrshire death_place Larnaca, Cyprus allegiance

Abu Dhabi

at the Grand Prix (Abu Dhabi Grand Prix). -style "background-color:#CCFFCC" 2 October 7, 2010 Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates) 3–0 W Daniel Alves, Alexandre Pato, Nilmar Robinho International friendly (Exhibition game) -style "background-color:#CCFFCC" In March 1993, Abu Dhabi was added to the route network, through which flights to Frankfurt and Jeddah were re-routed instead of Dubai. Bali

conducting local operations out of Mayport and preparations for a scheduled overhaul the following year. - 62. 12 November 2005 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 8–0 0 Friendly (Exhibition game) - style "background:#8fcfdf;" Recent changes The California real estate boom that began in the late 1990s has significantly changed the San Joaquin Valley. Once distinctly and fiercely independent of Los Angeles and San Francisco, the area has seen

? (Arabic) ** I did a search on the above character and yielded several results including Alchemy, Abu Dhabi and Arabic language itself. By comparison I concluded that the character represents an "y" or an "i" sound eqivalent in English - 22. 12 November 2005 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 8–0 0 Friendly (Exhibition game) - style "background:#8fcfdf;" - 81. 7 October 2010 Abu Dhabi, United Arab

Kuwait City

International Airport ) *Kuwait City (Kuwait Towers) Al Kuwait Selection (Al Kuwait Kaifan) 4–0 0 Unofficial friendly (Exhibition game) - -style "background-color:#8fcfdf" 7 October 2006 Kuwait City, Kuwait

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