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Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

*William Frederic Ritschel, painter *Esther Rose, Western artist *Dick Sargent, actor *Upton Sinclair, novelist and social reformer *George Sterling, poet

title George and Carrie Sterling and the Havens Family By Elsie Whitaker Martinez publisher date 2006-04-27 accessdate 2014-01-07 *Lincoln Steffens, writer


), the prominent Boston Brahmin Cabot family descend from the former.

Lower Saxony

, Lower Saxony, Germany. The family title, which was bestowed upon his paternal grandfather in 1891, was inherited in 1936 by von Cramm's eldest brother, Aschwin. Clemens August von Galen belonged to one of the oldest of the most distinguished noble families (German nobility) of Westphalia, Von Galen Family and was born in the Catholic southern part of the Duchy of Oldenburg (Oldenburger Münsterland, near the German border with the Netherlands), on the Burg Dinklage, now in the state of Lower Saxony. The von Galen name had long been associated with the region; the von Galens had been there since 1667, when Christoph Bernhard von Galen was named first bishop of Münster after putting down the Anabaptists, "leaving the bodies of the ''heretics'' to rot in cages lining the city's gates." Bishop vn Galen, Beth A.Griech-Polelle, p. 9 Clemens August was the son of Count Ferdinand Heribert von Galen, a member of the Imperial German (German Empire) parliament (Reichstag (Reichstag (German Empire))) for the Catholic Centre Party, and Elisabeth von Spee, Heinrich Portmann, Kardinal von Galen Aschendorff, Münster, Westfalen, 1948 9–35 the eleventh of thirteen children. '''Vechta''' ( Commons:Category:Lower Saxony Wikipedia:Lower Saxony Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Lower Saxony


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Russian Empire

, while Nicholas was visiting Japan during his eastern journey (Eastern journey of Nicholas II). Background Before opening ceremonies in Vladivostok marking the start of construction of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Tsarevich Nicholas made an official visit to Japan. The Russian Pacific Fleet with the Tsarevich first called on Kagoshima (Kagoshima, Kagoshima), then Nagasaki (Nagasaki, Nagasaki), and then Kobe. From Kobe, the Tsarevich journeyed overland to Kyoto, where he was met by a delegation headed by Prince Arisugawa Taruhito. As this was the first visit by such an important foreign prince to Japan since those of Prince Heinrich of Prussia in 1880 and two British princes in HMS ''Bacchante'' (HMS Bacchante (1876)) in 1881, and as the military influence of the Russian Empire was growing rapidly in the far east, the Japanese government placed heavy emphasis on using this visit to foster better Russo-Japanese relations (Empire of Japan – Russian Empire relations). Nicholas showed interest in the Japanese traditional crafts, got a a dragon tattoo on his right arm, Keene, ''Emperor of Japan, Meiji and His World'', pp.446. Nikolai had read Pierre Loti's ''Madame Butterfly'' before arriving in Nagasaki, and in imitation of Loti had a dragon tattooed on his right arm on May 4 in a painful operation that took 7 hours, from 9 PM to 4 AM. and bought an ornamental hairpin (Kanzashi) for a Japanese girl who happened to be near him. right 225px thumb To contribute to the emergence of a society in which development will supplant stagnation, in which growth will take the place of decay, and in which culture will put an end to barbarism is the noblest, and, indeed, the only true function of intellectual endeavor. (File:Wheat close-up.JPG) '''Paul Alexander Baran (w:Paul Alexander Baran)''' (25 August 1909, Mykolaiv (w:Mykolaiv),Russian Empire (w:Russian Empire), today Ukraine (w:Ukraine) – 26 March 1964, Palo Alto (w:Palo Alto, California), USA (w:United States of America)) was an American economist (w:economics) known for his Marxist (w:Marxist) views. In 1951 Baran was promoted to full professor at Stanford University (w:Stanford University) and Baran was the only tenured Marxian economist (w:Marxian economist) in the United States until his death in 1964. right thumb w:Mark Kac Mark Kac (File:Mark Kac.jpg) Where there is independence there must be the normal law. '''Mark Kac (w:Mark Kac)''' (pronounced ''kahts'', Polish (w:Polish Language): ''Marek Kac'', b. 3 August 1914, Krzemieniec (w:Krzemieniec), Russian Empire (w:Russian Empire), now in Ukraine (w:Ukraine); d. 26 October 1984, California (w:California), USA (w:USA)) was a Polish (w:Poles) mathematician. Kac completed his Ph.D. in mathematics at the Polish University of Lwów (w:University of Lwów) in 1937 under the direction of Hugo Steinhaus (w:Hugo Steinhaus).


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21–22, 25, 26 He married five times, including a one-year marriage to the poet Fleur Adcock and a longer marriage to Robin Lee-Robinson, and had six sons.


-and-activist-dies-at-65 article1851548 "David Noble, academic and activist, dies at 65" , ''The Globe and Mail'', December 28, 2010, accessed December 30, 2010. ) was a critical historian (Critique of technology) of technology, science and education, best known for his seminal work on the social history of automation.


November 1982 pages 21–22, 25, 26 He married five times, including a one-year marriage to the poet Fleur Adcock and a longer marriage to Robin Lee-Robinson, and had six sons.

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