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date and age 1980 4 21 1928 10 7 mf y He was born in Kashan in Isfahan (Isfahan Province) province. He is considered to be one of the five most famous modern Persian (Iranian) poets who have practised "New Poetry" (a kind of poetry that often has neither meter nor rhyme). Other practitioners of this form were Nima Youshij, Ahmad Shamlou, Mehdi Akhavan-Sales, and Forough Farrokhzad. DATE OF BIRTH October 7, 1928 PLACE OF BIRTH Kashan, Iran

Chinese Academy of Sciences

, a famous modern Chinese writer, is a professor at OUC, and also an Honorary Dean of the College of Literature, Journalism and Communication. 中国海洋大学——学校概况 :† Extinct (extinction) : List Sources:


facilities of restaurant as well as Marriage Hall along with a beautiful Marriage Lawn. Hotel Global Village situated near Rahwali Cantt opposite DC Colony, a famous modern housing colony at G T road N5. * ''' Fast Junk Food''' Many small restaurant have also started there operations in Gujranwala in last five years. Among those restaurants famous names are Salva Restaurant, Chanab Rutt, Usmania Restaurant, etc, there are also many fast food outlets in fried chicken such as HFC, AFC and in pizza


), and Emperor Ming, while knowing that Yin was not at fault, was unwilling to oppose Yuwen Zhi, and so executed Yin. **Yancheng - Yancheng Nanyang Airport **Wuhan - Wuhan Tianhe International Airport begins April 4 2012 **Zhengzhou - Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport Mao's long and productive career included designing two of the most famous modern bridges in China, the Qiantang River Bridge near Hangzhou, and the Yangtze River Bridge at Wuhan. He also led the structural design of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. building_type Mixed use location Wuhan, China (People's Republic of China) coordinates WikiPedia:Wuhan Dmoz:Regional Asia China Hubei Wuhan commons:武汉


: Zhongshan Park , named after the style name 'Zhongshan' of Sun Yat-sen (孙文,字中山), a famous modern Chinese politician. *Xiao Yu Shan (Little Fish Hill, 小鱼山) (Xiao Yu Shan) *Qingdao Botanical Garden *Qingdao Zoological Garden *The twin-spired St. Michael's Cathedral (St. Michael's Cathedral, Qingdao) (天主教堂), one piece of the famous Neo-romanesque architecture in Qingdao, designed by German architect Alfred Fräbel, completed in 1934


WikiPedia:Medellín Dmoz:Regional South America Colombia Localities Medellín Commons:Medellín


Palace, 45 kn for Rectors Palace and Ethnographic museum, and 50 kn for Rectors Palace, Ethnographic museum and Maritime museum. You can use these tickets on multiple days. *

modern Croatian painters. Part of the house is devoted to exhibitions of works by young artists. * *


Airport Mao's long and productive career included designing two of the most famous modern bridges in China, the Qiantang River Bridge near Hangzhou, and the Yangtze River Bridge at Wuhan. He also led the structural design of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. This ended the era known as the Northern Song Dynasty, when the Song Dynasty controlled most of China. The rest of the imperial family (Royal family) was forced to flee and establish a new government, now known as the Southern Song, at Lin'an (Hangzhou), which was to become their capital. This incident is so named because this was the major incident during the short reign of Emperor Qinzong, whose era name (Chinese era name) was "Jingkang" (靖康). Django moved north to study literature at Yale before relocating to Hangzhou, China, where he taught English and continued his musical adventure, playing songs he had written to audiences at the local pub who often could not understand a word of what he was playing, gaining him a larger insight to the finer points of song writing. "It takes away all opportunities for in-references, clever lyrics, etc." Django recalls, "and boils it down to melody, rhythm, feel, and sound". thumb left Zao Wou-Ki (Capture d'écran d'une vidéo de l'Encyclopédie audiovisuelle de l'art contemporain). (Image:zaowouki.png) He was born in a cultivated family and studied calligraphy in his childhood and from 1935 to 1941 painting at the school of Fine Arts in Hangzhou. In 1948, he went with his wife Lan-lan, a composer, to Paris to live on the same block in Montparnasse where the classes of Émile Othon Friesz took place. His earliest exhibitions in France were met with praise from Miró (Joan Miró) and Picasso. The '''Zhejiang Medical University''' (Traditional Chinese: 浙江醫科大學; Simplified Chinese: 浙江医科大学), was a defunct university in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China. 1998, it was merged into Zhejiang University. - Hangzhou WikiPedia:Hangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Zhejiang Hangzhou Commons:Hangzhou


Austria–Hungary drafted 9 million (fighting forces: 7.8 million) soldiers in World War I (over 4 million from the Kingdom of Hungary) on the side of Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey. The Central Powers conquered Serbia. Romania declared war. The Central Powers conquered Southern Romania and the Romanian capital Bucharest. In 1916 Emperor Franz Joseph died, and the new monarch Charles IV (Charles IV of Hungary) sympathized with the pacifists. With great difficulty, the Central powers stopped and repelled the attacks of the Russian Empire. thumb The Second Arab siege of Constantinople from the 14th-century Bulgaria (File:47-manasses-chronicle.jpg)n translation of the Manasses Chronicle (Constantine Manasses). Sulayman's successor Umar II strictly enforced Sharia. Umar II pushing to end drinking and bathhouses where men and women would mix freely. Umar is considered one of the finest rulers in Muslim history, second only to the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs. He continued the welfare programs of the last few Umayyad caliphs, expanding them and including special programs for orphans and the destitute. ref>


Libertadores tournament. * November 25, 2006: '''Barcelona (FC Barcelona) vs. Villarreal (Villarreal CF)''' In the club level, one of the most famous modern bicycle kicks was done by Ronaldinho while playing for Barcelona and scoring with what was considered a bicycle kick against

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