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Sitka, Alaska

:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. In 2008, the League of American Bicyclists awarded Sitka the bronze level in bicycle friendliness making Sitka the first bicycle-friendly community (League of American Bicyclists#Bicycle Friendly Communities) in Alaska. In 2013, the Walk Friendly Communities program awarded Sitka with a bronze award, making Sitka the first Alaska

community with a Walk Friendly Communities designation. Sitka is the only Alaska community to have both a Bicycle Friendly Community and a Walk Friendly Communities designation. Education Colleges and universities Sitka hosts one active post-secondary institution, the University of Alaska Southeast-Sitka Campus, located on Japonski Island in an old World War II hangar. Sheldon Jackson College, a small Presbyterian-affiliated private college suspended operations in June, 2007, after several years of financial stress. Schools thumb Sitka High School. (File:Sitka High School1.JPG) The Sitka School District runs several schools in Sitka, including Sitka High School and Pacific High School (Pacific High School (Sitka)), as well as the town's only middle school, Blatchley Middle School. They also run a home school assistance program through Terry's Learning Center. Mt. Edgecumbe High School, a State of Alaska-run boarding (boarding school) high school for rural, primarily Native, students, is located on Japonski Island adjacent to University of Alaska Southeast. One private school is available at Sitka Adventist School. Libraries Kettleson Memorial Library is the public library for Sitka. It receives about 100,000 guests annually and houses a collection of 75,000 books, audiobooks, music recordings, reference resources, videos (DVD and VHS) as well as an assortment of Alaskan and national periodicals. Its annual circulation is 133,000. The library is well known by visitors for its view. The large windows in front of the reading area look south across Eastern Channel towards the Pyramids. Until its closing, Sitka was also home to Stratton Library, the academic library of Sheldon Jackson College. Other The Alaska State Trooper Academy — the academy for all Alaska State Troopers — is located in Sitka. Health care There are two hospitals located in Sitka. The first, Sitka Community Hospital, is located in the downtown area and offers a full range of health care services including general medical care, surgery, 24 7 emergency room, laboratory, radiology, rehabilitative services, outpatient clinic, home health, infusion therapy, visiting specialists and long term care. The second, Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital, is located across Sitka Harbor on Japonski Island about one half mile from Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport. The facility is part of the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium, or SEARHC, a non-profit tribal health consortium of 18 Native communities. The hospital serves as a regional referral center for people throughout Southeast Alaska, and also provides primary outpatient care. Numerous specialty clinics are offered at the hospital that are not available in the smaller communities such as: neurology, orthopedic, dermatology, ophthalmology and denture clinic. Attractions thumb The Sitka Pioneer Home Pioneer Home (Image:The Pioneer House Sitka.jpg), one of Sitka's many historic structures, in May 2002. Sitka's many attractions include: * Alaska Day * Alaska Raptor Center * Baranof Castle Hill (Castle Hill (Sitka, Alaska)) * Naa Kahídi Dancers who perform in the , and as of the end of 2005 had 1,049 interments. It is administered by Fort Richardson National Cemetery.

Albany, Oregon

was recently recognised as a Bicycle-Friendly Community for 2010 by the League of American Bicyclists for its efforts. Health care Albany is served by Samaritan Albany General Hospital, a 76-bed medical facility

Fayetteville, Arkansas

to be built in three stages, the first stage has been completed and includes a visitor center, cafe, and garden gateway. Stage one also includes ⅓ of the total planned gardens and the maintenance facilities. Fayetteville takes pride in its trail system, and has been named a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists since 2010.

