-maker, uncle of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. * Dr. Dozie Ikedife (Ikenga Nnewi) ; former President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. * Dr. (Chief) Edwin Leonard Anazor (Ononenyi); St. Anthony's Hospital Otolo Nnewi. * Joseph N.C. Egemonye (Abianaomume Nnewi) ; Businessman, Journalist and Writer, founder of The Nigeria Monitor Newspaper, Co-founder of ''The Winston-Salem Chronicle'' Newspaper. wschronicle.com * Felix Ezejiofor

Okonkwo (Okonkwo-Kano); http: umudimnnewilagos.org history.php Prominent Igbo leader in Northern Nigeria (1960s). * Cletus Ibeto, CON (Commander of the Order of the Niger) ; Industrialist and Philanthropist. * Senator Onyeabo Obi (Oso-Oji Nnewi) ; Second Republic Senator. * Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah ; Nigerian Politician. * Gabriel Chukwuma ; Businessman and Founder of Beverly Hills Resort & Hotel, Nnewi and Gabros

International F.C. , Nnewi. * Late Chief. Augustine Ejikeme Ilodibe (Onwa na-etili Ora Nnewi) ; Philanthropist and Founder of Ekenedilichukwu Motors Nigeria Limited. * Late Dr (Chief) David Bennet Anagwu Ofomata (Atuma Nnewi); Former Chairman, Old Nnewi LGA and First Medical Director of the Nigerian Railway Corporation. * Mr. Innocent Chukwuma, OON (Orders, decorations, and medals of Nigeria) ; Businessman & Founder of Innoson Group. * L. Amazu (Eze Afojulu Nnewi) ; Founder of Chi di Ebele


was Rabbi Joel Sirkes (Joel Sirkes) (1561–1640), a key figure in Judaism at that time. He lived in Medzhybizh from 1604-12. The most important rabbi from Medzyhbizh was Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer Baal Shem Tov (Baal Shem Tov) "Besht" (1698–1760), the founder of Hasidism (Hasidic Judaism). He lived in Medzhybizh from about 1742 until his death in 1760. His grave can be viewed today in the Medzhybizh old Jewish cemetery. The Baal Shem Tov is considered one of the key Jewish

and the great Hasidic leaders of the time, regularly visited Rabbi Boruch, including the Magid of Chernobyl (Chernobyl (Hasidic dynasty)), the Magid of Mezritch (Maggid of Mezritch), Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (Schneur Zalman of Liadi) (founder of the Chabad Hasidic movement), and others. In an attempt to remedy Rabbi Boruch's melancholy, his followers brought in Hershel of Ostropol as a "court jester" of sorts. Hershel was one of the first documented Jewish comedians

:'' Thomas Yoseloff, p. 183-184. Rabbi Nachman of Breslav (1772–1810), the Baal Shem Tov's great-grandson, was born in Medzhybizh but left at an early age. He became the founder of the Breslover (Breslov (Hasidic dynasty)) Hasidim. Another Hasidic leader, Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apt (Opatów) (1748–1825) "The Apter Rov", made Medzhybizh his home from 1813 until his death in 1825. The Apter Rov is also buried in the old Jewish cemetery in Medzhybizh

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Western Yan

Chui himself rebelled in early 384, which started a chain reaction of many Xianbei and Qiang (Qiang people) uprisings. The Former Qin capital Chang'an would fall in 385 to the Xianbei forces of Western Yan, and Fu Jiān himself would die later that year at the hands of his former general Yao Chang, the founder of Later Qin. While Former Qin would last until 394, it would never regain its power and glory. ''Book of Jin'', vol. 114 http

