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San Bartolo Coyotepec

Mexico's Mezcal Monkey: collectible ceramic folk art from Oaxaca first Alvin last Starkman date January 31, 2010 publisher MexConnect accessdate March 10, 2010 Doña Rosa died in 1980, but the tradition of making the ''barro negro pottery'' is being carried on by Doña Rosa’s daughter and grandchildren who stage demonstrations for tourists. The workshop is still in the family home, where shelves and shelves of shiny black pieces for sale line

Oak Bay, British Columbia

private properties in Canada and North America. * In 2011, the average price of a single family home in Oak Bay was $936,355. http: greater-victoria mls-statistics-for-victoria-oak-bay-metchosin-north-saanich-and-sidney * Retirement homes and communities - Oak Bay is well known as a popular retirement destination. * A selection of excellent restaurants, deli's, bistro's antique shops, as well as an English-style pub, and other establishments

Da Lat

in the central highlands (Tay Nguyen) resort town of Đà Lạt (Da Lat) that was popular with French colonial personnel, and lived away from the family home in the deep south. Khánh's father was a wealthy landlord who lived in the Mekong Delta with a mistress, a popular Vietnamese actress and singer. Shaplen, p. 228. Khánh was brought up by his de facto stepmother. Trà Vinh is a border town near Cambodia and the family moved between both countries. Khánh began his education in Cambodia and when he grew up, he moved to Saigon to study at an elite French school, boarding with wealthy relatives. However, Phát and Đức could not apprehend Khánh, who had escaped the capital and flew to the central highlands resort town of Đà Lạt (Da Lat). American officials flew after Khánh to encourage him to return to Saigon and reassert his control. He refused to do so unless the Americans publicly announced their support for him to the nation. They then asked Khánh about his plans for the future, but felt that he was directionless. After talking to Phát and Đức, they concluded the same, thus deciding to publicly release a statement through the embassy endorsing Khánh. This helped deter ARVN officers from joining Phát and Đức, who decided to give up. Khánh returned to Saigon and put down the putsch, aided mainly by the Vietnamese Air Force, under the leadership of Air Marshal Nguyễn Cao Kỳ (Nguyen Cao Ky), whose political star began to rise. Khánh imprisoned Lam and Đức for two months. He then removed three of the four corps commanders and six of the nine division commanders for failing to move against Lam and Đức. Karnow, p. 396. By the end of the evening, he was in Đà Lạt (Da Lat) when his plane had no fuel left, and no pumps were open at the time, so he was marooned there for the night. Fearing a Khánh comeback, the AFC met again and unanimously resolved to make contingency plans to repel any counter-insurrection by Khánh. Westmoreland sent Colonel Wilson, Khánh's former confidant, to go to the military airport at Đà Lạt to convince the Vietnamese general to resign and allow a new military leadership to take the reins. Moyar (2006), p. 364. Khánh finally agreed to leave if he was given a dignified send-off, so the other generals arranged a ceremony at Tan Son Nhut, where military bands serenaded him. He theatrically bent down and picked up some loose dirt before putting it in his pocket, saying that he was taking his beloved homeland with him. His enemies, the remaining Vietnamese officers and Taylor, all met him at the airport. He then left as Ambassador-at-Large, and was sent on a world tour, starting with a report at the United Nations in New York City. Shaplen, p. 312. Benefiting with French assistance the VNA quickly became a modern army modelled after the Expeditionary Corps. It included infantry, artillery, transmission, armored cavalry, airborne, airforce, navy and a national military academy. By 1953 troopers as well as officers were all Vietnamese, the latter having been trained in ''Ecoles des Cadres'' such as Da Lat, including Chief of Staff General Nguyen Van Hinh who was a French Union airforce veteran. On 7 August 1945, the Japanese allowed the formation a smaller ''Panitia Penjelidik Kemerdekaan Indonesia'' (PPKI), a 21-person committee tasked with creating specific governmental structure of future Indonesian state. On 9 August, the top leaders of PPKI (Sukarno, Hatta, and KRH Radjiman Wediodiningrat), were summoned by Commander-in-Chief of Japan's Southern Expeditionary Forces, Field Marshal Hisaichi Terauchi, to Da Lat, 100 km from Saigon. Field Marshal Terauchi gave Sukarno the freedom to proceed with preparation for Indonesian independence, free of Japanese interference. After much wining and dining, Sukarno's entourage was flown back to Jakarta on 14 August. Unbeknownst to the guests, atomic bombs had been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Japanese were preparing for surrender. *''-ard'' (Spain → Spaniard, Savoy → Savoyard) *''-(l)ese'' (Calabria → Calabrese, China → Chinese, Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) → Congolese, Da Lat (Vietnam) → Dalatese, The Faroe Islands → Faroese, Genoa → Genovese, Hong Kong → Hongkongese, Japan → Japanese, Lebanon → Lebanese, Macau → Macanese, Malta → Maltese, Portugal → Portuguese, Shanghai → Shanghainese, Sudan → Sudanese, Taiwan → Taiwanese, Togo → Togolese, the Tyrol (County of Tyrol) → Tyrolese, Vienna → Viennese, Vietnam → Vietnamese,) **"-ese" is usually considered proper only as an adjective, or to refer to the entirety. Thus, "a Chinese person" is used rather than "a Chinese". - DLI VVDL Lien Khuong Airport Da Lat, Lam Dong, Vietnam - birth_date The region is connected to the Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen) by several national roads at Phan Rang (National Road 27 to Da Lat), Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa Province (26 to Buon Ma Thuot), Tuy Hoa (25 to Pleiku via Ayun Pa) Quy Nhon (19 to Pleiku), and western Quang Nam Province (14 Ho Chi Minh Road to Kon Tum). Vietnam Road Atlas (Tập Bản đồ Giao thông Đường bộ Việt Nam). Cartographic Publishing House (Vietnam), 2004 At a more local level, the picturesque hill town and resort of Đà Lạt (Da Lat) was once connected by a scenic little rack railway to the main north-south line at Thap Cham (Phan Rang-Thap Cham).