Announcement) publisher Ozarks Unbound url http: fayetteville-designated-as-a-bicycle-friendly-community-community-announcement 11366 accessdate July 24, 2011 Trails in Fayetteville

State College, Pennsylvania

, the bus company serving State College, PA * Greyhound Lines offers regularly scheduled services from State College to points around the country. * Megabus (Megabus (North America)) offers services between State College and Harrisburg, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Bicycling * The Centre Region is designated as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League for American Bicyclists. Bicycle Friendly Community Initiative - Public Transportation Facilities - COG - Council of Governments. Retrieved on 2014-06-17. * Pennsylvania Bicycle Route G (BicyclePA Route G) runs just south of the city. Walkability Walk Score ranks State College as ninth (out of 37) best walking city (with populations over 40,000) in Pennsylvania. Walk Score, References '''Robert Bray Mitinger''' (February 13, 1940 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania – September 25, 2004 in State College, Pennsylvania) was a professional football (American football) player, attorney (Attorney at law (United States)) and civic leader. After football In 1966, Mitinger earned a law degree at the University of San Diego, which he attended in the AFL (American Football League) off-season. He was an attorney (Attorney at law (United States)) for the AFL (American Football League) Players Association in 1968 and 1969. In 1970, he returned to State College, Pennsylvania where he practiced law for 30 years, starting his own law firm in 1984. He was also an instructor of business and real estate law at Penn State University from 1971 to 1994. He died September 27, 2004 at the Mount Nittany Medical Center in State College, Pennsylvania from complications from stomach cancer. He was 64. After the analog television shutdown and digital conversion (DTV transition) that took place on 12th June, 2009 http: articles 2009 02 08 news news news894.txt , WJAC-TV remained on its current pre-transition UHF channel number 34. WJAC-TV FCC DTV status report However, through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers will display the station's virtual channel as 6. http: cgi-bin ws.exe prod cdbs pubacc prod 73120 The nearby mountain ridges had prevented most of Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania) and all of State College (State College, Pennsylvania) from receiving the analog signal; conversely, many of Pittsburgh's outer-ring eastern and Westmoreland County (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania) suburbs actually got a grade B signal from WJAC. Because the audio portion of VHF channel 6 was transmitted at 87.75 MHz, it was possible to listen to the television station on most standard FM car radios (or any standard FM radio for that matter). This was a feature frequently employed by area residents. However, this is no longer an option after the digital conversion. On 8th August, 2008, WJAC-TV unveiled a new set designed by FX Group in Orlando, Florida. http: 60thanniversary 17122940 detail.html http: local x519170492 WJAC-news-de-emphasizes-channel-number-undergoes-makeover The station also unveiled a new graphics package and changed its on-air branding from its long standing "Channel 6" to "WJAC-TV" as different cable companies now carry the station on different channels. http: local x519170492 WJAC-news-de-emphasizes-channel-number-undergoes-makeover In addition to its main studios, the station operates bureaus in State College (State College, Pennsylvania), Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania), and DuBois (DuBois, Pennsylvania). thumb ''"Friction with the Market": Henry James and the Profession of Authorship'' by Michael Anesko (Image:Friction with the Market.JPG) '''Michael Anesko''' is an U.S. (United States) literary critic, writer and professor. He is perhaps best known for his studies of 19th century American novelists, in particular, Henry James and William Dean Howells. He is currently an associate professor of English (English studies) at Pennsylvania State University, planning to return to teaching in fall 2008 after a year-long sabbatical, and previously served as faculty advisor for the department's undergraduate honors program. He lives in State College, Pennsylvania, where he was born, and also in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The two outlets share studios on Scalp Avenue PA 56 (Pennsylvania Route 56) in Richland Township (Richland Township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania) (official address is Johnstown) and operate advertising sales bureaus in Altoona (Altoona, Pennsylvania) (on East Walton Avenue PA 764 (Pennsylvania Route 764)) and State College (State College, Pennsylvania) (on West Beaver Avenue PA 26 (Pennsylvania Route 26)). Syndicated (television syndication) programming on WWCP includes ''How I Met Your Mother'', ''Family Guy'', ''My Name Is Earl'', and ''Everybody Loves Raymond'' among others. The station can also be seen in high definition on WATM's second digital subchannel. This broadcasts on UHF channel 24.2 (or virtual channel 23.2 via PSIP) from a transmitter in Logan Township (Logan Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania) along the Cambria (Cambria County, Pennsylvania) County line. * Format: CD May 6, 1980 Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania May 7, 1980 Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York -

