of the country. birth_date '''John Stephen Hirsch''', OC (Order of Canada) (May 1, 1930 – August 1, 1989) was an Hungarian-Canadian (Canada) theater director. He was born in Siófok, Hungary to József and Ilona Hirsch, both of whom perished in The Holocaust along with his younger brother István. Fraidie Martz and Andrew Wilson, ''A Fiery


. The journey costs ¥4.80 and takes around 30mins Do Buy Eat Drink Yibin is home to the famous Wu Liang Ye distillery. No visit would be complete without a shot or two of their fiery baijiu Sleep 7 Days Hotel (No.223 Zhenwu Road). Central location, clean and nice, free luggage storage, but they don't have wifi. double room with private bathroom for ¥127. Take bus #4 from the South Bus station (Nan an). Connect Go next


; A multipile road disaster, including a passenger bus, truck and many vehicles are crashed at Nakuru-Eldoret road, Nakuru, Kenya, killing 35 people and injuring 41. , France leaves 15 people dead and 53 injured.


for the Jewish institutions, such as observance of kashrut, the social structure of the town, liaison with the town's nobles, and control of the Jewish court (Beth din). Hasidic leaders included Rabbi Boruch of Medzhybizh (1757–1811), the Baal Shem Tov's grandson. Rabbi Boruch was notable for his principle of ''malkhus'' ("royalty") and conducted his court accordingly. He was also known for his "melancholy" and he had a fiery temper. Many of his grandfather's disciples


its fiery hot local cuisine, including yangrou fen (spicy hot rice noodle soup with lamb and bean curd). This is made with Lai fen, a kind of thick wide round rice noodle that is made locally (at a factory in the town of Gaoping (Gaoping, Guizhou)), and is difficult to find elsewhere. The rice liquor Maotai (Moutai) is produced in the town of Maotai in Renhuai. Another well-known local liquor is Dongjiu. The local beer Gaoyuan is quite delicious. '''Liu Er Ma Mi

Northumberland County, New Brunswick

the industrialist and British press baron, Lord Beaverbrook. The agnostic Aitken liked to tease the Methodist Bennett, whose fiery temper contrasted with Aitken's ability to turn away wrath with a joke. This friendship would become important to his success later in life, as would his friendship with the Chatham (Chatham, New Brunswick) lawyer, Lemuel J. Tweedie, a prominent Conservative politician. He began to study law with Tweedie on weekends and during summer holidays. Another important

Ubon Ratchathani

designed locations downtown. Eat *

Cuenca, Ecuador

, Ecuador Cuenca ). Each civilization developed its own distinctive architecture, pottery, and religious interests, although consolidated under a confederation called the Shyris which exercised organized trading and bartering between the different regions and whose political and military power was under the rule of the Duchicela blood line before the Inca invasion. After years of fiery resistance by the Cañaris and other tribes, as demonstrated by the battle of Yahuarcocha (Blood Lake) where

East York

East York, Ontario nationality Canadian '''Jean Gertrude (True) Davidson''', CM (Order of Canada) (1901 - September 18, 1978), the first mayor of the Borough of East York, Ontario, was one of Toronto’s most colourful politicians in a career spanning nearly 25 years. Fiery and independent, she was a peppery crusader in some of the biggest civic battles of the 1960s and was always quick to defend the interests of East York, a small post-war suburb often threatened

Sadr City

-11-15 accessdate 2009-11-12 work BBC News * November 23 – A series of car bombs and mortar attacks (23 November 2006 Sadr City bombings) in Sadr City, Baghdad, kill at least 215 people and injure 257 other people. * November 30 – 2006 Pacific typhoon season#Typhoon

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