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Salinas, California

1966 12 14 1890 7 20 mf y '''Verna Felton''' (July 20, 1890 – December 14, 1966) was an American (United States) character actress who was best known for providing many female voices in numerous Disney (Walt Disney Pictures) animated films, as well as voicing Fred Flintstone's mother-in-law Pearl Slaghoople for Hanna-Barbera. Her film appearances during the 1940s included ''If I Had My Way'' (1940), ''Girls of the Big House'' (1945) and ''The Fuller Brush Man'' (1948). She was much in demand as a movie character actress during the early 1950s, including '' Buccaneer's Girl'' (1950) ''Belles on Their Toes'' (1952) ''Don't Bother to Knock'' (1952) and her memorable supporting role of Mrs. Potts in the film of William Inge's ''Picnic (Picnic (1955 film))'' (1955). She was also known for her husky voice and no-nonsense attitude. She was born in Salinas (Salinas, California), California. DATE OF BIRTH July 20, 1890 PLACE OF BIRTH Salinas (Salinas, California), California, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH December 14, 1966 '''State Route 68''' (SR 68) is a state highway that runs from Pacific Grove, California Pacific Grove to Salinas (Salinas, California) in Monterey County (Monterey County, California). It is about Police in Salinas (w:Salinas, California), California have identified a 15-year-old boy killed on August 6 in what is believed to be a gang (w:Gang) related shooting. The boy, Jose Manual Perez, was found by police at 2:15 p.m. local time, when they responded to reports of a shooting at Terrace Street.

Quezon City

on the Filipino television channel GMA 7. Although she did not go on to win the said competition, she has since gone on to make several television and film appearances, mostly on GMA Network and has proven her worth as a child actress when she won as best child actress 5 times in a row, making her one of the most popular child actresses in the Philippines. DATE OF BIRTH August 19, 1998 PLACE OF BIRTH Quezon City, Philippines DATE OF DEATH years_active 2000–present origin Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines genre OPM (Original Pilipino Music) Pinoy rock Hardcore punk (early material) Hard rock Alternative rock Punk rock PTV Website The PTNI Website is another initiative of People's Television Network to reach out to Filipinos worldwide using the internet. PTV features free live video streaming of PTV's flagship station programs (DWGT-TV) from Quezon City, Philippines. '''Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC)''' is a Philippine VHF television network of the Government Communications Group headed by the Press Secretary. Its studios are located at Broadcast City, Old Balara, Capitol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City and its transmitter is located at the Coca Cola plant, Roosevelt Avenue, San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City. It is one of three government-owned and controlled television stations, along with Radio Philippines Network. '''Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC)''' is a Philippine VHF television network of the Government Communications Group headed by the Press Secretary. Its studios are located at Broadcast City, Old Balara, Capitol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City and its transmitter is located at the Coca Cola plant, Roosevelt Avenue, San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City. It is one of three government-owned and controlled television stations, along with Radio Philippines Network. *Our Lady of Immaculate Conception (''Nuestra Señora de La Inmaculada Concepcion de Malabon") 1986 Malabon City * Our Lady of ''La Navál'' (Our Lady of La Naval) (''Nuestra Señora del Santíssimo Rosario de la Navál de Manila'') Quezon City, Metro Manila - 1907 * Our Lady of Lourdes (''Nuestra Señora del Lourdes'') Quezon City, Metro Manila - 1951 * Our Lady of ''La Navál'' (Our Lady of La Naval) (''Nuestra Señora del Santíssimo Rosario de la Navál de Manila'') Quezon City, Metro Manila - 1907 * Our Lady of Lourdes (''Nuestra Señora del Lourdes'') Quezon City, Metro Manila - 1951 * Our Lady of Manaoag (''Nuestra Señora del Santíssimo Rosario de Manáoag'') Manaoag, Pangasinan - 1925 death_date WikiPedia:Quezon City Dmoz:Regional Asia Philippines Regions National Capital Region Quezon City Commons:Category:Quezon City