Parma, Ohio

: News Article Reconstruction-Begins-on-The-Shoppes-at-Parma 150549 Redevelopment will transform the commercial center into a pedestrian-friendly community-oriented mall and will include attractive landscaping, new lighting, creation of two tree-lined boulevards, repaving of the parking lots, changing the entire facade of the outdoor shopping strip and medical offices, demolition of the current Macy's and Dick's Sporting Goods buildings, creating a new point of entry

Normal, Illinois

* Mitsubishi Motors

Corvallis, Oregon

2012 This means that riders in Fiscal Year 2011 got 42.28 passenger miles per gallon. Bicycle The League of American Bicyclists gave Corvallis a gold rating as a Bicycle-Friendly Community in 2011.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Friendly Community – one of four in the United States. Falcon Heene, a 6-year-old boy from Fort Collins (w:Fort Collins, Colorado) in the US (United States) state of Colorado, has been found safe and unharmed after earlier reports said he boarded an experimental balloon the family was building and then floated away. The Larimer County (w:Larimer County, Colorado) sheriff announced during a press conference at 6:11 p.m. that Heene was found hiding inside a box in the family's attic above the garage.

Eugene, Oregon

cited Eugene as 1 of 10 "Gold-level" cities in the U.S. because of its "remarkable commitments to bicycling."


for their business acumen amongst others, and there is a local saying to this end. Due to the Żebbuġin's Francophile past, the town was regarded as a friendly community when the Revolutionary French took Malta. During their rule in Malta (1798-1800), the local churches were plundered for their riches in order to fund Napoleon's campaign. The Ħaż-Żebbuġ locals opened the main door to the church when they heard the French were coming and hastily hid the gold and silver religious iconography. When the French saw the open doors of the church they kept on going and the Żebbuġin retained their religious riches. The locals or ''Żebbuġin'' as they are known in Malta are renowned for their business acumen amongst others, and there is a local saying to this end. Due to the Żebbuġin's Francophile past, the town was regarded as a friendly community when the Revolutionary French took Malta. During their rule in Malta (1798-1800), the local churches were plundered for their riches in order to fund Napoleon's campaign. The Ħaż-Żebbuġ locals opened the main door to the church when they heard the French were coming and hastily hid the gold and silver religious iconography. When the French saw the open doors of the church they kept on going and the Żebbuġin retained their religious riches. Following shakedown, ''Trinity'' got underway from Chesapeake Bay on 11 February 1921, bound for the Mediterranean. She arrived at Malta and delivered general stores for USS ''Pittsburgh'' (CA-4) (USS Pittsburgh (CA-4)) before proceeding for Split (Split (city)), (now Croatia, then Kingdom of Yugoslavia), with fuel oil for American ships operating in the Adriatic. After a three-day layover at Split, she got underway on 8 March for Venice, where she arrived on the 12th. She eventually called at Pula (now in Croatia, then in Italy), before making port at Brindisi to take on fuel oil and general supplies for the naval base at Constantinople, Turkey, and American naval forces operating in Turkish waters. Following the delivery of this cargo, ''Trinity'' sailed from Gibraltar on 4 April and arrived at Tompkinsville, Staten Island, New York, on the 17th. Subsequently based at Norfolk and assigned to the Naval Transportation Service, the oiler operated along the east coast and in the Caribbean until she was decommissioned on 22 December 1923 and laid up at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The '''Governor-General of Malta''' was the representative in Malta of Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom) as Queen of Malta between independence in 1964 until the declaration of the republic in the 1974. Kingsway thumb left City Gate celebrations by the British and Pro-British Maltese (Image:British bieb.jpg)In 1853, at the height of British (United Kingdom) rule over Malta, a new gate designed by a certain Col. Thompson of the Royal Engineers was erected, consisting of two central arches with two smaller ones. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, City Gate was known as ''Porta Reale'', which became ''"Putirjal"'' in Maltese (Maltese language), and ''"Kingsway"'' in English (English language).

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