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, who are jointly developing a new aircraft. Finally, for a long time Italy had the largest communist party in the Western world, with over 2 million members. . Italy, Russia sign 'protocol of cooperation' - Pravda.Ru founder location Tolyatti, Russia key_people Igor Komarov (President) thumb 200px VAZ-2101 (Image:Lada 2101 karaganda.JPG) The plant was set up


Södertälje, Sweden The oldest city with the historical city status (city status in Sweden) in Södermanland was Södertälje, a privilege granted around 1000. Nyköping received the privilege in 1187. In the 13th century, Stockholm was granted the privilege; in the 14th century followed by Strängnäs, Torshälla and Trosa. founder location Södertälje, Sweden locations #Production sites 10


planted by North Korean agents exploded. Everyone on board died. * 26 May 1991 – Lauda Air Flight 004, which was headed to Wien-Schwechat International Airport (Vienna International Airport) in Vienna, suffered an in-flight deployment of the thrust reverser on the No. 1 engine after taking off from Don Mueang. There were no survivors from the 213 passengers and 10 crew. founder location Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea ref name "

from Chinese manufacturer Dandong Shuguang, a Mercedes-Benz SsangYong design luxury cars. founder location Seoul, South Korea origins Ōshima then embarked upon a period of work in television, producing a series of documentaries; notably among them 1965's ''Diary Of Yunbogi''. Based upon an examination of the lives of street children in Seoul, it was made by Ōshima after a trip to South Korea. ref>

winter tour . Delta Goodrem to support Andrea Bocelli in the US founder location Seoul, South Korea origins defunct 2003 location Seoul, South Korea area_served Worldwide * , but the final vowel is checked and free


, and eventually returned to the United States with his mother in December 1937. Avshalomov spent a year in Los Angeles, followed by two in Portland, Oregon, then two at the Eastman School of Music. During World War II he lived in London, where he conducted a performance of Johann Sebastian Bach's ''St John Passion''. founder location '''Main:''' Seoul, South Korea br


, and other parts of South Asia. Recently, LUMS acknowledged its place as one of the first university in Pakistan to conduct bilateral exchange programs for undergraduate students. In spring 2007, LUMS students Sana Majeed and Sana Zia, visited Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan sponsored by Mitsubishi. founder location Midtown Tower, 9-7-1, Akasaka (Akasaka, Tokyo), Minato (Minato, Tokyo), Tokyo, Japan locations 2 ( Nagoya

in France. At this pinnacle, she released her second album ''Süperstar II'' in 1979. founder location 〒101-8001 Tokyo-to (Tokyo), Chiyoda-ku (Chiyoda, Tokyo) Hitotsubashi 2-3-1 origins In the anime, Queen Beryl is the mastermind behind the various attacks against the citizens of Tokyo while Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon (character)), and later the other Sailor Soldiers, are searching for the Moon Princess. She also kidnaps

accessdate 2007-08-21 archiveurl http: web 20070816031310 http: comics awards kodansha.shtml archivedate 2007-08-16 founder location 〒 104-8172 1-13-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tsuizi Japan origins Biography Clarke was born at the treaty port of Yokohama, as the son of a baker. He graduated with degrees in law and literature from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Knoxville, Tennessee

more widely across the United States. founder location Knoxville, Tennessee, United States U.S


'', "Töölö football stadium") is a football (football (soccer)) stadium in Helsinki, Finland. founder location Helsinki, Finland key_people Hietaniemi beach Sorry if I am being deletionistic on this one. This sounds like a lovely beach, being the largest in Helsinki, but it seems like most of the article is non-notable for applying to most any beach anywhere. Most relevant material is already covered

. He also took first prizes at the Naumburg Competition (Walter W. Naumburg Foundation) in New York (New York City) (1988) and the Paganini Violin Competition (1988)—all by the age of 21. founder location Helsinki, Finland key_people '''Frozenbyte''' Inc. is a Finnish (Finland) game-developer founded in 2001 and based in Helsinki, Finland. The company (company (law)) has now grown to a professional team of almost 20 people


when the Ottawa Treaty to ban landmines (land mine) was successfully negotiated and adopted in Oslo in 1997. founder location Oslo, Norway origins owner Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Craig Dykers location Oslo, Norway key_people Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Craig Dykers, Ole Gustavsen '''Snøhetta''' (

Sophie. They would later become King Frederick VI of Denmark and Queen Marie Sophie of Denmark (Marie Sophie of Hesse-Kassel). founder location Oslo, Norway key_people They performed at the Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway on the 25th of November 2009, and the band made plans to play at the Falls Festival in Australia's Marion Bay and Lorne locations, over the course of the four day festival from December 29

on the 78 rpm record Philips P 53037 H. The '''Hurum air disaster''' was an Aero Holland plane crash in Hurum southwest of Oslo, Norway as it was approaching Fornebu Airport on 20 November 1949. founder location Oslo, Norway key_people Pål Bjerketvedt (CEO) (Chief Executive Officer) Aslak Ona (Chairman) (Chair (official)) He was invited to join


. The most similar Swedes after those were the ones from Stockholm (4.81). Upper Norrland was the second most distanced (and thus one of the most dissimilar), at 5.61, which was quite surprising due to the fact that this region likely is where Swedes and Finns (Tornedalians ) have been in greatest contact with each other. founder location Secretariat in Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm


. The great liner when she backs out from her Hoboken berth into the river will have on board more than 1,000 cabin passengers, of whom over 600 will be first cabin. work New York Times date June 15, 1913 accessdate 2009-11-17 thumb left Detail of the figurehead after its wings were damaged (File:IMPERATOR's damaged Eagle (LOC).jpg) founder location Southampton, UK (United Kingdom) locations The '''Southampton Isle

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