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Free City of Danzig

accessdate 2009-07-24 By 1947, 126,472 Danzigers of German ethnicity were expelled to Germany from Gdańsk, and 101,873 Poles from Central Poland and 26,629 from Soviet (Soviet Union)-annexed Eastern Poland took their place. In fiction Historical Danzig forms the setting for several major works of Nobel Prize-winning author Günter Grass, including his acclaimed Danzig Trilogy novels ''The Tin Drum'' and ''Dog Years'', as well

Quebec City

in historical (Historical fiction) and thrillers (Thriller fiction). Several of her stories take place in Quebec City or Paris. '''30,255''' Single Responses 0.4% of Quebec's Population popplace Montreal, Quebec City, Eastern Townships langs English (English language), French (French language), Scottish Gaelic (Canadian Gaelic), Lowland Scots (Scots language) Settling Some of these Scottish immigrants settled in Quebec City but many

Dominican Republic

and São Paulo. '''''In the Time of the Butterflies''''' is a historical (historical fiction) novel by Julia Alvarez, relating an account of the Mirabal sisters during the time of the Trujillo (Rafael Leónidas Trujillo) regime in the Dominican Republic. The book is written in the first and third person, by and about the Mirabal sisters. First published in 1994, the story was adapted into a feature film in 2001 (In the Time of the Butterflies (film)). Countries in the Americas that are treating foreign patients include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. suppressed_date patronage Astronomers; astronomy; Dominican Republic; falsely accused people; Santo Domingo Indian Pueblo, Valletta, Birgu (Malta) WikiPedia:Dominican Republic Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic commons:República Dominicana


Commons:Category:Syria WikiPedia:Syria Dmoz:Regional Middle East Syria


screenplay adaptations of “Miyamoto Musashi”, “Genji Monogatari”, and many other historical drama (historical fiction)s. In 1925, she was taken to Japan under the pretense of continuing her studies. Like her brothers, she attended the Gakushuin. She was described as silent and isolative. Upon the news of her mother's death in 1929, she isolated herself in her rooms and was eventually given permission to visit Korea temporarily to attend her mother's funeral in 1930. In the Spring


of the Ionian League of Greek (Hellenes) settlements. Never a unified state, it was eponymously named after the Ionian tribe (Ionians) who in the Archaic Period (Archaic period in Greece) (800–480 BC) settled mainly the shores and islands of the Aegean Sea. Ionian states were identified by tradition and by their use of Eastern Greek (Ancient Greek dialects#Groups). In the ''Assassin's Creed'' series of historical (historical fiction) action-adventure game action-adventure video

Soviet Union

a Trotskyist. Wang was arrested by the Central Social Department, modelled off the Soviet Union's OGPU, and beheaded in 1947. A non-fiction historical feature about the Soviet Union, "This Godless Communism", drawn by Reed Crandall, debuted in vol. 17, #2 (Sept. 28, 1961) and appeared in every second issue through #20. During her political and media careers Boucher opposed several high-profile events and developments


Catholic tradition, fathers are celebrated on Saint Joseph's Day, commonly called Feast of Saint Joseph ("Festa di San Giuseppe"), March 19. It is not a public holiday. In the ''Assassin's Creed'' series of historical (historical fiction) action-adventure video games (action-adventure game), the first game followed a fictional version of the Syrian wing of the sect, while subsequent games and ''Assassin's Creed'' media would depict its successor organizations opposed


, United States period Divakaruni's works are largely set in India and the United States, and often focus on the experiences of South Asian immigrants. She writes for children as well as adults and has published novels in multiple genres, including realistic fiction, historical fiction, magical realism, and fantasy. Background '''Chitralekha Banerjee Divakaruni''' was born in Kolkata (Calcutta), India. She has a sister called Mitali


and ''Hot Shots Golf'' for the PlayStation. , also known as '''''Anatolia Story''''', is a historical (historical fiction) fantasy shōjo manga series by Chie Shinohara. It is published in Japan by Shogakukan in ''Sho-Comi'' and collected in 28 volumes. It is published in English (English language) in North America by VIZ Media, with 25

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