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title Spatial Transformation of the Waterfront: Before, during and after Socialism Time-frame: 1900-44:45-90:91-2000 Case Study: Durrës - A Port City publisher Lambert Academic Publishing year 2012 isbn 978-3847339939 url http: Spatial-Transformation-Waterfront-Socialism-Time-frame dp 3847339931 *Lida Miraj, Via Egnatia through History_ How was used and abused a ... ... Via%20Egnatia%20through%20History_%20How%20was%20... Page 1. VIA EGNATIA


Antwerp last Fine title The Late Medieval Balkans: A Critical Survey from the Late Twelfth Century to the Ottoman Conquest publisher University of Michigan Press year 1994 page 535 quote In 1432 Andrew Thopia revolted against his Ottoman overlords ... inspired other Albanian chiefs, in particular George Arianite (Araniti) ... The revolt spread ... from region of Valona up to Skadar... At this time, though summoned home by his relatives ... Skanderbeg did nothing, he remained


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last Maron first Dina Fine title Swiss Team to Launch Solar Night Flight url http: cwire 2010 07 06 06climatewire-swiss-team-to-launch-solar-night-flight-9738.html work The New York Times agency ClimateWire date


University Press origyear 1992 year 2002 isbn 978-0-521-00479-4 . * *


Holocaust denial'' In October 2009, a German court, using an "order of punishment" fined Williamson €12,000 after finding him guilty of holocaust denial.

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