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Red Deer, Alberta

in Canada'' has also featured special events, such as world-record all-night pick-up hockey games from Red Deer, Alberta (in 2001) and Windsor, Nova Scotia (2002). Viewers got to see the games after the CBC ended regular programming for the night, without commentary. '''Red Deer Rebels''' Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Alberta, Canada ENMAX Centrium * Medicine Hat - ''Medicine Hat News'' * Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) - ''Red Deer Advocate'' * Redcliff (Redcliff, Alberta) - ''40-Mile County Commentator'' * Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) - ''Red Deer Express'', ''Central Alberta Advisor'' * Redwater (Redwater, Alberta) - ''Redwater Review'', ''Redwater Tribune'' Although the majority of her writing is poetry, Kogawa's best-known work is ''Obasan'' (1981), a semi-autobiographical novel. A sequel, ''Itsuka'' (1992), was rewritten and retitled ''Emily Kato'' (2005). ''Obasan'' has been named as one of the most important books in Canadian history by the ''Literary Review of Canada'' and was also listed by ''The Toronto Star'' in a "Best of Canada" feature. ''Obasan'' was later adapted into a children's book, ''Naomi's Road'' (1986), which, in turn, Vancouver Opera adapted into a 45-minute opera that toured elementary schools throughout British Columbia. The opera was also performed before the general public in the greater Vancouver area, Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) and Lethbridge, Alberta, Seattle (Seattle, Washington), Washington (Washington (U.S. state)), and Ottawa, Ontario at the National War Museum. badge symbolism The mace is that of the House of Commons (Canadian House of Commons), evoking Michener's time as speaker of that chamber; the lion holding it is drawn from the coat of arms of Alberta, the symbol of the province in which Michener was born; and the maple leaf is the floral symbol of Canada. The Crown represents the Canadian sovereign (Monarchy of Canada) that Léger represented as viceroy, while the Fleur de Lys is emblematic of French-Canadian culture. The red deer to the left recalls Red Deer, Alberta, of which Michener's father was mayor, and the wild rose (Rosa acicularis) affixed to the deer is also the official flower of Alberta (Symbols of Alberta). The two medallions beneath the shield signify that Michener was a member of both the Order of Canada and the Venerable Order of Saint John. previous_versions Life P.K. Page was born in Swanage, Dorset, England and moved with her family to Canada in 1919. Page's parents moved her to Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Alberta in 1919, when she was only 3, and later to Calgary and Winnipeg. P. K. Page biography, University of Calgary. Retrieved 2010-01-16. Page said her parents were creative, encouraging non-conformists who loved the arts, recited poetry and read to her. She credited her early interest in poetry to the rhythms she unconsciously imbibed as a child. Grania Litwin, "At 87, P.K. Page is moving ahead",''Victoria Times Colonist'', 25 May 2004. Retrieved 2010-01-16. A year in England when she was 17 opened her eyes to galleries, ballets and concerts. '''Lethbridge''' ( . The tornado resulted from a severe thunderstorm that developed Friday evening in the foothills area of Alberta and tracked eastward. The '''Flag of the City of Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta)''' was adopted by Red Deer City Council on 6 June 1977. The official dedication ceremony was held on 26 August 1977. Expansion into Western Canada In 1993, A&B Sound moved into the Alberta market, opening locations in Calgary and Edmonton, followed by south Edmonton (1994), a second Calgary location (1995), Lethbridge (1996), and Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) and a third Calgary outlet in 1997. Also in 1995, a store was opened in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Expansion continued throughout Western Canada, with new stores in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (1999) and Winnipeg, Manitoba (2000). In 2001, Nick Steiner stepped aside as President, retaining his role as Chairman, and long-time CEO Tim Howley became President and CEO. A number of locations, such as those in Calgary, also included bookstore sections, though by the start of the 2000s decade most of these sections had been removed. Bankruptcy and a new owner In the 1990s and 2000s decade, A&B began to face increasing competition for music, DVD and electronics sales. Vancouver-based Future Shop added music to its product mix, using the same aggressive pricing structure it did with consumer electronics. Besides HMV, other retail giants like Wal-Mart, Virgin Megastore, and Best Buy entered the marketplace as well, the latter having purchased Future Shop in the early 2000s decade. In early 2005, with a debt of C$ (Canadian dollar)57 million, A&B Sound filed for protection under Canadian bankruptcy regulations. A sale to American company Sun Capital Partners Group Inc. was announced, but this sale was not approved by A&B's creditors. Instead, the company was purchased by Canadian computer manufacturer Seanix Technology Inc., based in Richmond and led by Paul Girard. He announced that they planned to close down or relocate some of the branches that were losing money and focus on the BC and Alberta markets. That year and the next, a number of employees were laid off, and several locations were closed, including both the Winnipeg stores in 2005, the Hastings Street store in January 2006, and in August 2006, their Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), and Saskatoon locations. StarPhoenix story on Saskatchewan locations closing, accessed January 15, 2007. Its high-profile Downtown (Downtown Calgary) Calgary store was also closed in February 2005, although that city maintained locations in the northeast and deep south. Meanwhile, new locations were opened in North Vancouver (North Vancouver, British Columbia) and Pitt Meadows, while the Kelowna, south Calgary, and Surrey (Surrey, British Columbia) stores were relocated. In March 2007, the Downtown (Downtown Edmonton) Edmonton location closed, with plans to re-open another Edmonton location in the works. The Burnaby location was also closed around this time. On December 15, 2007 a new location opened in Langford (near Victoria). On January 4, 2008 the Delta store, which had re-located from Surrey, was closed. In early 2008, A&B was planning to open a new store in Chilliwack, located not far from the local Future Shop. In July 2008, all signs for this location were removed, and plans for the Chilliwack location were scrapped. Edward was acclaimed as Mayor of Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Alberta. In the 1904 Mayoral race, he held that position for 2 terms until 1906. '''Mountain View County''' is a municipal district (List of municipal districts in Alberta) in Division No. 6 (Division No. 6, Alberta) in the central Alberta, Canada. It is located between the cities of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta) and Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) within the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. Mountain View County is a member of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, and the Municipal Area Partnership (Municipal Area Partnership, Alberta). Its municipal seat is the Town of Didsbury (Didsbury, Alberta).

