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in Turin. But in the summer of 2005, when his trainer Sergey Klevchenya organised a football-game, Lobkov got injured. His preparation for the Olympics was therefore too short. In his favourite 500 metres distance Lobkov ranked himself in fourteenth place. - 10347 Murom The Holy and Blessed Prince '''Constantine of Murom''' ( Russian

Spearfish, South Dakota

between Rapid City (Rapid City, South Dakota) and Moorcroft (Moorcroft, Wyoming), crossing the state line west of Custer (Custer, South Dakota). In 1934, US 16 was moved to the US 216 alignment, while the former US 16 became part of an extension of US 14 (U.S. Route 14). West River Rivalry SDSM&T's fiercest rival is with Black Hills State University, located less than 50 miles away in Spearfish, South Dakota. The last football game of the regular season between the two schools is called the Black Hills Brawl, which the winner gets the travelling Homestake Trophy. The town of Spearfish (Spearfish, South Dakota) is home to the High Plains Heritage Center and Museum, which hosts the National Cowboy Song and Poetry Hall of Fame commemorating cowboy performers like Dale Evans, Roy Rogers, Patsy Montana, Jim Bob Tinsley and Badger Clark. Rapid City (Rapid City, South Dakota), one of the major cultural centers in the state and hosts the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra. Other popular musical attractions, such as the Dakota Country Family Music Show and the Mountain Music Show, both near Custer (Custer, South Dakota). Motongator Joe's Country Music Festival is held at the Prairie Village located in Madison South Dakota and is a pure country music festival that has been attracting big crowds to camp and enjoy many of Nashville's country music stars. The Black Hills Bluegrass Festival is held every year in June and is operated by the Rapid City Arts Council, while the town of Deadwood (Deadwood, South Dakota) hosts the WestFest gathering every year as well. Byron, pgs. 182 - 184 US 14 *ALT US 14 (U.S. Route 14 Alternate (Sturgis, South Dakota)) – Spearfish, South Dakota to Sturgis, South Dakota *ALT US 14 (U.S. Route 14 Alternate (Cody, Wyoming)) – Cody, Wyoming to Burgess Junction, Wyoming Star was born in Germany (German Confederation) to Jewish parents. When he was ten years of age, his family moved to Ohio. When he grew older he moved to Helena, Montana, where he served as territorial auditor and personal secretary to the governor. He partnered with Seth Bullock in a hardware store, and in August 1876, the partners, attracted to Deadwood by the promise of a great deal of business stemming from the gold rush, purchased a lot there from Sam Schwartzwald and Henry Beaman, and opened the Office of Star and Bullock, Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. They eventually also partnered in livestock ranching as the S&B Ranch Company, and with Harris Franklin in the Deadwood Flouring Mill, in 1880, where Star was general manager. The duo expanded their business interests to the towns of Spearfish (Spearfish, South Dakota), Sturgis (Sturgis, South Dakota), and Custer (Custer, South Dakota). Bullock and Star purchased a ranch where Redwater Creek met the Belle Fourche River and dubbed it the S&B Ranch Company. Bullock is also credited with introducing alfalfa farming to South Dakota in 1881. Later he became a deputy U.S. Marshal, partnered with Star and Harris Franklin in the Deadwood Flouring Mill, and invested in mining, the local growth industry. Bullock and Star eventually expanded their business interests to the towns of Spearfish (Spearfish, South Dakota), Sturgis (Sturgis, South Dakota), and Custer (Custer, South Dakota). thumb 200px Monument in Deadwood, SD off I-85 (Image:Monument Henry Weston Smith- Reverand.jpg) In 1914 the Society of Black Hills Pioneers erected a monument on the road between Deadwood and Spearfish, South Dakota, in the approximate area where Smith’s body had been found. In 1994, Highway 85 north of Deadwood, along with the Preacher Smith Monument, was relocated by construction of a four-lane road. A copper time capsule that had been buried in 1914 was opened, providing some period artifacts, such as newspapers; after examination, they, along with additional contemporary items, were returned to the capsule and reburied under the new monument, three miles south of Deadwood on the rebuilt Highway 85. The new monument was rededicated on August 20, 1995, on the 119th anniversary of Smith's murder. The highlight of the ceremony was a reading by local resident, historian, and lawyer Reed Richards of the sermon Preacher Smith had planned to deliver at Crook City that fateful day, 119 years delayed. Among the U.S. states, Hawaii has both the lowest state maximum of

