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(film) The Battle of the Bulge '' (1965), Luchino Visconti's ''The Damned (The Damned (1969 film))'' (1969), and ''Kelly's Heroes'' (1970). He played a Luftwaffe general in Battle of Britain (Battle of Britain (film)) (1969). He also continued to work in both Germany and Italy in a wide variety of films from dramas and comedies to spaghetti westerns. He also made regular appearances on German television. His last appearance was in the TV series ''War and Remembrance'' (1988). He

Port of Spain

other notable acting roles were in the 1973 science fiction film ''Battle for the Planet of the Apes'', the 1974 disaster film ''Airport 1975'', and the 1977 television mini-series ''''Roots'' (Roots (TV miniseries))''. DATE OF BIRTH October 7, 1943 PLACE OF BIRTH Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago DATE OF DEATH '''Jack Mollinson Noreiga''' (April 15, 1936, Saint Joseph, Trinidad and Tobago – August 8, 2003, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) was a West Indian (West Indian cricket team) cricketer who played in four Tests (Test cricket) in 1971. Durani was the hero of India's series victory against England in 1961-62. He took 8 and 10 wickets in their wins at Calcutta and Madras respectively. Also, a decade later he was instrumental in India's victory against West Indies at Port of Spain having taken wickets of Clive Lloyd and Gary Sobers. http: india content current story 517352.html Alongside his international commissions, Adjayes work spans exhibitions, private homes and artist collaborations. He built homes for the designer Alexander McQueen, artist Jake Chapman, photographer Juergen Teller, actor Ewan McGregor, and artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster. For artist Chris Ofili, he designed a new studio and a beach house in Port of Spain. Where In The World Is David Adjaye? ''W Magazine''. He worked with Ofili to create an environment for the Upper Room (The Upper Room (paintings)), which was later acquired by Tate Britain and caused a nationwide media debate (Tate's purchase of The Upper Room). He also collaborated with artist Olafur Eliasson to create a light installation, ''Your black horizon'', at the 2005 Venice Biennale. He has also worked on the art project ''Sankalpa'' with director Shekhar Kapur. David Adjaye: Downfall of the showman ''The Independent''. Adjaye coauthored two seasons of BBC's Dreamspaces television series and hosts a BBC radio programme. In June 2005, he presented the documentary, Building Africa: Architecture of a Continent. David Adjaye In 2008, he participated in Manifesta 7. David Adjaye manifesta7. Future Plans The Government of Guyana has begun discussions with the government of India for a possible line of credit to fund massive modifications and upgrade of Guyana’s main port of entry, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). Likely to cost millions of dollars, the project would see expansion of the airport area, and construction of a modern terminal and a four-lane access road to the airport from the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, according to inside sources. The new airport is also likely to include cold- storage facilities to accommodate exportation of more agricultural produce from Guyana. Designs for some of these works and other preparatory activities have reportedly started, while moves are afoot to identify the needed financial resources. The Guyana government plans to implement this major development step by step. Speaking at a recent forum at the International Conference Centre at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara, President Jagdeo told the gathering about plans to triple the size of the CJIA to include eight air bridges so that at least eight aircraft can land or take off at the same time. He also mentioned that the runaway would be extended and the airport’s general aesthetics improved, so the CJIA can be an attraction for both locals and tourists. He highlighted the establishment of a four-lane road to the airport to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic when the airport has been modified. This substantial investment, the head of state said, is to complement a string of other developmental projects currently taking place and some still in the pipelines for Guyana. Earlier in the year, this newspaper reported that, according to sources, the government was considering making Guyana a hub for international traffic, a move that would see CJIA facilitating larger aircraft and more air traffic. Currently, Piarco Airport in Port of Spain, Trinidad, is the closest international hub in the Caribbean. Making Guyana an international hub would enable this country to earn a lot more from aircraft landings and other services offered by airports, while encouraging more visitors. Aviation sources have estimated that an airport development of the magnitude envisaged could cost Guyana between US$50 million and US$100 million. To date, the authorities have not yet finalised the cost of the project, but they have been identifying the sources of funding to execute the upgrade. The current airport upgrade plan includes expanding the existing runway to approximately 10,000 feet to accommodate larger aircraft. This longer runway would also require redesigning the existing terminal building to effectively process the increased number of passengers and cargo. With regard to extension of the terminal, an assessment is expected shortly to look at not only enlarging the existing building, but relocating the existing concessions and food courts, and access roadways for arrivals and departures. Already, the government has allocated Gy$178 million to start preparatory work on designing the extension of the CJIA airstrip by 3500 feet to accommodate Boeing 747-400 aircraft. The sum also covers designs for expansion of the arrival and departure lounges with attendant air bridges. The Boeing 747-400 aircraft is not only larger, but also heavier, and therefore requires longer runways. With seating for a maximum of 624 people, the 747-400 can fly nonstop for 7,670 nautical miles, or 14,200 kilometres, depending on the model. The CJIA runway is about 7,500 feet and usually accommodates landing of the Boeing 767, which accommodates between 181 and 375 passengers. These and other comprehensive studies for the proposed multi-million-dollar project may take no less than three months to be undertaken, and would allow the government to make informed decisions on the airport’s development. WikiPedia:Port of Spain Commons:Port of Spain zh:西班牙港