Youngstown, Ohio

the events on 11 September 2001 in the US (September 11, 2001 attacks), and many teams and drivers featured special tributes to the USA on their cars and helmets. The 2002 edition (2002 United States Grand Prix) was known for Schumacher and teammate Rubens Barrichello trading places near the finish line after Schumacher's failed bid to end the race into a dead heat with Barrichello. Held in September its first four years (in order to distance it from the "500" and NASCAR's Brickyard 400), the USGP at Indianapolis was moved to an early summer date in 2004 (2004 United States Grand Prix). In 2005, problems with Michelin tires led to seven teams withdrawing from the race after the formation lap. Only the three teams (six cars) with Bridgestone tires started the 2005 United States Grand Prix, and the event was considered a farce. After graduating from Youngstown's East High School (East High School (Youngstown, Ohio)), Battisti served as an army combat engineer in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was later commissioned as an officer in military intelligence. Upon his return from Europe, he studied law at Ohio State University and Harvard Law School. He was born in the village of Brier Hill, now part of Youngstown, Ohio, an industrial town located near the Pennsylvania border. Beede was born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States, a steel-manufacturing center located near the Pennsylvania border. He attended the city's South High School, where he was class president and played football. In his senior year, Beede received a football scholarship to Newberry College, in South Carolina. He later transferred to Pittsburgh's Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University), where he studied structural engineering and played football. Early years Dove was born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States, a steel-production center located near the Pennsylvania border. Dove was a three-year starter at the city's South High School from 1936–38; and he was selected as an all-city player by the ''Youngstown Vindicator'' (the local daily paper) in his final year.


twenty years included forty shows in twenty-eight cities and featured special guests the Everly Brothers. The tour featured in its opening video montage a short series of clips and photos taken during the day leading up to the concert around the venue. Simon and Garfunkel performed "Hey, Schoolgirl", which they said was the first song they had written and recorded together. At the tour concert at Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey, they performed "Leaves That Are Green" in place of "Song for the Asking", which had been on their set list for the other concerts on this tour, following an announcement that they had not played it in concert since 1967. They also played "Leaves That Are Green" at concerts in Cleveland and Boston after making a similar announcement. According to 2006 census data, 44.3 million people of the U.S. population were Hispanic or Latino by origin; U.S. Census Bureau Hispanic or Latino by specific origin. 34 million people, 12.2 percent, of the population more than five years old speak Spanish at home. U.S. Census Bureau 1. Percent of People 5 Years and Over Who Speak Spanish at Home: 2006, U.S. Census Bureau 2. 34,044,945 People 5 Years and Over Who Speak Spanish at Home: 2006 Spanish has a long history in the United States because many south-western states were part of Mexico, and Florida was also a colony of Spain. The language recently has been revitalized in the U.S. by an influx of Hispanic immigrants. Spanish is the most widely taught language in the country after English. Although the United States has no formally designated "official languages," Spanish is formally recognized at the state level in various states in addition to English. In the U.S. state of New Mexico, 40% of the population speaks the language. It also has strong influence in metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Miami, San Antonio, New York City, Tampa, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Chicago, and in the twenty-first century the language has rapidly expanded in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona), Philadelphia, Richmond (Richmond-Petersburg), and Washington, DC. Spanish is the dominant spoken language in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. With a total of 37 million Spanish speakers, according to US Census Bureau, WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland


featured special footage from her and Nikos Karvelas in the studio. In the album, there is a song featuring the lead singer of the Greek hip-hop band Goin' Through called ''Erota I Polemo'' ("Love or War"). The album is different than other albums Vissi had released up to then, with a more rock (Rock (music)) feel to it, as well as a mix of other genres including rock (Rock (music)), dance, ballads and hip-hop (Hip hop music). ref

