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Puerto Ángel

. Transportation The Puerto Angel region is separated from the rest of Oaxaca and Mexico by the Sierra Madre del Sur. The only highway from here to Oaxaca City, Highway 175 is extremely winding. The distance is only about 240 km but the trip takes between six and seven hours. Almost all bus transportation from other parts of Mexico stop in Pochutla, where it is necessary to transfer to other means to get to Puerto Angel. It is possible to fly into Puerto

of the most commonly found species is the black coral (''Pocillopora damicornis'') Large corals are rare and mostly found at the bottom of the reefs. Six other species of coral were found including ''Pocillopora capitata'', ''Pocillopora meandrina'', ''Pocillopora verrucosa'', ''Pavona gigantea'', ''Porites panamensis'' and an undescribed species noted as ''Pocillopora'' sp. Colonies of ''Porites panamensis'' were extremely scarce, encrusting, and appeared only at depths

Gila Bend, Arizona

inch 0.72 Apr precipitation inch 0.20 May precipitation inch 0.15 Jun precipitation inch 0.04 Jul precipitation inch 0.76 Aug precipitation inch 1.20 Sep precipitation inch 0.53 Oct precipitation inch 0.52 Nov precipitation inch 0.56 Dec precipitation inch 0.84 year precipitation inch source NWS Gila Bend has an arid desert climate, characterized by extremely hot summers and warm winters. The average annual rainfall

recorded temperature in Gila Bend was 10°F (-12°C), which occurred on January 13, 1963. Gila Bend has extremely hot summers with highest temperatures recorded for the state of Arizona, and temperatures at or exceeding 110°F (41°C) are the norm for the entirety of summer as well as the beginning of September. Even the month of May experiences some days above 100°F (38°C). It should also be noted that with an average July high of 109°F (43°C), temperatures exceeding 115°F (46°C) are common


the Arctic Circle. Norilsk, Yakutsk, and Vorkuta are the only large cities in the continuous permafrost zone. It lies between Taymyrsky Dolgano-Nenetsky District to the north, and Turukhansky District to the south. Norilsk has an extremely harsh subarctic climate (Köppen (Köppen climate classification) ''Dfc''), and is covered with snow for about 250–270 days a year, with snow storms for about 110–130 days. The polar night lasts from December through mid-January

" Today's major industrial cities of the Russian Arctic, such as Norilsk, Vorkuta, and Magadan, were originally camps built by prisoners and run by ex-prisoners. The majority of Gulag camps were positioned in extremely remote areas of north-eastern Siberia (the best known clusters

Gulag camps were positioned in extremely remote areas of north-eastern Siberia. The best known clusters are ''Sevvostlag'' (''The North-East Camps'') along Kolyma river and ''Norillag'' near Norilsk, where 69,000 prisoners were kept in 1952. Stéphane Courtois, Mark Kramer. ''Livre noir du Communisme: crimes, terreur, répression''. Harvard University Press, 1999. p.239. ISBN 0-674-07608-7 Major


Waterfall (Blue Mountain)''':Local at Sangkat Steung Kach, Khan Saha Krau about 20 kilometer distance from Pailinn, set near the border of Thailand among some parts are already been through to the thai area. The rainforest and high source of natural with an extremely popular tropical zone in Pailin. Faced the famous history during Khmer Rouge, Phnom Kiev Waterfall was a place for Khmer Rouge killers to escape. From 1979 onwards it now beckons foreign tourists for becoming their adventure area

by Shan immigrants in 1922. It's quite a walk to the top, but fantastic views of the surrounding area can be appreciated at any time of day. Can get extremely busy on Cambodian public holidays. Do *


per person content Rangers all speak excellent English and most were born and grew up in the local region, meaning they are extremely knowledgeable about local hazards and customs. They speak the most used local languages of Rufumbira and Rukiga together with other local languages such as Rutoro, Luganda, Runyankore and Kiswahili if there are any potential disputes about land access. Various routes are available customized to your fitness levels. Walkers are likely to see L'hoest, black

but the highlight for many will be the log fire that is lit many evenings. Guinness and Nile Special beer, together with the other usual suspects and malt whiskies served at the English pub style bar at one end of the guest lounge. Bathrooms are spacious and beautifully tiled. Rooms are grouped around a spacious, central garden courtyard and Rooms 1, 2, 3, and Mutanda have especially exhilarating views of the surrounding dormant and extinct volcanoes. Both the dogs and the staff are extremely friendly

and affable. Evening meals are extremely tasty and varied and available to visitors not staying at the hotel, but must be booked by 15:30 on the afternoon they are served. Cash only, no plastic accepted. Connect Internet *


