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Oak Bay, British Columbia

Ring Road which forms a perfect circle Other nearby

book publishing, various public and private schools, food products manufacturing, light aircraft manufacturing, technology products, various high tech firms in pharmaceuticals and computers, engineering, architecture and telecommunications. Private schools *St. Michael's University School (St. Michaels University School), Victoria (Greater Victoria, British Columbia), with campuses in Oak Bay (Oak Bay, British Columbia) and Saanich * Glenlyon Norfolk School

Novosibirsk Oblast

growth: between 1999 and 2008 industrial output grew 170%, exceeding the Russian average growth by 23%. Industry Major industrial activities—accounting for over 80% of the total shipped products and services—are basic metals and fabricated metal products, electricity, gas and water supply, fuel extraction, food products and beverages. Manufacturing accounted for 67.4% of the region's

industrial output in 2007. The most notable sector was food products, beverages and tobacco (20.7%). The region produced a total of 278,100 tons of whole milk products, 144,100 tons of bread and baked goods, 6,300 tons of pasta, 54,100 tons of meat, 518.7 million decaliters of mineral water (including the popular Karachinskaya mark), 137,300 tons of mixed fodder and 218,700 tons of flour. The basic metals and fabricated metal products sector contributed 10.3% of total industrial output. The region produced 190,800 tons of steel pipes, 405,700 tons of rolled ferrous metals, 36,100 tons of steel, 1.300 tons of welding electrodes and 1,100 tons of construction frames and products. Notable companies in this sector include OAO Novosibirsk Electrode Plant, OAO Novosibirsk Tin Mill and OAO Kuzmin Novosibirsk Metals Plant. In the mechanical engineering sector, electrical and optical machinery and equipment accounted for 7.2% of total industrial output; machinery and equipment (exclusive of weapons or ammunition) accounted for 3.7%, while electrical machinery and transport equipment accounted for 4.5%. One of the largest companies is the aircraft-maker Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association, which assembles Su-34 fighters, among others. In 2007, the region produced $12,190,000 worth of high-voltage electric equipment, $3,820,000 worth of low-voltage electric equipment, $1,350,000 worth of computers and spare parts, 71,000 kW equivalent of generators (Electrical generator) for steam, gas and hydraulic turbines, 296,200 units of electric razors, 154,600 units of chandeliers and suspensions, 1,616,000 units of capacitors, 3,608,000 units of semiconductor instruments, 1,077,000 units of integral microchip (Integrated circuit)s, 218 units of large electric machines, 854 units of direct current electric machines and 5,000 kilovolts-amperes equivalent of prefabricated transforming stations. Notable companies in this sector include OAO Novosibirsk Electric Locomotive Repair Plant, OAO Sibselmash Scientific Production Association, NPO ELSIB, OAO Novosibirsk Railroad Switch Plant, OAO Tyazhstankogidropress, OAO Novosibirsk Instrument Plant and OAO Novosibirsk Soyuz Electrovacuum Holding plant. All of the aforementioned companies are located in the regional capital, Novosibirsk. Energy Novosibirsk Oblast enjoys an electricity surplus: electricity output in 2007 was 14.0 billion kWh, while consumption was 12.5 billion kWh. During the summer, 30% of the region's electricity needs is satisfied by the Novosibirsk Hydroelectric Power Station, which has a capacity of 455 MW. Another important source of electricity is thermal power. The largest thermal power plant is Combined Heat and Power Station No. 5 with generation capacity of 1,200 MW. Most of the power plants and the distribution infrastructure are operated by the company OJSC Novosibirskenergo. The amount of oil produced in the region in 2007 was 2,495,000 tons, while coal production was 1,795,000 tons. Trade and investment In the 2005 2006 ranking "Best Legal Conditions for Investment"–conducted by the Expert RA rating agency–Novosibirsk Oblast received the third place among all 89 federal subjects of Russia. In 2007, the oblast received $88.8 million in foreign investment. The largest company receiving foreign investment was NPO ELSIB. References Commons:Category:Novosibirsk Oblast


Category:Populated places in Lebanon Category:Israeli–Lebanese conflict Category:Shia Muslim communities in Lebanon Category:Maronite Christian communities in Lebanon * On July 25, 1993, following Hezbollah's killing of seven Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon, Israel launched Operation Accountability (known in Lebanon as the Seven Day War), during which the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) carried out their heaviest artillery and air attacks on targets in southern Lebanon since 1982. The aim of the operation was to eradicate the threat posed by Hezbollah and to force the civilian population north


, with a consolidated APL (Local Productive Arrangements). Service sector Maringá has five shopping malls: Avenida Center Mall, Cidade Mall, Mandacaru Boulevard Mall, Maringá Park Mall (formerly Aspen Park Mall) and Catuaí Maringá Mall, this is the second largest shopping mall in the State of Paraná (behind only Londrina Catuaí Mall). The commercial vocation of Maringá can be proven by dynamism and variety of items offered by companies from the sectors of food products, pharmaceuticals, clothing


to Russia's economic troubles, the reservoir still remains a source of fish and other food products for many hard-pressed local residents. According to Yuri Udodov, head of the Federal Committee on Ecology (FCE) in the state of Irkutsk, this region has "the highest rate of discharge of metallic mercury into the environment in all of Siberia." Earth Island Institute: Earth Island


, Pentecost School, Star School Complex, Tema Ridge and Rosharon School. Public primary and JHSs exist in Tema. Twedaase Primary School, Star School, Aggrey Road School, Republic Road School, Padmore School, Mantedii School among others. Industry The town's chief industrial products include aluminium, steel, processed fish, refined petroleum, textiles, chemicals, food products, and cement. Major companies operating in Tema include Volta

Walsh, Ontario

of 230 power units and 750 semi-trailer trucks delivering goods throughout Quebec, Ontario, and the United States over the decades. Food products in addition to steel from the Stelco Lake Erie Works greenfield steel mill are delivered with the help of global positioning systems and a computerized dispatch system that allows for networking over a wide area. As of 2012, there are 350 rank

Ocotlán de Morelos

cream in flavors such as nut, cactus fruit (opuntia), guanabana, horchata and others. Sweet breads such as "mamones" "rosquitas" "marquezotes" and coconut tortillas are popular as well. Most of the food products are locally made, including chapulines, animal crackers made with piloncillo and ice cream. The eighth campus of the Nova Universitas University, part of the SUNEO system

Bayda, Libya

. The major manufactured goods include food products, fertilizers and agricultural products, food processing, and imported goods, and produce from villages near the city in the Akhdar region, including cereals, dates, olives, wool, and meat. Bayda also has one of the most important markets of vegetables and fruits in Libya, because of the naturally fertile lands. Financing is also important, and the city's National Commercial Bank is the second largest bank in Libya. It also has a number of other large


Cuiping Mountain Economy The city's industry focuses on electronics, food products, and power generation. It also produces paper, silk, and leather products. The surrounding region is rich in agricultural resources, growing rice, barley, oil seeds, sesame, and tea. The largest employer in Yibin is Wuliangye, a company best known for Wuliangye, a brand of sorghum-based distilled spirits (distilled beverage) known as baijiu. The Wuliangye Group grew from a small company employing just

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