Nutana, Saskatoon

* Main Street Electrical Substation (Saskatoon Electrical System Substation) (1929) – Built to satisfy increased demand for electricity, it was constructed of Redcliffe brick and Claybank dark brick in a mix of Modern Classical and Prairie styles. After being decommissioned in 1973, the building fell into disrepair until being rehabilitated and turned into an office building. Designated a municipal heritage property on December 4, 2000. * Davis Dairy (1930) – Built

Anacortes, Washington

in 1996. * Bobo (Bobo (gorilla)) (1951–1968) – western lowland gorilla who lived in the Lowman family home in Anacortes, Washington from his infancy until 1953 and then Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle until his death. * Bokito (Bokito (gorilla)) (born 1996) — silverback gorilla that escaped the Blijdorp Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp) on May 18, 2007 and injured a woman. Now, Bar Harbor is a destination for tourists from all over the world. Cruise ships are in the harbor from May through

disturbing the gorillas. From 1953 to 1968 WPZ was home to Bobo (Bobo (gorilla)), a western lowland gorilla (''Gorilla gorilla gorilla'', the same species as the gorillas currently living at the zoo). WPZ acquired Bobo from the Lowman family of Anacortes, Washington, who had purchased the gorilla as an infant from a hunter in Columbus, Ohio in 1951 and had raised him in their family home in Anacortes. Bobo drew many visitors to the zoo and was one of Seattle's main attractions

