, the ban of Bosnia, who then annexed most of Hum. Fine 1994, p. 266 Ston and Pelješac were officially handed over to the Ragusans in 1333. Blagojević 2001, p. 20: "Поуздано се зна да је приликом уступања Стона и Пељешца Дубровчанима 1333. године био присутан и казнац Балдовин. 20 " Vukosav Nikolić was buried in Ston after his death in the Bosnian-Ragusan War (1403). Ston is also known for its saltworks which were run by the Republic

. Nikola was to gain Pelješac and Ston, the Ragusan parts of the region of Zahumlje, which was divided between Nikola's domain, Bosnia, and Ragusa. Louis I, the King of Hungary, sternly warned Nikola and Djuradj to keep off Ragusa, Fine 1994, p. 384 which had been a Hungarian vassal since 1358. Fine 1994, p. 341 By conspiring with Venice, a Hungarian enemy, Nikola lost the protection of Hungary. Lazar, preparing

that Miroslav performed his duty, but Miroslav remained as ''Prince of Hum''. In 1190-1192, Stefan Nemanja briefly assigned the rule of Hum to his son Rastko Nemanjić, while Miroslav held the Lim region (Lim river) with Bijelo Polje. Fine (1994), pp. 20-21 Rastko however took monastic vows and Miroslav continued ruling Hum after 1192. ref name "John Van Antwerp Fine20-21"


in Austria-Hungary). After a short sojourn to Kraków in Poland, he moved with his Croatian (Croats) family to the nearby city of Dubrovnik where he attended elementary and secondary school. In 866, a major Arab (Arab people) raid along Dalmatia struck Budva and Kotor, and then laid siege to Dubrovnik in 867. The city of Dubrovnik appealed to Byzantine Emperor Basil the Macedonian (Basil I), who responded by sending over

one hundred ships. Finally, the 866–867 Saracens' siege of Dubrovnik, which lasted fifteen months, was raised due to the intervention of Basil I, who sent a fleet under the command of Niketas Oryphas in relief of the city. Norris (1993), p. 24. After this successesful intervention, the Byzantine navy sailed along the coast collecting promises of loyalty to the empire from the Dalmatian cities. ref

name "Fine 257" At this moment the local Slavic tribes (the Slavs of Trebinje, Duklja and Zahumlje) also accepted Byzantine suzerainty. Afterwards, the Slavs of Dalmatia and Zahumlje took part in the Byzantine military actions against the Arabs in Bari in 870-871. The Roman cities in Dalmatia had long been pillaged by the Slavic tribes in the mountaines around them. ref name "Fine 257" >


Ireland" Politics National

Fine Gael member5 Susan McCarthy party5 Fine Gael member6 Mary Linehan-Foley party6 Independent (politician) Economy The land around Cloyne is extremely rich and fertile, being mainly of limestone base. This makes it very suitable for agriculture, with many acres of wheat and barley harvested each year. The underlying limestone rock also gives rise to a spectacular network of caves under and to the south of the town. The cave, which is the biggest

Bridgewater State University

faces and stories of students in the newspaper. ''The Comment'' focuses on upcoming events rather than reviews to catch hold of the reader’s interest. "Mission Statement." http: about. College Media Network, n.d. Web. 7 Dec. 2011. WBIM WBIM, “We Bring Instructional Media” is the college radio station. It specializes in programs that bring about up and coming artists, alternative rock, and indie rock. Fine Arts

Department Bridgewater State University’s Fine Arts Department includes Theatre, Art, Dance, and Music. The university has had active arts programs since the late 19th century, and the Fine Arts Department continues to expand. There are three main buildings dedicated to the Arts, the oldest of which is the Art Center (1906). It was originally built as a gymnasium, but slowly transformed itself into the art center. The Wallace Anderson Gallery on the ground floor of the center was made possible

. Bridgewater State University’s Fine Arts Department offers 12 majors and 5 minors: Majors * Art Education Concentration, BA * Art History Concentration, BA * Crafts Concentration, BA * Fine Arts Concentration, BA * Graphic Design Concentration, BA * New Media Concentration, BA * Photography Concentration, BA * Communication Studies, Theatre Arts Concentration, BA * Communication Studies, Theatre Education Concentration, BA * Communication Studies, Dance Education Concentration, BA * Music