in ''Rebecca (Rebecca (1940 film))'' (1940). She was nominated three times for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performances as Bette Davis's domineering mother in ''Now, Voyager'' (1942), a skeptical nun in ''The Song of Bernadette (The Song of Bernadette (film))'' (1943), and Rex Harrison's mother, Mrs. Higgins, in ''My Fair Lady (My Fair Lady (film))'' (1964). Other notable film appearances included ''The Green Years (The Green Years (film))'' (1946), ''The Secret Garden (The Secret Garden (1949 film))'' (1949), ''Separate Tables (Separate Tables (film))'' (1958) and ''The Happiest Millionaire'' (1967) as Aunt Mary Drexel, singing "There Are Those". Rebel Without a Cause His breakthrough then came in ''Rebel Without a Cause'', in which he played John "Plato" Crawford, the sensitive teenager smitten with Jim Stark (played by James Dean). His performance resulted in an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor, and his popularity quickly developed. Mineo's biographer, Paul Jeffers, recounted that Mineo received thousands of letters from young female fans, was mobbed by them at public appearances and further wrote, "He dated the most beautiful women in Hollywood and New York."

Republic of Macedonia

Presheva ) is a town and municipality in the Pčinja District of southern Serbia, bordering Republic of Macedonia. It is the largest town of the region known as the Preševo valley, and the cultural center of Albanians in Central Serbia. According to the 2011 census, the municipality of Preševo has a population of 3,066 people, but in 2002, the municipality of Preševo had a population of 34,000 people, because mainly Albanians boycotted the census. Other notable film

appearances include one as a Cuban bandleader in ''The Mambo Kings'' opposite Antonio Banderas and in the adaptation of the science-fiction story ''Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd (film))'' with Sylvester Stallone, his co-star in two previous films. More recently he appeared in ''American Gangster (American Gangster (film))'' (2007) with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. He has had a recurring guest star role in several episodes of ''NCIS (NCIS (TV series))'', playing


''The Man with the Golden Gun (The Man with the Golden Gun (film))''. Her numerous television and film appearances include starring roles in: ''Lost Empires'' with Colin Firth and Laurence Olivier, directed by Alan Grint; a Granada Television serial, ''Praying Mantis''; ''Poor Little Rich Girl (Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story)'', the ITC (ITC Entertainment) US miniseries - the story of Barbara Hutton; ''La Ronde (La Ronde (play))'' BBC (Play


Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool


. As a result GA design work had basically ended and aircraft for sale in 1990 were essentially the same as those from the 1970s. With a thriving market for used aircraft, American GA aircraft production numbers declined from 18,000 in 1978 to 954 in 1993, an all-time low. "AGATE -- Revitalizing General Aviation", NASA Langley, July 1996, FS-1996-07-02-LaRC Well known mainstream film appearances were in the Pamela Anderson (Barb Wire (film)) movie, ''Barb Wire'', and as an extremely cynical NASA flight surgeon in ''Armageddon (Armageddon (film))'', who finds himself subjected to the rambunctious behavior of the flight crew he is supposed to psychoanalyze, and as Ralphie in the film ''Johnny Mnemonic (Johnny Mnemonic (film))''. He has also frequently worked with director Christoph Schlingensief. : Nohat, can you show me where Wikipedia supports keeping this article at this current name? I haven't found it and I think that only a small group of users here supports it. In fact my argument as was written is pretty strong. But as I wrote I am not a professional linguist and I can't deal this problem alone and against this small 'group'. Calling something "Slovenian" is just like naming NASA NESA - for example, if I may be little picturesque. The whole project of Wikipedia is great, but having articles with (just) an adjective "Slovenian" makes a big black spot on it. Sorry if you do not understand. And finally tell what can I do that this article should be named properly? On which instance, or page or whatever? Should I complain? But to whom? I won't quit so easily, because I know I am right. Soon or later. I would like to write articles and I have to argue with bunch of polymaths and waste my precious Time. --xJaM (User:XJamRastafire) 22:10, 2 Jun 2005 (UTC) The 26 metre Radio dish came from the Orroral Valley Tracking Station, ACT, where it was used as a satellite tracker within the Spacecraft Tracking and Data Acquisition Network and then for support to NASA manned missions. If this means complete power, as opposed to having to deal with the checks and balances (w:checks and balances) built into our federal government, this is some of what I'd do: I'd end abortion and all the precipitating factors leading to it (poverty, dysfunctional family dynamics, relaxed sexual mores, alcohol and drug addiction...). I'd mobilize a set of dramatic initiatives to, not just curb global warming (w:global warming), but to actually start to reverse it. I would unilaterally disarm our nuclear weapons. I'd stop the production of nuclear energy. (Anybody hear of Chernobyl (w:Chernobyl)?) I would grant amnesty and family reunification to illegal immigrants (w:Illegal Immigration in the United States). (During a talk at an immigration rally in Arizona several years ago, I said we walked through the slums of w:Juarez, Mexico Juarez , where violence is off the charts and many of the children are extremely hungry. If I was their parent, I'd do everything I could to get these children out of harms way and get them something to eat – even if it meant risking crossing the border illegally.) I would end the death penalty. Also in Arizona, I read a newspaper story about a death penalty protester who posed: “Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?” Good question. I would increase, exponentially, American foreign aid (it is currently only 4% of the budget) to try to help stem world hunger much more – 24,000 people starve to death every day in the world – and to help realize Habitat for Humanity (w:Habitat for Humanity)'s goal of providing adequate housing, (“…for every person in the world.”) I would bring peace to urban war zones around the country. (In part of this effort, our family moved into a dangerous part of Cleveland, Ohio, to be part of the solution.) I would end w:homelessness homelessness . (We take homeless people into our home. And we will be doing the same in the West Wing (w:West Wing). I mean the Lincoln bedroom (w:Lincoln Bedroom) is free, as an example.) I would tremendously jack down and simplify the economy, shifting America back to much more of a local production for local consumption orientation, like it was in the “old days.” I would mobilize efforts for a tremendous come back of the small family farm and the practice of growing organically. This was once the backbone of our country, I told the newspaper Country Today in Wisconsin. And it should be again. I would get people to tighten their belts and pay off the w:National Debt National Debt so our children don't inherit it. During a talk at the University of Notre Dame (w:University of Notre Dame) recently, I said I would redirect the technical smarts at NASA (w:NASA) toward coming up with better water filtration systems, solar panel (w:solar panel)s, wind turbine (w:wind turbine)s..., as opposed to working on things like going to space destinations where we: can't breathe the air, there's no gravity and there's no food! “That might be, oh, a hint God doesn't want us there,” I said. I would give some of the land back to the Native Americans (w:Native Americans) so it's equitable, like it should have been from the beginning. And I would give the African Americans (w:African Americans) tangible reparations for past atrocities (w:Reparations for slavery) and the ongoing trans-generational problems slavery (w:slavery) caused. And, I would ensure – as impossible as this seems – that the Cleveland Browns (w:Cleveland Browns) had a winning season, soon... For a look at how I would actually try to make a lot of this happen, the Cleveland Browns notwithstanding, go to my rather extensive position papers at ''Atlantis'' lifted off in fair weather at 2:20 p.m. EDT (1820 UTC) from the w:Kennedy Space Center Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral (w:Cape Canaveral), Florida. The launch was viewed by over 40,000 spectators at Kennedy, including a small group chosen by NASA (w:NASA) for a space "tweetup (w:Twitter)". Carrying six veteran astronauts and an assortment of parts for the International Space Station (w:International Space Station) (ISS), the shuttle took off without any delays. This mission, scheduled to take twelve days, is the aging shuttle's 32nd voyage into space of its 25-year career.


on the Romanian seacoast, on the Black Sea, north of Mangalia. Division II The '''Division II Championships''' were held January 3-January 9, 2005, in Bucharest, Romania (Group A), and December 13-December 19, 2004, in Puigcerdà, Spain (Group B). Other notable film appearances include one as a Cuban bandleader in ''The Mambo Kings'' opposite Antonio Banderas and in the adaptation of the science-fiction story '' Judge Dredd (film