, the album was released as a dual disc, the first ever to be released in Greece. The dual disc version featured special footage from her and Nikos Karvelas in the studio. In the album, there is a song featuring the lead singer


) and ''Back in the World'' (2003). In 1987, he recorded a new version for his album ''CHOBA B CCCP'', but left it to outtakes. The song has become a mainstay of McCartney's live sets, and a special version was played when McCartney and his band returned to Liverpool in June 2008. It featured special guest drummer Dave Grohl, the lead singer of the Foo Fighters. Cultural legacy It was used at the start of Daniel Farson's Associated-Rediffusion documentary "Beat


* '''Smart ForTwo Edition Limited One''': Featured special edition "pyrite grey metallic" body work with contrasting silver Tridion Safety cell. It featured "Cognac Brown" Used look Nappa leather on the seats, steering wheel, and shift lever. The velour floor mats also were trimmed in the aforementioned leather. This was a new model to commemorate the launch of the model 451 Smart. * '''Brabus''': In 2003 Smart and Brabus introduced the jointly developed Brabus version

easier. The Smart K was discontinued as of November, 2004. Smart ForTwo page from * '''Smart ForTwo Edition Limited One''': Featured special edition "pyrite grey metallic" body work with contrasting silver Tridion Safety cell. It featured

date accessdate 2009-12-18 The Smart K was discontinued as of November, 2004. Smart ForTwo page from * '''Smart ForTwo Edition Limited One''': Featured special edition "pyrite grey metallic" body work with contrasting silver Tridion Safety cell. It featured "Cognac Brown" Used look Nappa leather on the seats, steering wheel, and shift lever. The velour floor mats also were trimmed in the aforementioned leather


the nickname given to fans of the Argentine (Argentina) football team, Boca Juniors. ''Xeneizes'' picked up where ''Quarashi'' left off, featuring more of the sometimes serious, sometimes silly lyrical stylings (and singing talents) of Hössi and Steini. The album also featured special appearances by Icelandic rappers Úlfur Kolka (on the song "Mayday"), and Ómar Swarez (on the songs "Punk" and "Stick 'Em Up"), who was not an official member of Quarashi yet (he had rapped on some of their songs previously). ''Xeneizes'' was another hit album for Quarashi, topping the Icelandic album charts due to such tunes as "Surreal Rhyme", "Jivin' About", "Model Citizen", "Tamborine Cut", "Show Me What You Can", and "Xeneizes". Several United Kingdom record labels began showing interest in Quarashi, but the group turned down all offers. 6,000 copies were made of ''Xeneizes'', and once again, all sold out, making ''Xeneizes'' the second Quarashi album to go gold in Iceland. '''Vicuña''' is a Chilean commune (Communes of Chile) and city (List of cities in Chile) in Elqui Province, Coquimbo Region, founded during the government of Bernardo O'Higgins to secure sovereignty over the Elqui Valley. The famous Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral was born there in 1889. It borders to the west with the communes of La Higuera, La Serena (La Serena, Chile) and Andacollo, to the east with Argentina and to the south with Paihuano and Rio Hurtado. The commune is the administered by the municipality of Vicuña, which is the principal city of the Valle de Elqui. *''Zanthoxylum clava-herculis'' L. (Carl Linnaeus) – Hercules' Club, Southern Prickly-ash (southeastern United States) *''Zanthoxylum coco'' Gillies (John Gillies) ex Hook. (William Jackson Hooker) & Arn. (George Arnott Walker Arnott) – Coco, Smelly Sauco (Argentina, Bolivia) *''Zanthoxylum coreanum'' Nakai – Korean Lime Tree Students of the Heschel High School commute from all boroughs of New York City, as well as the from the Greater New York area, including New Jersey and Westchester (Westchester County, New York). Additionally, students' countries of origin include Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela, Austria, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Israel. '''"Blue Tigers"''' ( Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

United States

). A limited edition of the American (United States) release of the album featured special packaging and included a bonus disc featuring b-sides, rarities, and live tracks. '''Bray v. Alexandria Women's Health Clinic''', was a United States abortion rights case (January 13, 1993), which affirmed, 6-3, that ''Ku Klux Klan Act'' of 1871 (Ku Klux Klan Act) cannot be used to halt protests !-- blockades NOTE: is "blockade" the right word here??-->

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