MU2118 Xi`an 22:00 Hanzhong 22:40 - China Eastern MU2103 Hanzhong 07:20 Xi`an 08:20 Hanzhong Railway Station class "table-view log-set-param" '''Train Number''' '''Train Type''' '''Departure''' '''Dpt Time''' '''Hanzhong Are''' '''Hanzhong Det''' '''Destination''' - K206 K207 AC FAST Chengdu 17:40 02:23 02:25 Qingdao - K208 K205 AC FAST Qingdao 16:42 23:31 23:34 Chengdu - K262 AC

FAST Hanzhong 11:55 11:55 Beijing West - K282 K283 AC FAST Shanghai 20:37 02:18 02:25 Chengdu - K284 K281 AC FAST Chengdu 18:30 02:51 02:54 Shanghai - K390 K391 AC FAST Chengdu 10:14 18:54 19:01 Fuzhou - K392 K389 AC FAST Fuzhou 10:53 19:00 19:03 Chengdu - 4906 AC STANDARD Hanzhong 16:13 16:13 Ankang - K768 K769 AC FAST Hanzhong 12:56 12:56 Guangzhou - K257 AC FAST Tianjin 16:42 20:39 20:43 Chengdu - K258 AC FAST Chengdu 13:55

23:06 23:10 Tianjin - K961 AC FAST Hankou 10:30 01:09 01:14 Chengdu - K962 AC FAST Chengdu 12:54 22:35 22:39 Hankou - 8361 STANDARD Hanzhong 06:27 06:27 Yang-pingguan - K208 AC FAST Qingdao 16:42 23:31 23:34 Chengdu - L234 L235 FAST Shanghai 20:54 02:44 02:57 Chengdu - L236 L233 FAST Chengdu 14:49 23:58 00:08 Shanghai - L34 FAST Chengdu 09:40 20:12 20:16 Beijing West - L258 FAST Chengdu 10:46 20:35 20:50 Shanghai - L236 FAST

Virginia State Lottery

the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 175,223,510. The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 32. One Powerball jackpot has been won in Virginia. http: www.powerball.com powerball pb_stories Fast Play and scratcher games From its inception, the Virginia Lottery has sold instant (scratcher (scratchcard)) games. Originally, all scratch tickets were $1 each; in the mid-1990s, the first Bingo scratcher was introduced; each Bingo ticket cost $2. Eventually, higher-priced scratchers

complementing scratchers with its first Fast Play game: "Fast Play Bingo". As with traditional Lottery games, tickets are printed by the terminal; however as in scratchers, winning status is determined when the ticket is printed (there is no drawing for a Fast Play game). More Fast Play games have been added over the years, and as of 2013, the Lottery maintains a continually-changing lineup of Fast Play games at $2, $3, and $5 prices: each with its own rules and prizes. Security


drivers and youngsters with a fresh driving license in sports cars. Mátészalka is also connected, mostly to the east and the north, by dirt roads to various villages. These are safer, although watch out for stray dogs that may attack the fast moving bicycle or hares and pheasants which might jump in your path. If you sprain your ankle or knee you may be left there for good. In rainy weather, these dirt roads are mostly unpassable. By thumb The car is the main method of transport

converted to rally racing. Do *'''Visit the flea-market''', in the southwest part of the city, at the junction of Ipari street and Meggyesi street. This is more than a simple market, this is a central hub in the town's social life. While nowadays less people come here for shopping because this Eastern-style market is overshadowed by the Western-style TESCO, it is still a pretty good place with various kinds of vendors, small buffets offering local versions of fast food and loud party music

blasting through loudspeakers on poles from Kesha, Lady Gaga, etc. If you have kids, bring them here, they'll love it! Things to look for on the market: -Fast food vendors offering Lángos, a traditional Hungarian fast-food, Palacsinta, 1980s-style communist hamburgers and hot-dogs which are markedly different from McDonald's, grilled open-face sandwiches made like a pizza, gyros, soft drinks, not just Coca Cola but also Traubisoda, Márka and other Hungarian soft drinks. -Ukrainian candies