Trinidad and Tobago

, often playing police detectives. Among these films were ''Abby (Abby (film))'' (1974), ''The Zebra Killer'' (1975), and ''Sheba, Baby'' (1975), in which he played Pam Grier's love interest. Some of Stoker's other notable acting roles were in the 1973 science fiction film ''Battle for the Planet of the Apes'', the 1974 disaster film ''Airport 1975'', and the 1977 television mini-series ''''Roots'' (Roots (TV miniseries))''. '''Naparima Girls' High School''' is an all-girls high school in San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidad and Tobago. The school was founded in 1912 by Rev Dr. F. Coffin to complement the education offered to boys by Naparima College. It is located on La Pique Hill (part of San Fernando Hill) which overlooks San Fernando. Born in Preysal, Trinidad and Tobago, of Indian descent, Ali was a left-arm unorthodox spin bowler who made his first-class cricket debut for South Trinidad against North Trinidad on 15 April 1966, aged just 16 years and 202 days. He took three wickets for 89 runs. ''Cricket Archive'', "South Trinidad v North Trinidad in 1965 66", http: Archive Scorecards 27 27978.html Accessed 12 August 2009. '''Jack Mollinson Noreiga''' (April 15, 1936, Saint Joseph, Trinidad and Tobago – August 8, 2003, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) was a West Indian (West Indian cricket team) cricketer who played in four Tests (Test cricket) in 1971. Though he was probably a finer wicketkeeper, Murray spent most of his international career as understudy to his Trinidadian (Trinidad and Tobago) namesake Deryck Murray, and was usurped in 1981 by Jeff Dujon of Jamaica. Frustrated at his lack of opportunities, he threw in his lot with the West Indian rebel tours (South African rebel tours) to South Africa and received a life ban in 1983. *John Blankenstein, 57, Dutch (Netherlands) openly gay (homosexual) football (Association football) referee, kidney disease. Hassanali , 88, Trinidadian (Trinidad and Tobago) politician, President (President of Trinidad and Tobago) (1987–1997). Kaputikyan , 87, Armenian poet. and tobago.gif thumb Map showing old counties of Trindad '''Saint Andrew''' is a county in Trinidad and Tobago which occupies commons:Trinidad and Tobago