He became an actor in 1938, first with the Welsh National Theatre Company, then the Liverpool Playhouse. He was a conscientious objector in the Second World War, serving in the Non-Combatant Corps, before being seconded to the National Fire Service in Liverpool and London. His film appearances include ''A Run for Your Money'' (1949), ''The Blue Lamp'' (1950), ''The Magnet (The Magnet (1950 film))'' (1950), ''The Lavender Hill Mob'' (1951), ''The Cruel Sea (The Cruel Sea (1953 film))'' (1953), ''The Great Game (The Great Game (1953 film))'' 1953), ''Dunkirk (Dunkirk (film))'' (1958) and ''Tiger Bay (Tiger Bay (film))'' (1959). He appeared as the murderous butler in the cult television series ''Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'' in 1969, and as Tom in the cult children's science fiction serial ''Sky (Sky (TV serial))'' in 1975. DATE OF BIRTH 10 June 1917 PLACE OF BIRTH Rhosllannerchrugog, Wales, UK (United Kingdom) DATE OF DEATH 8 February 1999 DATE OF DEATH 8 February 1999 PLACE OF DEATH Denbighshire, Wales, UK (United Kingdom) '''Shirenewton''' ( WikiPedia:Wales Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Wales commons:Wales - Cymru


-break Brian, a tenor, was employed in a Boston machine shop and at the age of 16 began performing with a vocal quartette (Quartet). When he joined a theatrical troupe (troupe) in New York City his career had taken off. He had leading roles in more than 20 Broadway (Broadway theatre) musicals. In 1915 Brian signed with film producer Jesse L. Lasky to do two films, ''Voice in the Fog'' (1915) and ''The Smugglers'' (1916). After the latter he would make no more film