Baraboo, Wisconsin

Baraboo (Baraboo, Wisconsin), Wisconsin La Follette met Belle Case (Belle Case La Follette) while attending the University of Wisconsin, and they married on December 31, 1881, at her family home in Baraboo, Wisconsin. She became a leader in the feminist (feminism) movement, an advocate of women's suffrage and an important influence on the development of La Follette's ideas. La Follette attended law school briefly and passed the bar


livestock around the family home. Chickens, pigs, and, less frequently, sheep and goats provide fresh food and a source of income. The rivers provide a great variety of fish, and locals often spend several days at a time fishing from improvised fishing ''villages'' along the river. Languages The dominant people of Basankusu are the Mongo; Spiritual Dialogue with the Bantu - Piet Korse therefore, the Bantu language

Palms, Los Angeles

name MappingLAPalms The upscale Westside Village district contains the only significant remaining concentration of owner-occupied single-family homes, largely constructed by developer Fritz Burns in assembly-line style just before World War II; most of these houses have been expanded during their lifetime, and some have been replaced in recent years by bigger, two-story dwellings. Apartment buildings, including two UCLA family- and graduate-student housing complexes, line even Westside


been awarded the grandmaster (International Grandmaster) title, but his selection was supported by Garry Kasparov. Vladimir Kramnik and Iakov Damsky, ''Kramnik: My Life and Games'' (London: Everyman Chess, 2000), pp. 21-22. He scored eight wins, one draw (draw (chess)), and no losses. In the midst of revolutionary upheaval in Russia, Gurdjieff left Petrograd in 1917 to return to his family home in Alexandropol. During the Bolshevik Revolution, he set up

Shepherdstown, West Virginia

with Shepherd University or operated by youth groups. Shepherdstown also supports several restaurants and music venues. Monthly contra dances are sponsored by Shepherdstown Music and Dance. The patriarch of the Shepherd family, Henry P. Shepherd, died July 4, 2007 at Bellevue (Van Swearingen-Shepherd House), the family home. He is survived by an older sister, Elizabeth, still resident in Shepherdstown, as well as a younger brother Thomas, resident of Massachusetts, and dozens of nieces, nephews and grandchildren. A large number of people rightfully claim descendancy from Thomas Shepherd. Sites on the National Register of Historic Places class "wikitable" - ! Site ! Year Built ! Address ! Listed - Boidstones Place (Greenbrakes Farm) Shepherd Grade 1999 - Cold Spring (Cold Spring (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)) 1793 CR 17 1973 - Elmwood (Elmwood (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)) 1797 CR 17 1973 - Falling Spring-Morgan's Grove WV 480 1989 - Fruit Hill (Fruit Hill (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)) (Robinson-Andrews-Hoxton House) Shepherd Grade 1988 - Captain William Lucas and Robert Lucas House (Linden Spring) 1793 CR 31 1982 - James Marshall House (James Marshall House (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)) (Marshall Hall) Shepherd Grade 1988 - Morgan's Grove WV 480, WV 230, Morgan's Grove Road 1999 - Morgan-Bedinger-Dandridge House (Rosebrake) WV 48 1983 - Rockland (Rockland (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)) 1897 WV 480 1990 - Rose Hill Farm (Rose Hill Farm (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)) (James-Marshall-Snyder Farm) Off WV 48 1990 - Rumsey Hall (Rumsey Hall (Shepherdstown, West Virginia)) (Entler Hotel) late 18th century German & Princess Streets 1973 - Shepherd's Mill (Thomas Shepherd's Grist Mill) High Street 1971 - Van Swearingen-Shepherd House (Bellevue) Shepherd Grade 1983 Notable residents '''Mechlenberg Heights''' is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County (Jefferson County, West Virginia), West Virginia, USA. Mechlenberg Heights lies to the west of Shepherdstown (Shepherdstown, West Virginia) along West Virginia Route 45. The collection covers all aspects of West Virginia history from the formation of the state during the American Civil War, its political development, and its economic and industrial heritage. Contained in its Civil War collection are numerous journals from soldiers, personal papers from many of the states early politicians, and a rare 35-star American Flag, one of only 5 known to still exist. This flag is traditionally thought to have been carried to West Virginia by soldiers returning to Shepherdstown (Shepherdstown, West Virginia) from the Battle of Gettysburg.

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