, Danning moved to Hollywood, California, to further her career in American films. She left all her friends and family in Europe behind, and pursued her career with no contract, no agent, and no idea what the future would bring. In 1980, Danning portrayed an extraterrestrial Amazon named Saint-Exmin in the science fiction film ''Battle Beyond the Stars''. This performance earned her "The Golden Scroll Award of Merit" from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films. http: danning danning.htm The cult films ''Jungle Warriors'', ''Panther Squad'', and ''S.A.S. San Salvador'' followed in quick succession. Life and career Sylvester Levay began his musical studies at the age of eight. Levay developed a taste for American music while growing up in Yugoslavia, eventually becoming a music arranger and lyricist. Vickers, Tom. "Singles: Surprising Takeoff of 'Fly, Robin, Fly.'" ''Rolling Stone'' 203 (January 1, 1976), p. 18. Upon his arrival in Munich in 1972, he met his writing partner, Michael Kunze (Michael Kunze (writer)), with whom he has created many successful theatrical works. From 1980 to 2000 he lived in Hollywood and concentrated on composing film music. He currently divides his time between homes in Munich, Vienna and Los Angeles. Work At the age of fifteen, Sylvester won his first composition competition. In Munich he worked with Udo Jürgens and Katja Ebstein. Between 1977 and 1980 he composed and produced for Elton John, Silver Convention, and others. From 1980 on, he worked with various Hollywood greats, including Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, George Lucas and others. From 1933 to 1937, Mandl was married to Jewish actress "Hedy" Kiesler, who would later become known as Hedy Lamarr in Hollywood. Mandl is rumoured to have attempted to bring a halt to her acting career and to purchase all copies of her infamous film ''Ecstasy (Ecstasy (film))'' (1933), in which she appeared nude. Mandl's last of several marriages was to Monika Brücklmeier, daughter of Eduard Brücklmeier, an accessory executed for his involvement in the July 20 plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Personal life Mazur was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Ruby Mazur, an illustrator who has worked in the record industry and at one time was the manager of Billy Joel. Mazur has four siblings: Nicholas, Cézanne, Matisse and Miro. Her cousin is Epic Mazur, co-frontman of the Hollywood-based band Crazy Town. Mazur is of Jewish ancestry on her father's side. Hello, Ruby Mazur - Jewish News of Greater Phoenix Film adaptations The play spawned two film adaptations. The first, a 1935 comedy film, was directed by Victor Fleming starred Janet Gaynor, and marked the Hollywood debut of Henry Fonda. Dan Harrow (Henry Fonda) works along the Erie Canal during the mid-19th century to raise money to buy a farm. While working, he meets Molly Larkins, a beautiful canal boat cook (Janet Gaynor). Although Harrow wants to marry Larkins, she's apprehensive about leaving the exciting canal life for one of a farmer's wife. '''Daniel Patrick Nicholson''', better known as '''Nick Nicholson''', is an American expatriate character actor working in the Philippines. Since the early 1980s, Nicholson has appeared in both big-budget Hollywood productions shot in the archipelago and low-budget, Filipino (Philippines) action movies. The '''Yucca Corridor''' is a small, diverse, and densely populated neighborhood of Hollywood centered along most of the length of Yucca Street. The neighborhood lies north of Hollywood Boulevard and south of Franklin Avenue (Franklin Avenue (Los Angeles)) between Highland Avenue and Vine Street. It is about a half-mile long and a quarter-mile wide. '''Silliwood''' is the term given RCCS: View Book Info to the failed video game convergence of Hollywood and Silicon Valley in the early-to-mid-1990s. This was spurred on in large part by the success of CD-ROM games like Myst, and as a result gamers were given such quality productions as The Horde (starring Kirk Cameron), A Fork in the Tale (starring Rob Schneider), the infamous Night Trap (starring Dana Plato) and several games starring Tim Curry. But the byproducts of Silliwood weren't all terrible, and some decent titles still managed to squeeze their way out of the crap pile. These include the Dreamworks Studios title The Neverhood, the Warner Bros. Edgar Allan Poe game The Dark Eye and The Residents game Bad Day on the Midway. Not to mention appearances by Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell in the later Wing Commander (Wing Commander (franchise)) games. He has written nine novels including ''King of the Jews'' (1979), ''Pandaemonium'' (1997), and ''San Remo Drive: A Novel from Memory'' (2004), based on his childhood growing up in Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s. His most recent novels are ''The Eighth Wonder of