appearances until the sound era. His first sound film was an excerpt of his role in ''Peggy O'Hooligan'' (1925), made in the DeForest (Lee DeForest) Phonofilm sound-on-film process. Navteq also has smaller offices in Minneapolis St. Paul, New York, Atlanta, Washington (Washington, D.C.), Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Boston, Fargo (Fargo, North Dakota), San Diego, and throughout most big cities around the world, where Navteq cartographers live. Biography Eddie Germano was born in Boston, Massachusetts on November 15, 1924. He started working at a office of the Boston Post at age 16. Eddie Germano Cartoons Syracuse University, 23 Sep 2009, Retrieved 10 1 2010 After serving in the Army,got his first full time position as a cartoonist in 1948. He then worked at several Massachusetts and Florida newspapers. In 1963 he joined the staff of the Brockton Enterprise in order to create sports and editorial cartoons for the publication. At age 66, Germano left the ''Enterprise'' to pursue freelance work. Germano continues to draw privately commissioned cartoons. - Emerson College Lions Boston Great Northeast Athletic Conference - - Emmanuel College (Emmanuel College (Massachusetts)) Saints Boston Great Northeast Athletic Conference - - Lesley University Lynx Boston New England Collegiate Conference - - Simmons College (Simmons College (Massachusetts)) Sharks Boston Great Northeast Athletic Conference - - Suffolk University Rams Boston Great Northeast Athletic Conference - - University of Massachusetts Boston Beacons Boston Little East Conference - - Wentworth Institute of Technology Leopards Boston The Commonwealth Coast Conference - - Wheelock College Wildcats Boston New England Collegiate Conference - Biography McIntyre was born in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to his primary instrument, the alto saxophone, he also played flute (Western concert flute), bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and many other woodwind instruments, as well as double bass, drum set, and piano. He recorded thirteen albums, one of which was released posthumously. He composed well over 400 compositions, and wrote about 200 arrangements, reflecting the culture of his Caribbean and African American roots, including blues, jazz, and calypso (Calypso music). His very first album entitled ''Stone Blues'' was recorded in 1960, accompanied by local Boston musicians with whom he had been rehearsing for several years. Underpinning his philosophical and urban design ideas, was George Collison's studies of the cemeteries of Europe and, more importantly of North America. His ideas were new to European cemetery design; influenced partly by Mount Auburn Cemetery near Boston in Massachusetts which he visited in the 1830s. In the 1860s the cemetery's chaplain Thomas Barker was to write of the cemetery as '' 'sweet Abney' '' echoing the well-known poem '' 'Sweet Auburn' '' and adding that '' 'it is a spot of rare, if not unsurpassed lovliness; as a resting-place for the good it is indeed the most picturesque'.'' More directly, in 1840, George Collison himself wrote that: '' 'Mount Auburn, near Boston... may be considered a kind of prototype of the rest, is an object of transcendent interest to the traveller, and, is in a great degree similar to our own cemetery at Abney Park'.'' This remark about the weight Collison accorded to Mount Auburn Cemetery, together with Collison's wider cemetery studies, were collated and published in his methodical review and reflection entitled: * ''Cemetery Interment...Descriptions of Pere la Chaise, the Eastern Cemeteries, And those of America.. and more particularly of the Abney Park Cemetery Company'' 1840. '''Battelle Hall''' is a 6,864 seat multi-purpose exhibit hall located in Columbus, Ohio, part of the Greater Columbus Convention Center. It opened as the Ohio Center on September 10, 1980 Columbus Dispatch, September 11, 1980, "8,000 Attend Ohio Center Opening", pg. A1 , and although sometimes considered a white elephant because of its small size and seating capacity Columbus Citizen-Journal, July 3, 1985, "Poor ticket sales cloud Columbus concert outlook", pg. 12 Columbus Dispatch, September 6, 1987, "Few superstars booked, but pop shows run gamut", pg. 4G Columbus Dispatch, December 27, 1987, "Columbus held own with rock", pg. 6E Columbus Dispatch, May 25, 1986, "Columbus needs more than seats to draw big-name talent" (concert fans usually found themselves driving to Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum, Indianapolis Market Square Arena, Detroit Joe Louis Arena, Cleveland Richfield Coliseum or Pittsburgh Civic Arena (Mellon Arena) Columbus Dispatch, September 7, 1980, "Lillyman Ready To Direct Newly Finished Complex", Supplement pg. 4 - musical acts such as Van Halen, AC DC, Black Sabbath, Boston, John Denver, Bad Company, The J. Geils Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band (Bruce Springsteen), The Commodores, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (Bob Seger), Billy Joel, The Charlie Daniels Band, The Police, The Grateful Dead, Diana Ross, Fleetwood Mac, Styx, Electric Light Orchestra, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Genesis (Genesis (band)), Jethro Tull (Jethro Tull (band)), The Doobie Brothers, Queen (Queen (band)), Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Santana, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie, Eagles (Eagles (band)), Journey (Journey (band)), Neil Diamond, Prince (Prince (musician)), The Cars, Frank Sinatra, INXS, Motley Crue, Paul McCartney, Janet Jackson, Cher, Whitesnake, Elton John, Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, R.E.M., Brooks & Dunn, Earth, Wind & Fire, George Strait, Reba McEntire, Celine Dion, Linda Ronstadt and Bob Dylan never played at Battelle Hall), it has been used for a variety of events, including concerts (Conway Twitty, Devo, Todd Rundgren & Utopia (Utopia), Loverboy, Triumph (Triumph (band)), Elvis Costello & The Attractions (Elvis Costello), The Stray Cats, Ratt, Culture Club, The Pointer Sisters, L.T.D., Hall & Oates, Rick Springfield, Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, Richard Marx, Queensryche, Billy Ocean, Kenny G, Cameo (Cameo (band)), Patti LaBelle, The Pretenders), trade shows, and sporting events such as the 1993 and 1994 Mid-American Conference men's basketball tournaments. The exhibit hall was also the home of professional wrestling cards from the mid-1980s to mid-1990s with monthly visits from the WWF (WWE) and the occasional NWA (NWA (wrestling stable)) WCW (World Championship Wrestling) event. The hall totals commons:Boston

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