in the southwest approaches to Saipan and Guam. She served on lifeguard duty south of Yap, then scored two torpedo hits on a destroyer before sailing for Midway Island and Pearl Harbor for refit and repairs to a hull badly damaged by depth charges. The battleship's next mission was to screen the fast carriers while they projected air strikes against Japanese positions on the islands of Palau, Yap, Ulithi, and Woleai, in the Caroline Islands. She

the first air attacks against the Mariana Islands. The force was under constant enemy air attack, and ''South Dakota'' shot down four Japanese planes. She returned to Majuro from 26 February to 22 March, when she sailed with the fast carrier forces of the 5th Fleet (United States Fifth Fleet); the Fleet delivered air strikes from 30 March to 1 April against Palau, Yap, Woleai, and Ulithi in the Western Caroline Islands. ''Boston'' returned the Marianas, to support

and the Marshall Islands, Kosrae joined the remaining districts (Yap, Chuuk and Pohnpei) to form the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). Kosrae is the only one-island FSM state (whereby the seven or eight small nearshore islands within the fringing reef, most importantly Lelu Island, are subsumed under the main island), while the other three states are each composed of many islands. On 22 March ''Monaghan'' put to sea in the antisubmarine screen for the fast carriers, bound


100 km sp us to the northwest. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Kazakhstan gaining independence, the original name Aktau was restored in 1991. Construction Aktau was once the site of a nuclear power station. The BN-350 FBR (Fast breeder reactor) went online in 1973, and closed in 1999. In addition to producing plutonium, BN-350 was also used to provide power and for desalination

– Atyrau, Kazakhstan right thumb Shevchenko BN350 nuclear fast reactor and desalination plant situated on the shore of the Caspian Sea. The former plant could generate 135 MW e and provide steam for an associated desalination plant. View of the interior of the reactor hall. (Image:Shevchenko BN350.gif) The '''BN-350''' was a sodium-cooled (Liquid metal cooled reactor) fast reactor nuclear power plant located at Aktau (formerly known

as Shevchenko from 1964-1992), Kazakhstan, situated on the shore of the Caspian Sea. Construction of the BN-350 Fast breeder reactor began in 1964, and the plant first produced electricity in 1973. In addition to providing power for the city (150 MW e ), BN-350 was also used for producing plutonium and for desalination to supply fresh water (120,000 m³ fresh water day) to the city. - Kazakhstan Aktau ( Mangyshlak


Bonins raid (15 June – 16 June), Battle of the Philippine Sea (19 June – 20 June); and 2nd Bonins raid (24 June). During the Battle Of the Philippine Sea, ''Belleau Wood's'' planes sank the Japanese carrier . 1944 Joining Task Force 58 (Fast Carrier Task Force), ''Cowpens'' sailed from Pearl Harbor on 16 January 1944 for the invasion of the Marshalls. Her planes pounded Kwajalein and Eniwetok the last 3 days of the month to prepare

, Netherlands East Indies, (September – October 1944) Five days later, she sailed with a fast carrier force which struck the great enemy base at Truk on 16-17 February and hit Saipan on 22 February. She then proceeded via Majuro to Espiritu Santo. She got underway again on 15 March, escorting as those aircraft carriers supported landings on Emirau Island (Landing on Emirau) on 20 March and struck Palau, Yap

Group 21 (MAG 21). On 2 June, CarDiv 22 started north for Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshalls (Marshall Islands). On 4 August, ''Santee'' reached newly-won Guam. The 81 aircraft of MAG 21 became the first planes to operate from the reconquered island. Joining Task Force 58 (Fast Carrier Task Force) in January 1944, ''North Carolina'' escorted aircraft carriers as the flagship of Admiral Willis A. Lee for much of the year, providing support for airborne strikes on Kwajalein