), was an emperor of the Chinese (History of China) Di (Di (ethnic group)) state Former Qin. He was Fu Jiān's oldest son, although not his crown prince, and after Fu Jiān's death at the hands of Yao Chang, the founder of Later Qin, and his brother Fu Hong (苻宏) the Crown Prince was forced to flee to Jin (Jin Dynasty (265-420)), he claimed imperial title in 385, but was defeated by the Western Yan prince Murong Yong in 386, and then subsequently killed by the Jin general

himself emperor. In 385, the Former Qin capital Chang'an fell to the rebel state Western Yan, and Fu Jiān was killed by another rebel general, Yao Chang the founder of Later Qin. Upon hearing this news, Fu Pi, who had then withdrawn from Yecheng to Jinyang (晉陽, in modern Taiyuan, Shanxi), declared himself emperor, and he created Princess Yang empress. In 386, however, as he tried to intercept Western Yan's prince Murong Yong, who was trying to return east, he


in Our Community" was released. Statement of Principles It was written primarily by Nathaniel Helfgot (Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot), Aryeh Klapper (Rabbi Aryeh Klapper), and Yitzchak Blau (Rabbi Yitzchak Blau). Signatories include more than a hundred rabbis and laypeople. Some of the statement's more notable supporters are Rabbi Marc Angel (Marc D. Angel), co-founder of The Rabbinic Fellowship; Shlomo Riskin

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin , founder of Lincoln Square Synagogue, Efrat, and Ohr Torah Stone Institutions; and Rabbi Avi Weiss (Avi Weiss), head of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, founder of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and Yeshivat Maharat, and co-founder of The Rabbinic Fellowship. Rabbi Weiss is also notable for his ordination of Sara Hurwitz, which was strongly condemned by the Haredi Agudath Yisrael (which called it non-Orthodox), and also firmly rejected

year 2008 isbn 9789655240146 Lincoln Square Synagogue - History founding chief rabbi of the Israeli settlement of Efrat in the West Bank; dean of Manhattan Day School in New York City; and founder and dean


in an extremely effective espionage service which was able to fully control almost every aspect of Portuguese daily life. The PIDE intensified its actions during the Portuguese Colonial War (Colonial War), creating a successful paramilitary unit called Flechas (Arrows). Yves Guérin-Sérac, a former officer of the French Army and founder of the OAS (Organisation armée secrète) right-wing terrorist group during the Algerian War of Independence (1954–62), set up "

-behind army and trained its members in covert action techniques amounting to terrorism, including bombings, silent assassinations, subversion techniques, clandestine communication and infiltration and colonial warfare. Aginter Press was suspected of having assassinated General Humberto Delgado (1906–1965), founder of the Portuguese National Liberation Front against Salazar (Oliveira Salazar)'s dictatorship (prominent historians and several sources also claim Delgado's assassination

was performed by PIDE operational Rosa Casaco), as well as anti-colonialist leader Amilcar Cabral (1924–1973), founder of the PAIGC (African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde) (African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde) and Eduardo Mondlane leader of the liberation movement FRELIMO (''Frente de Libertação de Moçambique''), in 1969 (prominent historians and several sources also claim Cabral's assassination was performed by indivuduals within

Point Loma, San Diego

journal last Ruhlen first George date October 1959 title Fort Rosecrans, California journal The Journal of San Diego History volume 5 issue 4 url http: www.sandiegohistory.org journal 59october fortrosecrans.htm thumb right The Greek theatre the Theosophical Society Theosophists (File:PL-amphitheater.jpg) built in 1901. Following the death in 1891 of Helena Blavatsky its founder, Katherine Tingley moved the headquarters of the Theosophical Society Pasadena

racer * Richard Henry Dana, Jr., 1815–1882, author who wrote about early 19th century San Diego * Kevin Faulconer, 1967, Mayor of San Diego * Reuben H. Fleet, 1887–1975, founder of Convair * Frankie Laine, 1913–2007, singer * Justin Halpern, 1980, author of the best selling book ''Sh*t My Dad Says (Shit My Dad Says)'' * Ed Harris (Ed Harris (politician)), 1946, member of the San Diego City Council * Maureen O'Connor (California politician) Maureen O'Connor

, 1946, first female Mayor of San Diego * Robert O. Peterson, 1916–1994, founder of Jack in the Box (Jack in the Box (restaurant)) fast food chain * Alfred D. Robinson (Alfred D. Robinson and Marion James Robinson), 1866-1942 and Marion James Robinson, 1873-1919, builders of Rosecroft (Rosecroft (San Diego)) * Louis Rose, 1807–1888, early developer, founder of Roseville (Roseville-Fleetridge, San Diego) * T. Claude Ryan, 1898–1982, aviation pioneer, founder of Ryan