Columbia, Missouri

http: sections about Origins The history of the University of Missouri Homecoming can be traced back to 1911 (1911 Kansas vs. Missouri football game), when the Missouri Tigers first faced off against the Kansas Jayhawks in football in the first installment of the Border War (Border War (Kansas–Missouri rivalry)), which is also the oldest college football rivalry west of the Mississippi River. The intense rivalry originally took place

at neutral sites, usually in Kansas City, Missouri, until a new conference regulation was announced that required intercollegiate football games to be played on collegiate campuses. To renew excitement in the rivalry, ensure adequate attendance at the new location, and celebrate the first meeting of the two teams on the Mizzou campus in Columbia, Missouri, Mizzou Athletic Director Chester Brewer invited all alumni to "come home" for the game in 1911. Along with the football game

, the celebration included a parade and spirit rally with bonfire. The event was a success, with nearly 10,000 alumni coming home to take part in the celebration and watch the Tigers and Jayhawks play to a 3–3 tie. The Missouri homecoming model, with its parade and spirit rally centered around a large football game is the model that has gone on to take hold at colleges and high schools across the United States. http: home index.cfm?event displayArticlePrinterFriendly&uStory_id 3b6196ac-c8ed-4620-a9c9-439789ddd7cc http: homecoming history.html Ichord was born in Licking (Licking, Missouri), Missouri. From 1944 to 1946 he served in the United States Navy. He attended the University of Missouri in Columbia (Columbia, Missouri), receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in 1949, and a Juris Doctor in 1952. He afterwards worked as a lawyer in private practice. Personal history Dalton was born in rural Vernon County, Missouri in 1900 to parents Frederick Alfred and Ida Jane (Dunlap)(Poage) Dalton. He had three brothers and two sisters. Missouri. Retrieved on October 12, 2011. One brother, Sidna P. Dalton, would serve as Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court. John Dalton received his secondary education at Columbia High School in Columbia, Missouri, and then attended the University of Missouri where he earned a law degree in 1923. John M. Dalton. Retrieved on October 12, 2011. After passing the Missouri Bar he returned to southern Missouri, establishing a law practice in Kennett (Kennett, Missouri), where he also served as city attorney from 1944 to 1953. '''Nischelle Turner''' is an entertainment & lifestyle reporter for KNBC in Los Angeles. She was a general assignment reporter for KTTV FOX 11 from 2004 and to October 2, 2008 and worked as a sideline reporter for FOX's Sunday NFL broadcasts, and did segments for a show called Dailies. (1 March 2010). Sports Media Dream Girl Nischelle Turner, Vizage magazine Prior to KTTV, she worked for WEHT, the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) affiliate in Evansville, Indiana and for WVUE, the FOX (Fox Broadcasting Company) Affiliate in New Orleans. She is a native of Columbia, Missouri . She attended the University of Missouri, and graduated from its Journalism school. She will be working with either analyst Kurt Warner or Torry Holt and either play-by-play Chris Myers or Chris Rose. '''MUTV''' is an American student university Student television station channel that originates on the campus the University of Missouri in Columbia (Columbia, Missouri). The station airs original student programming in addition to recently released major motion pictures. MUTV airs to the campus on channel 23, though its programming is also simulcast to local cable TV subscribers (see below). The station is funded by the student government and gives undergraduate students a chance to gain experience before entering their journalism sequence (Missouri School of Journalism#Undergraduate Sequences). MUTV programming can also be seen on all Mediacom Public-access television cable systems throughout the Columbia (Columbia, Missouri)-Jefferson City (Jefferson City, Missouri) market (media market) on cable channel 20, Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 p.m., Wednesdays at 12:00 midnight-1:00 a.m., Thursdays 5:00-6:00 p.m., and Saturdays 3:00-4:00 p.m. Legend has it that the high school received this nickname in the 1920s when the football coach L.E. Ziegler was so angry with the way his squad had looked in practice that as an insult he said they looked like a bunch of "Spoofhounds". The players mockingly referred to one another by this insult and the name stuck. In the 1940s, Ziegler became the superintendent of schools for Columbia, Missouri where the mascot is also named for an early 20th century doll—the Kewpies. Marc's Distinctive High School Mascot Collection Retrieved October 26, 2006 Maryville's mascot has evolved over the years from a lovable buffoon "Spoofy" to a snarling "Hound." As of 2009, no other academic institution or sports club had adopted the nickname.