- Stockholm ... Tallinn - Narva - Saint Petersburg The chain's history reaches back to 1966, when Heikki Salmela (born 1946) opened a street food kiosk in Naantali. He later opened the first Hesburger in 1980 in Turku, which became the first element of the first fast food restaurant chain in Finland. In the 1980s the chain grew fast. Salmela sold the chain and several hotels in 1988 for almost 200 million Finnish markkas. Three years later, during

, Ekenäs, Helsinki and Priozersk that had been captured from Russia in 1580. but no known historical research provides support for a link between the number of roses and the number of towns in Finland in 1580. In September 2000 ''Mariella'' was refitted at Naantali with rear sponsons and a new fast rescue boat. Her interior was also brought up to date, the disco moved from deck eight to deck seven, and for some time after the refit she sported the text "Updated


, Radeče, Radovljica, Ravne na Koroškem, Sevnica, Sežana, Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenske Konjice, Škofja Loka, Šoštanj, Tolmin, Trbovlje, Tržič, Velenje, Višnja Gora, Vrhnika, Zagorje ob Savi, Žalec. InterCity Slovenija (ICS) The ICS (SŽ series 310) trains are modern, air-conditioned trains which provide fast speeds and comfort. They are equipped with disabled

fast, so keep all bodily limbs (and children) well inside the moving vehicle! Other longer and more strenuous tours ("Underground Adventures") are available to groups of 2-50 people. The caves are damp and chilly (10 C year round) so appropriate shoes and clothing should be worn. €18 10.80 adult child. Start of guided tours is at 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 from October to April and on every hour on the hour between 9.00 and 18.00 from May to September. *'''Predjama Castle''', located

for either the castle or the caves, €12 7.20 to do both. Do Buy Eat As of 2007 a 2-course meal for two with a drink each in a nice restaurant can cost between €20 and €40, for a 3-course meal add another €5 to €15. Fast food or a quick sandwich can be €3 to €7 per person. Drink Sleep Hotels around Postojna cost €60 to €100 per night for two people staying in a double room in a 3-star hotel. There are no 4-star (or higher) hotels in the region (as of 2007). The prices


Yatra (the Cart Journey). Traffic will be halted for five to six hours on that day. It is believed that the Holy Cart (Rath) was driven by Lord Krishna. So, people keep a young child in the Holy Cart as a symbol of Krishna and pull the Cart with joy to celebrate the Lord Krishna's birthday. The ''Rath'' is very big and heavy and needs hundreds of persons to move it. Mostly the recruits of Nepal army are recruited to pull the heavy cart. It has an engine to run if required to move fast. It has brakes

of wheat) with great respect to Surya (the sun). Some people fast from two days prior of pooja and break their fast by drinking water after the ritual is over. Chhath is considered to be very pure and the pooja is performed with infinite respect to surya, the Sun. Eid-ul-fitr and EId-ul-adha are the festivals celebrated by muslim community of biratnagar. Christmas is celebrated by a small population of christian minority . Politics Biratnagar, being the home and a political turf

you can get lot more. For groceries there is a supermarket near (ex-) Mahendra chowk. Eat *'''Unique Fast Food''' Restaurant on the main commercial avenue (not the one that comes from the airport) has a clean and funny interior, and decent food. *


;russian_american" The Republic of Karelia A fast fibre-optic cable link connecting Finnish Kuhmo and Karelian Kostomuksha was built in 2007, providing fast telecommunications. The State Provincial Office was a joint regional authority of seven different ministries. It promoted national and regional objectives of the State central administration. Eastern Finland

Joensuu ("River's mouth" in Finnish) is situated at near the point where the Pielisjoki river flows into the Lake Pyhäselkä. It is one of the relatively fast growing centres in Eastern Finland. The University of Eastern Finland supplies a constant stream of fresh student meat from all over the country and exchange students from abroad. Joensuu's industry, as well as a large part of the University programs, is dominated by forestry. Get in By plane

Huge outdoor flea market that is held every other Sunday during the summer. Eat *

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