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Emirate of Abu Dhabi

of the world, and mortality remains extremely low. In 2011, Crude Birth Rates and Crude Death Rates among Citizens were 15.1 births per 1,000 people and 1.4 deaths per 1,000 people respectively. class "wikitable" - ! Selected demographic indicators 2011 - Total population ( mid-year estimate) 2,120,700 - Males 1,499,800 - Females 620,900 - Age dependency ratio 22.4 - Age dependency ratio, old 1.1


). Beijing had the lowest TFR at 0.67, while Guizhou had the highest at 2.19. The Xiangyang district of Jiamusi city (Heilongjiang) has a TFR of 0.41, which is the lowest TFR recorded anywhere in the world in recorded history. Other extremely low TFR counties are: 0.43 in the Heping district of Tianjin city (Tianjin), and 0.46 in the Mawei district of Fuzhou city (Fujian). At the other end TFR was 3.96 in Geji County (Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region)), 4.07 in Jiali

Sahuarita, Arizona

, the mean annual evaporation rate for Sahuarita is of water, or 17% of total capacity per year. The J. Harlan Glenn Engineers that provided this estimate indicated that this equates to an "extremely low seepage rate". On average, 65 gpm (gallons of water per minute) must


''' is the coastal plain in particular. These areas have extremely low ground level of EL. 0m to EL. 2m compared to the high tide level of about EL. 0.8m from the Mean Sea Level (MSL). These are the city of Cavite City and the municipalities of Bacoor, Kawit, Noveleta, Rosario, northern part of Carmona and eastern part of Ternate. *The '''lowland area''' consists of the coastal and alluvial plains. These areas have flat ground slope of less than 0.5% and low ground elevation of EL

King, Ontario

century, King is now influenced by the significant immigration and diversification resultant from its proximity to Toronto. King Township's population grew by 2.1% between 2006 and 2011, most new residents settling in the communities of King City, Nobleton or Schomberg. The population density is 59.7 people per square kilometre; however, the Township is characterized by areas of extremely low density farming communities and the much higher density of its three major villages. In 2008

Roseburg, Oregon

is known for its extremely low wind velocity.

Irkutsk Oblast

; (БУЖСКИЕ ГОЛЕНДРЫ) Irkutsk Oblast registered natural population growth in 2008, the first time after 1993. Still, the future prospects for population growth in Irkutsk seems bleak. In 2007, women in Irkutsk were having an average of 1.602 children each. Fertility rate was extremely low in urban areas, where women were having just 1.477 children each. In rural areas however, the fertility rate was slightly above


, in depth, viewed July 12, 2013, http: gpdatabase gpcountry.php?id 68&regionSelect 2-Southern_Africa# Geography and climate Bissau is located at 11°52' North, 15°36' West (11.86667, -15.60) on the Geba River estuary, off the Atlantic Ocean. The land surrounding Bissau is extremely low-lying, and the river is accessible to ocean-going vessels despite its modest discharge for about WikiPedia:Bissau commons:Bissau


temperatures much less extreme than interior Siberia, with winters being about four degrees milder than at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The transition to the subpolar oceanic climate of southwest Alaska to the east is very apparent, especially in the extremely low sunshine hours, which average only around 2.8 per day due to the consistent fog from the Aleutian Low and the Oyashio Current on its western flank.

Pittsburgh metropolitan area

disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, wildfire, or tornado. In 2009, Forbes ranked Pittsburgh as having the second lowest natural disaster risk in the nation compared to other cities. Greater Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh metropolitan area) is not entirely free of natural disasters, however. Residents living in extremely low-lying areas near the three rivers or near one of the 1,400 creeks and streams of the region experience occasional floods, ref

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