National Climatic Data Center

url http: cgi-win wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~475092 The rainfall delayed a football game at Williams-Brice Stadium for about 50 minutes. Farther northward, the remnants of Tropical Storm Hanna contributed to around 1 inch (25

: cgi-win wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~475092 The rainfall delayed a football game at Williams-Brice Stadium for about 50 minutes. Farther northward, the remnants of Tropical Storm Hanna contributed to around 1 inch (25 mm cgi-win wwcgi.dll?wwevent~ShowEvent~475092 The rainfall delayed a football game at Williams-Brice Stadium for about 50 minutes. Farther northward, the remnants of Tropical Storm Hanna contributed to around 1 inch (25 mm) of rainfall

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement

” pervades the agency. According to the report, eight officials accepted gifts from energy companies whose value exceeded limits set by ethics rules — including golf, ski, and paintball outings; meals; drinks; and tickets to a Toby Keith concert, a Houston Texans football game, and a Colorado Rockies baseball game. The investigation also concluded that several of the officials “frequently consumed alcohol at industry functions, had used cocaine and marijuana, and had sexual relationships with oil and gas company representatives.” According to the New York Times, "The reports portray a dysfunctional organization that has been riddled with conflicts of interest, unprofessional behavior and a free-for-all atmosphere for much of the Bush administration (George W. Bush)’s watch." The MMS then became the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) and on October 1, 2010, the collection of mineral leases was split off from the agency and placed under the Department of the Interior (United States Department of the Interior) as the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR). On October 1, 2011, BOEMRE was then split into two bureaus, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). Keith B. Hall, "BOEMRE splits -- becomes BSEE and BOEM" ''Oil & Gas Law Brief'' (October 4, 2011). Retrieved February 17, 2012 '''Mars''' is a permanent offshore drilling and production tension-leg (tension-leg platform) oil platform (TLP) operating in Mississippi Canyon blocks 762, 763, 806, 807, 850 and 851 in the Gulf of Mexico and was approved by the MMS (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement) in December 1992 with production beginning on July 8, 1996 http: projects mars . The leases were acquired by Shell in 1985 and 1988. The platform is a joint venture between Shell Oil Company and BP, with Shell owning the majority share and operating the facility Shell Oil Company . group1 '''Department of the Interior (United States Department of the Interior)''' list1 National Park Service • Fish and Wildlife Service (United States Fish and Wildlife Service) • Bureau of Indian Affairs • Bureau of Land Management • Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement • Bureau of Reclamation (United States Bureau of Reclamation) • Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation, and Enforcement (Office of Surface Mining) • Geological Survey (United States Geological Survey) • Office of Insular Affairs

Van Nuys, Los Angeles

Magnolia Science Academy to Birmingham High School in a 1961 Chevrolet Impala, accompanied by the crowd. Stefani and the group cause a commotion when they disrupt a football (American football) game by walking onto the field and when they go to a 99 Cents Only Stores

Frisco, Texas

: t104 about About . Although FC Dallas has not yet won a MLS Cup, they won the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in 1997. Retrieved on October 20, 2006. The college Cotton Bowl Classic football game was played at the stadium through its 2009 game (2009 Cotton Bowl Classic), but has moved to the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. The Dallas Sidekicks, a former team of the Major Indoor Soccer League (1978–1992) Major Indoor

Barnstable, Massachusetts

Falmouth High School (Falmouth High School (Massachusetts)). Mashpee's athletics teams are named the Falcons, and their colors are royal blue, white, and black. They compete in the South Shore League in all sports except winter track, which competes in the Eastern Athletic Conference. Mashpee High School's main rivals are Harwich High School, Abington High School and Sandwich High School. From 1999–2003. Mashpee played Sandwich High School in the annual Thanksgiving Football Game rivalry

Norfolk County, Ontario

Pumpkinbowl football game at Waterford District High School. The Donnybrook Fair in Walsh is an annual two-day event. The fair has been held every year from 1857 until the present, making 2007 the 150th Fair. This mid-September event involves the children of Walsh Public School and St. Michael's School (Saint Michael's School (Simcoe-Walsh)) entering projects and many agricultural commodities, grown locally, for prize money and ribbons. More than $1200 was paid to the elementary

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