the World'', published by Other Press in October 2006, and ''Liebestod: Opera Buffa with Lieb Goldkorn'', published by W. W. Norton & Co. in February 2012. He has written articles for ''Esquire (magazine)'', ''The Atlantic Monthly'', ''Playboy'', ''Harper's'', ''The Yale Review'', ''The Nation'', ''The New York Times Book Review'', ''The Washington Post'' and ''The Boston Globe''. His son is Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein. Allusions and references to history, geography and current science Many real places and people feature in this novel. The action takes place in Cahuenga Pass, by modern Hollywood, old Los Angeles, San Pedro (San Pedro, California), and the island of Santa Catalina (Santa Catalina Island, California). The time is the 1860s, concurrent with the American Civil War. References are made to personalities such as Phineas Banning and his stagecoach company. Dinah Shore with Frank De Vol and his orchestra recorded the song on Hollywood on August 18, 1952. It was released by RCA Victor Records as catalog number 20-4992 (in USA) RCA Victor in the 20-4500 to 20-4999 series and by EMI on the His Master's Voice label as catalog number B 10407. Career In 1951-52, Purdom appeared in small roles with the Laurence Olivier Vivien Leigh company on Broadway (Broadway theatre) in Shakespeare's ''Antony and Cleopatra'' and Shaw (George Bernard Shaw)'s ''Caesar and Cleopatra (Caesar and Cleopatra (play))'' when his good looks brought him to the attention of Hollywood. His appearance in small roles in ''Titanic (Titanic (1953 film))'' and ''Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar (1953 film))'' led to his being cast in the leading role opposite Ann Blyth in the MGM musical ''The Student Prince (The Student Prince (film))'' in 1954, a part originally intended for Mario Lanza, whose disagreement with director Curtis Bernhardt over the way a certain song was to be sung had led to his dismissal by MGM. (The film was subsequently directed by Richard Thorpe.) Purdom lip-synched (lip synching) to Lanza's singing voice. LeGrand returned to working with Lynch and formed the band Souls of We adding bass player Johny Chow of Fireball Ministry and Systematic (Systematic (band)) and drummer Ya'el of Tom Morello and Alex Skolnick to the lineup. The debut album ''Let the Truth Be Known'' was self-produced and mixed by Mudrock, who has work with bands such as Avenged Sevenfold and Godsmack, and was released on May 27, 2008. Guests on the album include Morgan Rose of Sevendust and Frédéric Leclercq of DragonForce. Ya'el left the band after recording and was replaced by Jordan Mancino of As I Lay Dying (As I Lay Dying (band)) and the band made their live debut on May 23, 2009 at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California. The band continue to play different shows. Later interest Swiss author Dr. Eduard Berthollet described Ehretism in ''Le Retour À La Santé Et A la Vie Saine Par Le Jeûne'' (''The Return To Health By Fasting''). Berthollet, Eduard. ''Le Retour À La Santé Et A la Vie Saine Par Le Jeûne'' (The Return To Health By Fasting), Editor: Pierre Gnenillard, Lausanne, Switzerland: Laurea de Luniversie De Lausanne, 1920s. Reference to Berthollet at Other contemporaries of Ehret included Rhea Niesen, ''Fastenkunst und Ehretismus'', Rhea Niesen, Carl Kuhn Verlag, 1924 Marie-Reine Geffroy, ''Le Jeûne Moyen De Purification Totale'', suivi d'une conférence sur: «La maladie et sa guérison spirituelle», Marie-Reine Geffroy, Cevic, Périgny-sur-Yerres 94520, Mandres Les Roses, 1951 Carlos Brandt , Jethro Kloss, http: HSS jethro_kloss_and_back_to_eden.php Jethro Kloss Biography, Soy Info Center John Richter, Arshavir Ter Hovannessian, Henry Bieler, Paavo Airola, Johanna Brandt The Grape Cure, Johanna Brandt, USA: Health Research Books, 1996, 191 pages, "Prof. Arnold Ehret, author on raw food objects to even one starch.", page 71 and Teresa Mitchell. Blatant raw foodist propaganda!, or, Sell your stove to the junkman and feel great!, or, Consider your true nature, Joe Alexander, Blue Dolphin Publishers, 1990, "Teresa Mitchell is author of an extremely inspiring story published by the Ehret Literature Publishing Company in a booklet called Roads to Health and Happiness, describing her experiences in following Arnold Ehret's teachings.", page 55 Mitchell, Teresa. ''My Road To Health, or, My year in Shangri-La'', California: Ehret Literature Publishing Co., 1960, 1956. http: ao Testimonial_Teresa.htm T. Mitchell testimonial at Teresa Mitchell, ''My Road To Health'', in ''Rational Fasting'', Arnold Ehret, USA: ELPC Inc, 1994 The German renaissance spread to America and influenced many of the countercultural movements including the beat generation and the vegetarian driven "hippie" movement. Ehret inspired author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Hollywood actress Gloria Swanson. death_date


