Morden, Manitoba

. Radio stations from Winnipeg (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and Grand Forks, North Dakota can also be received sometimes. Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre File:Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre Morden Manitoba Canada (2

).JPG thumb The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. Morden is home to the largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada, located at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. Their collection includes an 11-metre-long mosasaur, approximately 80 million years old.

of Morden Community Profile * ''The Morden Times'' * Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre * Map of Morden at Statcan (Category:Morden, Manitoba) * Minnedosa

Hill City, South Dakota

in 1973 and is involved in the excavation and display of dinosaur and other fossils. In 1992, the institute was engaged in a legal battle over ownership of the ''Tyrannosaurus rex (Tyrannosaurus)'' fossil named "Sue (Sue (dinosaur))". This city was one of the filming locations for TNT (Turner Network Television)'s 1994 film publisher Vertical Media date url http: attractions black_hills_1880_central_railroad_train.php format doi accessdate 2007-12-14 Sue controversy On August 12, 1990, Sue Hendrickson, an American paleontologist working for the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research (Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc.) discovered the fossil of what would become the most complete skeleton of a '' Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus rex '' ever discovered. The fossil was named "Sue (Sue (dinosaur))" after the woman who discovered it. After discovery, excavation, and transport to the institute's facilities in Hill City, controversy arose as to who the rightful owners of the fossil was. The parties in dispute were the land owner, Maurice Williams; the tribe, and thus the federal government; and the Black Hills Institute. On May 12, 1992, FBI agents seized Sue from the institute over the course

Villa de Leyva

", for "little hell" in Spanish). There is also a group of seven waterfalls named "La Piriquera" 15 km away from the town. The '''El Fósil''' (Spanish (Spanish language) for ''the fossil'') museum, about three miles from town, has an almost complete kronosaurus fossil on display, in the same place in which it was found in 1977. There are several festivals held throughout the year, including

long directions About 5.5km on the road to Santa Sofía phone tollfree fax hours Open : M-Su 7am-6pm price Entrance: Adults: COP $4000 Children: COP $3000 content Nearly complete fossil of a chronosaur. * *

Cache Creek, British Columbia

was extremely busy for a few decades before the Trans-Canada Highway was superseded by the newer and shorter Coquihalla Highway, which bypasses the Fraser (Fraser Canyon) and Thompson Canyons (Thompson River) between Hope (Hope, British Columbia) and Kamloops (Kamloops, British Columbia) via Merritt (Merritt, British Columbia), about southeast. The nearby fossil locality, the McAbee fossil beds (McAbee Fossil Beds), is noted for the wide diversity of Eocene


of 80,000, in essence use no oil, natural gas or coal to warm homes and businesses, even throughout the extensive chilly winters. It is an absolute turnaround from 20 years ago, when all of its heating came from fossil fuels. Industry Absolut Vodka, owned by V&

Municipality - Official site *Using Waste, Swedish City Cuts Its Fossil Fuel Use Category:Populated places in Skåne County Category:Municipal seats of Skåne County Category:Swedish municipal seats Category:Populated places established in 1614 Category:Lowest points * ''Lunds universitets historia

San Juan, Argentina

Dam (18 km from the city). An integral attraction to the province is its large Triassic period fossil record, believed to be one of the largest in the world. There is also the Mariano Gambier Archeology museum at La Laja, Albardón county, some 25 km from the center of the city. It concerns itself with the many cultures that inhabited San Juan from Pre-History till the arrival of the Spaniards in 1560. It has a priceless

classes are among the activities hosted here. * Natural Sciences Museum. This facility, housed in a former railway station (Rail transport in Argentina) is known for its dinosaur fossil collections, found mainly in the nearby Ischigualasto Valley. Wine Region left thumb alt Harvest in the San Juan Region 1890 Harvest in the San Juan Region 1890 (File:Vendimia en San Juan año 1890.jpg) San Juan is ranked second among the wine-producing provinces of Argentina, it has a cultivated

its fossils in outcrops near the city of San Juan (San Juan, Argentina) in 1959. These rocks, which later yielded ''Eoraptor'', <


and zinc it also produced silver, manganese and heavy metals such as cadmium, vanadium, and titanium in smaller quantities. Bruce Kapferer: "Strategy and Transaction in an African Factory", Manchester: Manchester University Press 1972 In 1921 a human fossil, a skull, called Broken Hill Man or Rhodesian Man (classified as ''Homo rhodesiensis or Homo heidelbergensis'') was found in the mine. The mine, which occupies a 2.5&nbsp;km

it was the oldest hominid fossil ever found. References (Category:Kabwe) Category:Populated places in Central Province, Zambia Category:Provincial capitals in Zambia Category:Populated places in Zambia Category:Mining communities in Africa Category:Mining in Zambia From 16 November 1925 to 13 March 1926


. Back 500 million years ago, Sahara Desert was under water. On the outskirts of Erfoud you can visit impressive fossil filled marble workshops and other type of fossil varieties such as trilobites and ammonites. *

Habiganj District

with the Lalmai hills and the higher areas of Sylhet, Habiganj, and Chittagong and Madhupur tract. The prehistoric site of Chaklapunji tea garden, near Chandirmazar of Chunarughat (Chunarughat Upazila). Habiganj has also revealed a significant number of prehistoric tools from the bed of a small ephemeral stream (water remains here only for a few hours after rainfall) known as Balu nadi (river). Angularity and freshness of the fossil wood artifacts suggest that they did not come from a great

distance and probably came from nearby hillocks. Typologically, technologically, and morphometrically, the artifacts are more or less the same as those found in the Lalmai area. The Fossil wood assemblages of Lalmai and Chaklapunji can be classified into two groups: # Pre-neolithic assemblages without polished tools (hand axes, cleavers, scrapers, chopping tools, points etc.); # Neolithic assemblages (hand adzes, polished Celts, awls etc.). Battle of Bara Bhuiyans and Mughal In Baniachang

Tumbler Ridge

the mines, the Quintette mine was closed in 2000 production and the town lost about half its population. Since 2000 rising coal prices have led to the opening of new mines in and near the municipality by Northern Energy & Mining Inc. (now majority-owned by Anglo American Met Coal) and Western Canadian Coal (now Walter Energy). After dinosaur footprints, fossils, and bones were discovered in the municipality, along with fossils of Triassic fishes and cretaceous plants, the Peace Region

;Halseth (2002), 182, 192. The discovery of dinosaur tracks in 2000 by two local boys while playing near a creek, led to major fossil and bone discoveries from the Cretaceous Period. To survey and study the finds, government funding was secured to found both the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation and Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre. Since the Bullmoose mine exhausted its supply of coal in 2003, world coal prices have increased making exploration and mining in Tumbler

the town's future had been a serious concern to residents since the 1984 price reduction demands, but it was not until the closure of the Quintette mine that the town seriously investigate a diversification. Since then employment has been generated in tourism (attractions from dinosaur fossil discoveries, outdoor recreation, and nearby provincial parks), forestry, and oil and gas exploration. Although, increasing world energy prices have brought mining back to Tumbler Ridge. In 2003 Western Canadian Coal

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