. Much later, those branching out into Ecuador's coastal region (Geography of Ecuador), would mix with mulattos. Among the family´s more prolific progeny, Captain Cristóbal Miño Paz y Jaramillo (born c. 1558, not to be confused with his uncle of the same name) on his own, and through his marriage with Petronila Pinque de Troya y Siliceo, sister of the founder of Ibarra, Ecuador (who on her maternal side was of humble Amerindian origins), can claim title to being the source

. As of 2010, no persons with any other variations of the surname, including Pasmiño, Pasiminio, Pazimiño, etc. were registered in Spain. Notable people Colonial figures * Sancho de Paz Miño y García (c. 1505-1584), judeo-converso (Anusim) conquistador and founder of Baeza, Ecuador. * Sancho de Paz y Miño, Colonial Governor of the City of Quito * Juana de Jesús Paz y Miño (1662-1703), mystic and religious woman of the Monasterio de la Purísima Concepción. A Child

(Ecuador) Bolívar Province, Ecuador . * Patricio Pazmiño Freire, current President of the Constitutional Court of Ecuador. Academia, literature and journalism * Ismael Pérez Pazmiño (1876–1944), born in Machala, Ecuador, and founder of El Universo newspaper in Guayaquil. * Juan José Paz y Miño Cevallos (1927–1993), iconic Ecuadorian journalist. * María Eugenia Paz y Miño (1959-), Ecuadorian author and founder of "Tientos de Diferencias". Author of "Golpe a golpe

Nin, Croatia

Episcopal Church Episcopal Church of Scotland (Anglican Communion). George Frederick Boyle, 6th Earl of Glasgow acted as the founder and benefactor. Construction finished in 1849 and the cathedral opened in 1851. Formal gardens and woodland surround the cathedral, the highest building on Great Cumbrae and one of the smallest cathedrals in Europe. The building is variously described as "the smallest cathedral in Europe", "the second smallest in Europe" etc

the status of the Roman colonies (Colonia (Roman)) to their communities. M. Zaninović, Liburnia Militaris, Opusc. Archeol. 13, 43-67 (1988), UDK 904.930.2(497.13) 65 Thus the city was granted the title ''colonia Iulia Iader'', after its founder, and in the next period some of the Roman colonists (mostly legionary veterans) settled there. Among the largest towns in the county of Zadar are: Zadar, Benkovac, Bibinje, Biograd

;arhinet.arhiv.hr" however, the city of Šibenik holds a statue of him and is sometimes called ''Krešimir's city'' ("Krešimirov grad", in Croatian (Croatian language)) because he is generally credited as the founder. Šibenik – a story of four citadels Dragutin Pavličević, ''Povijest Hrvatske''. Zagreb, 2007. The income from the cities further strengthened Krešimir's power, and he

Granada, Nicaragua

population of 123,697 (2012), http: www.inide.gob.ni estadisticas Cifras%20municipales%20a%C3%B1o%202012%20INIDE.pdf it is Nicaragua's sixth most populous city. Granada is historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities, economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and structure. Granada was founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba (Francisco Hernández de Córdoba (founder of Nicaragua)), ostensibly the first European

.jpg thumb left 150px Granada street scene, circa 1905 It was named by Hernández de Córdoba (Francisco Hernández de Córdoba (founder of Nicaragua)) after the ancient Spanish (Spain) city of Granada. This was done in honor of the defeat of the last Moorish stronghold, which had been Spanish Granada, by the Catholic (Roman Catholic Church) King and Queen of Spain. Granada, Nicaragua was historically the sister capital in Central America to Antigua Guatemala Antigua

2009-01-14 Despite draining into the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean is near enough to be seen from the mountains of Ometepe (an island in the lake). It was not until 1524 that the first Spanish permanent settlements were founded. Conquistador Francisco Hernández de Córdoba (Francisco Hernández de Córdoba (founder of Nicaragua)) founded two of Nicaragua's principal towns in 1524: Granada (Granada, Nicaragua) on Lake Nicaragua was the first

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