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. It was scheduled to be broadcast possibly by the end of 2006. Production of "Thank you for having loved me" completed; could be broadcast by the end of the year. Zhao Wei International Family. 20 September 2006. Retrieved 30 October 2006. In 2007, it was also announced that Zhao had been cast as Sun Shangxiang in John Woo's latest blockbuster, ''Battle of Red Cliff (Red Cliff (film))''.


Jump Street 027 - WonderCon 2012.jpg thumb left 230px Tatum (right) with Jonah Hill at the 2012 WonderCon convention in March 2012. In 2008, Tatum co-starred in director Kimberly Peirce's film ''Stop-Loss (Stop-Loss (film))'', about soldiers returning home from the Iraq War, and in director Stuart Townsend's film ''Battle in Seattle'', about the 1999 protest of the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle. Tatum played in the indie film ''The Trap'', which


, and died in Tokyo, from prostate cancer. He is known for directing samurai period (Samurai cinema) and yakuza films such as ''Battles Without Honor and Humanity'' (1973), the Japanese portion of the Hollywood film (Cinema of the United States) ''Tora! Tora! Tora!'' (1970), and his final film ''Battle Royale (Battle Royale (film))'' (2000). He is also known for his trademark shaky camera technique, which he used extensively in many of his films since the early 1970s

, Japan is a Japanese (Japanese people) singer and actress. She became famous outside Japan for her role in the controversial 2000 film, ''Battle Royale (Battle Royale (film))'', where she portrayed the cold-hearted and ruthless Mitsuko Souma; her acting career took off with this movie and also raised her international profile particularly in East Asia. Shibasaki also won acclaim for her role in 2001 film, ''Go (Go (2001))'', which earned her several awards, among which

to a couple of notorious films:''Entrails of a Beauty (Bijo no harawata)'' and ''Entrails of a Virgin''. This type of film (low budget, yet high production values and shot on video), helped usher in a new era of ''extreme Asia'' movies. Komizu was the creator of the Japanese cult zombie film Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay which was screened in 1991. DVD Details: Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay '''Romantic Mode''' (stylized as '''RO MANTIC M ODE ''') was a Japanese pop (Pop music) group that debuted in 1996 with their first single, "Dreams." The members are Akira Asakura (vocals (singing)), Masaki Suzukawa (guitars keyboards), and Joe Rinoie (keyboards backup vocals (Backing vocalist)). '''''State of Mind''''' is the second studio album to be released by Australian singer Holly Valance, released in Japan on 6 November 2003 (see 2003 in music) by Warner Bros. Records. It is a mixture of dance and '80 (1980 in music)s electro-pop, some written by Valance herself. The album debuted on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart (ARIA Charts) and the UK Albums Chart at the lower ends of the chart, making it her lowest-selling album (out of two) to date. The album's only single, the title track "State of Mind (State of Mind (song))", was a top twenty hit in Australia, Finland and the United Kingdom. She attended Fort Salonga Elementary School, part of Kings Park Central School District. At age six, DeVitto took violin lessons and when she was in 4th grade, Torrey earned her place as the 4th chair violinist in a high school band. When DeVitto was 12 years old, she played a solo violin piece at Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's wedding. After graduating from Winter Park High School in Winter Park, Florida, she spent her summer in Japan working as a model and had earlier spent time in Chicago. zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan


sisters and mother, but endured a difficult relationship with his father, an alcoholic who was physically abusive (physical abuse) toward both his wife and children. 1970s After working on ''The Italian Job'' with Noël Coward, and a solid role as RAF fighter pilot Squadron Leader Canfield in the all-star cast of ''Battle of Britain (Battle of Britain (film))'' (both 1969), Caine played

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