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up to 12,000 . Drinks are unreasonably expensive, at 2,000 for a Kilimanjaro domestic beer. '''VETA''' has good food, when they eventually bring it to you, but choice can be limited unless you are there during Parliament sessions. Prices are reasonable. '''Nam Hotel''' also has excellent food, at reasonable prices. It's on the other side of the airfield. '''Aladin's Cave''' Market Street near Victory Bookshop, good milk shakes, home made ice cream, yoghurt, Pizza and Burgers. Opening

) and singles (12,000 ) self contained, and a very nice TV bar, where you can rub elbows with important people. Food takes a long time, so order early. The '''New Dodoma Hotel''' is across the street from the railway station. Excellent quality double rooms for 50,000 and excellent food as well. They have a pool. There are numerous guest houses of varying quality; Shukrani is nice but noisy (6,000 )located right near a mosque, where you will be awoken by the morning call to prayer

Puerto Iguazú

price content Excellent food, and probably the best restaurant in Puerto Iguazú esthetically. The Pollo al Diablo (Chicken Devil's Style) is delicious. English spoken. Only accept cash or American Express, no Visa or Mastercard. *

barbecue. They have good salads, pasta, empanadas, etc. But the bife de chorizo, asado de tira, etc is what set La Vintrina apart from other places. *


price content Pottery Village of Farako Eat The Hotel L'Auberge and Hotel Indépendance both have good restaurants. * Drink Sleep *

price checkin checkout content hotel in Segou, center of town, quite, clean, friendly. Kids for free. Excellent food, big portions if wanted, also big variety of vegetarian food & pizza. Run by a ''German couple'' (German, French, English speaking). *


level, easy Kayak Trips for beginners, and Family rafting trips for families with small kids from the age of 4. Buy Eat *


the restaurant "Majas vid Havet" Majas by the Sea which offers excellent food and wine. They're only open in July, and they put on concerts practically every night of the week. *


breakfast url email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax price checkin checkout content 40 per 2-person room.; mobile (002)0125968908 The hotel has comfortable beds, private baths, ceiling fans, an attached internet cafe, and excellent food for the price. The management are also very nice people, with a pet pelican and fin-less para-sail board, which is free of charge to take out. The seating area is comfortable and management allows you to hook up mp3 devices with speakers. They also staged impromptu Egyptian drumming sessions at night with their friends. A great place to stay if you want to relax and not people watch, but if you're there for the tourist social scene, then perhaps other places would be better. * Wikipedia:Nuweiba


Restaurant alt url http: email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content One of many effectively identical beachfront restaurants offering the same Arabic fare at the same prices. * '''Jumas Wadi Bidar Bedouin Dinner''' Traditional Bedouin dinner cooked in the desert on an open fire. Juma a Bedouin from the Muziena tribe makes excellent food in his wadi close to Dahab with views of Dahab town and Saudi

and International food. Cheap food, but huge portions and much more tastier than the tourists places along the beachfront. Upstairs chilled out lounge with good tunes. Free wireless. Favourite amongst local divers, backpackers. * '''Rush'''. Located up a small alley between the bridge and Tota. In a palmtree garden with a small swimming pool, this restaurant serves excellent food, the style is creative "fusion". There's also a bar with local and imported alcohol. In and outdoor seating

Presidente Prudente

in the West Paulista, has a privileged location, very few meters from ground zero and important public and private institutions of Presidente Prudente. Parque Shopping Prudente offers a varied mix of shops, mall services, graphical, Lottery and ATMs. The mall also offers an excellent food court with restaurants, cafeterias, fast food, coffee shops and ice cream parlors, with options to suit all tastes. Parking on the property is temporarily free from 11.12.2013 will be charged. Eat Presidente Prudente is famous for its snack food and its variety of sandwiches served on hamburger buns, with a variety of unique condiments. Dozens of establishments dotted about the city attract people of all ages for a light meal or mid-afternoon snack. Budget *'''Sichas''', Rua Laguna 389, (''corner with Avenida da Saudade in the Vila Liberdade neighborhood''), Famous for its oversized ''lanches'', big enough for two, served with a variety of condiments. Mid-range Splurge *'''Donna Oliva''', Avenida 14 de Setembro 1500, (''in Parque do Povo''). Italian-style pizzaria. Pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven, and the shop has a decent wine selection and sophisticated ambience. * WikiPedia:Presidente Prudente


by a hip bar, restaurant is upstairs. * All Stars, just above Åre Torg, at the MittiÅre-Building. * Broken just above the plaza close to Bergbanan offers great burgers and other American diner dishes and a great atmosphere * Buustamons Fjällgård, ''In the ski system''. Excellent food and environment. Good hamburgers. * Fjällpuben, One of the best kitchens in Åre, serves local dishes. Situated behind the Etreem Store and Handelsbanken. * Max, Åre Torg, pricy fast food with good burgers


that you won't normally find in Varadero. Excellent food, friendly service. Sleep Varadero has by far the biggest diversity of hotels in Cuba, you will find whole range of accommodation from little hotels to well known international chains like Melia, Sandals, Iberostar or the local Cubanacan. Cubans can be found staying in Hotels of the Islazul or Horizontes brand. These hotels can be quite spartan if affordable. The experience may well be worth the inconvenience, although mingling

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