part of the province, namely the Shanghai-Nanjing corridor, has regular railway service by every 10 minutes. Jiangsu is in route of the Jinghu Railway from Beijing to Shanghai. The newly opened CRH2 EMU (Electric multiple unit) high-speed train services makes travelling along the corridor extremely convenient. The trains pass through Kunshan, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Danyang (Danyang, Jiangsu), Zhenjiang, and Nanjing. Yangzhou has been connected

is also underway. Early life A local of the county of Qu (胊, present day Lianyungang, Jiangsu), Mi Fang was born in an extremely rich merchant family, which had over 10,000 slaves and guests. Mi Fang and his elder brother Mi Zhu were said to be proficient in horsemanship and archery. Along with the Chen clan (led by Chen Gui and Chen Deng), the Mi family served under Tao Qian (Tao Qian (Three Kingdoms)), governor of Xuzhou (Xuzhou (region)) (徐州, present day northern

Jiangsu). Biography A local of the county of Qu (present day Lianyungang, Jiangsu), Mi was born in an extremely rich merchant family. According to ''In Search of the Supernatural'' (搜神記) by Gan Bao (干竇), a work largely consisting of legends and hearsays, Mi was once returning home from the capital Luoyang when he met a lady by the road. He gave her a lift out of kindness. When she alighted, she revealed that she was an emissary from Heaven on a mission to burn down Mi's house


; however, the largest industry is processing iron ore that is transported by train from the interior mining towns of Zouérat and Fdérik. On 30 June 1973, at the time of the second-longest solar eclipse in the 20th century, an Aerobee rocket was launched at Nouadhibou for solar research.February 2006 onwards Nouadhibou has become the departure point for African migrants trying to reach the Canary Islands . This extremely

weather services can provide daily tide and wind details. * If you have your own fishing equipment and four wheel drive, there are several places to fish on the very southern tip of the peninsula, known as '''Cap Blanc''', to the right of the SNIM port refinery facilities. It's wise to go with a local friend as there can be security check points, it's a fairly remote spot and is extremely close to the Moroccan border. Long traces having 2 or more hooks with a heavy lead weight are best for surf


activities, the giant pipes remained intact on the original stilts and became a very significant landmark of recognizing Gopeng. However in July 2010 most of the pipes were removed for scrap metal, leaving just a small section at the side of the main road - the ones that crossed over the road were removed. '''Cultural Landmark''' Gopeng and its surrounding population is also known for an extremely high concentration of Rao people, with its famous Rao Dialect ''(Chakok Rao)'',the Adet Bojojak

the field is essential for the locals for various occasions, especially for local soccer (football(soccer)) matches and other special events. Central Gopeng is filled with old pre-war shophouses which are extremely valuable for conservation and perhaps tourist attractions. Among the most recognized places in the town centre, particularly nearby the Gopeng Bus Station is the Alif Cafe Restaurant, the local post office, the police station, Giat Mara Gopeng, Padang Bandaran Gopeng, Pasaraya Ku


'', August 22, 2005 However, liquor is not the sole product of the WuLiangye Group. It also provides the specialized high-tech anti-counterfeit packaging and printing business and engineering services. Wuliangye now contributes about 60% of Yibin's GDP. However as the location of headquarter of Wuliangye, liquor industry is one of the most important pillar industries in the economy of Yibin. As a result of it, the growth of local economy is extremely dependent on the flourish

, the other southward through Mengzi County to the Red River (Red River (Asia)) in Indochina. Eastward, a difficult mountain route led to Guiyang in Guizhou province and thence to Hunan province. To the northeast was a well-established trade trail to Yibin in Sichuan province on the Yangtze River. But these trails were all extremely difficult, passable only by mule trains or pack-carrying porters. - YBP ZUYB Yibin Caiba Airport Yibin, Sichuan

Ao Nang

tourists to other islands and beaches. ** The western half is located in the neighboring Nong Thale subdistrict. It is mostly surrounded by forest and a few resorts, and hence extremely quiet. ** The eastern half, located in Ao Nang, is lined with hotels, restaurants and shops, although not as much as Ao Nang beach. In the section of the beach closer to the pier, there are more businesses catering to Thai, rather to Western visitors, making it a good place to look for budget food. Nopparat Thara

and offers. Also excellent fireworks can be seen here at new year! Near Phra Nang Inn is a popular institution in Ao Nang called Mr. Cock's street bar. Mr. Cock parks his pickup truck at night on the side of the road and has a stand on the sidewalk. Lots of especially friendly people from all over the world sit on plastic chairs on the sidewalk drinking extremely cheap Thai beers and assorted mixed drinks and encourage those walking by stop by for the endless happy hour. Sleep

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