St. Andrews, New Brunswick

the town, was built in 1889, making Saint Andrews Canada's first seaside resort community. The hotel burned down in 1914 and was rebuilt one year later. Attractions Important attractions include The Algonquin Hotel, Kingsbrae Horticultural Garden, The Ross Memorial Museum, the St. Andrews Biological Station, the Huntsman Marine Aquarium, The Sheriff Andrews' House, Minister's Island (the summer home of Cornelius Van Horne), whale watching, fine art and craft galleries, many shops

in love with the area. The Rosses purchased the 1824 house of the Honourable Harris Hatch, a Loyalist, and donated it and their collection to the town. The house itself boasts a lovely neoclassical interior with grand, curbing staircase and elaborate plaster moldings. Each room reflects the Rosses' interests: fine furniture made by 19th century New Brunswick cabinetmakers, exceptional oriental carpets and objets d'art from their travels. All Saints Anglican All Saints Anglican

by one of the local highschoolers, or fiddle music (there are several different violinists who come on different days), or hammered dulcimer played by Ruth Dunfield, who also plays guitar and lives in Saint Andrews. Fine art and craft galleries Saint Andrews features the studios and galleries of many fine artists and craftspeople. Visitors will find original works in landscape and floral painting, sculptor, carving, textile art, fine pottery, wearable art, photography, jewelry and much

Velikiye Luki

name "Hart" Reid, p. 414 Tout, A Fine Night for Tanks Tanks of the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry and elements of the 51st (Highland) Division (51st (Highland) Infantry Division (World War II)) reached the French village of Saint-Aignan-de-Cramesnil on the morning of 8 August 1944 during Operation Totalize. Reid, Brian. ''No Holding Back'' (Robin Brass Studios, 2005) ref

Tout, Fine By Tank D to VE Day Tout, Fine Night For Tanks While B Squadron stayed around the village, A and C Squadrons moved further south into a wood called Delle de la Roque. C Squadron positioned themselves on the east side of the woods and the understrength A Squadron in the southern portion with No. 3 Troop on the western edge of the wood. ref name


its own airport, linking the city to Seoul. The city still attracts many national and international tourists, not only because of Seorak-san, but also because of its fine fishery products. The beach of Sokcho has a good reputation, although it is only open for 42 days every year. There are natural hot springs in Sokcho, some of which have been developed into spas and pleasure swimming halls. There are also golf courses which are popular because of their natural surroundings. The nearby

the Yallasung Film Group as a student of Fine Arts at Seoul National University. Upon graduation, he founded and led the Seoul Film Group which was dedicated to renewing Korean film culture and closely tied to the student protest movement. The Seoul Film Group was a significant part of the independent film movement and a strong voice speaking out against the military dictatorship. Park studied film at the ESEC film school in Paris, then returned to Korea to work as an assistant director

cream together, it is important to make an elusive makeoli-ice cream float if you patronize this fine establishment. Drink Sokcho is not filled with the plethora of hofs (restaurants with a drinking atmosphere), but almost all restaurants serve beer and soju (sweet potato wine, 20% proof) for ₩3,000 per liter of beer, 500 mL of soju. Hofs do exist, but are scattered, and mostly empty. Sleep *

Paraíso, Tabasco

services for recreational fishing, snorkeling and night diving. 250px thumb Boat in Mecoacán Lagoon. (File:Paraiso.Catamaran.jpg) The El Paraíso Tourist Center is a recreational center by the beach. It has a pool, hotel, restaurant, bungalows, dressing rooms and more. The beach in the area has a width of between forty and seventy meters with fine gray sand and warm blue waters with gentle waves. The water is shallow up to 100 meters out. ref name "

;laregion" The Barra de Tupilco is a long beach with find gray sand and blue green waters. This area is popular especially during the Holy Week vacation period. The Tupilco lighthouse is one of the oldest in the state. Playa Bruja beach is three km from Chiltepec, 200 meters long and forty meters wide. It has fine gray sand with gentle waves on clear green waters. It has palapas, hammocks, a restaurant and dressing

boulevard that connects the town with Puerto Ceiba and El Bellote to the east. The road is lined with various restaurants mostly specializing in seafood with a number having a view of the Mecoacán Lagoon. Isla Rebeca is surrounded by mangroves and beaches with fine gray sand and calm waters. In the early 2000s, there was an attempt to build an ecotourism resort on Isla Rebeca but the project was abandoned which many

Northumberland County, Ontario

a reputation for fine hospitality and good food. After a long day shopping and visiting one of the county’s many fine eateries, visitors can rest their heads at any of Northumberland’s comfortable accommodations. Whether you are looking to stay in a quiet bed and breakfast or a cottage resort by the lake, Northumberland County has it all. Rolling hills surrounded by water makes Northumberland the perfect http

: Northumberland Hills Studio Tour . Northumberland’s eclectic shopping and cuisine experiences are sure to be a highlight of any visit. Shopping districts such as Port Hope, Cobourg, Brighton and Campbellford offer everything from antiques to artisan wares. Visitors can find a diverse array of restaurants throughout the area, from casual to fine dining. Some places are a haven of http

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