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Nin, Croatia

* Nin tourist site * Nin information * St. Nicholas of Nin Chapel, 11th century * Nin sea salt production and museum * Nin photos * Awarded "EDEN – European Destinations of Excellence" non


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Athens International Airport

merit award for its efficiency in coping with the major challenges confronting the airport since its opening in March 2001." 2002 - "Commitment to Business Excellence" award by the European Foundation for Quality Management (E.F.Q.M.). in Frankfurt. Spanish construction company Grupo ACS, which already had almost 30 percent of Hochtief, launched in mid September, a bid that would allow ACS to have more than 50 percent of Hochtief. The bid was approved by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) on 29 November 2010. Bafin press release, Bafin website, accessed 5 April 2011 ACS raised the stake in Hochtief to 50.16 percent as of 18 June 2011 Deutsche Welle taking over control of the company. *1994-1996: Commerzbank Tower , Frankfurt am Main *1996-2000: Athens International Airport, Greece *1998-2000: Kandinsky-Klee house restoration, Dessau thumb 300px right File photo of the crashed Helios Airways B 737 © Elliot Kefalas (Image:Helios 737.jpg) A Helios (w:Helios Airways) airliner (Boeing 737 (w:Boeing 737), flight HCY 522) with 115 passengers and 6 crew onboard has crashed into a mountain at 09:04 UTC (w:UTC) (12:04 p.m. EEST (w:EEST)) near Grammatiko (w:Grammatiko), 40 kilometre (w:kilometre)s (25 mile (w:mile)s) north of Athens (w:Athens), while approaching the capital's airport (w:Athens International Airport). All on board perished. The plane was travelling from Larnaca (w:Larnaca), in the southeast of Cyprus (w:Cyprus) (Greek:Kypros, Κύπρος) and scheduled to arrive in Prague (w:Prague) after a stop in Athens. Norwegian also announced that their flights from Moss to Antalya (w:Antalya Airport), Valencia (w:Valencia Airport), Athens (w:Athens International Airport) and Istanbul (w:Sabiha Gökçen International Airport) will be closing for the winter season (previously they were all-year destinations).

Agros, Cyprus

Discussions regarding membership are also in hand with three further towns (Agros (Agros, Cyprus) in Cyprus

Kazakh Khanate

the eighteenth century genocide par excellence." - **'''Ryūkyū Kingdom''' – Shō Boku, King of Ryūkyū (1752–1795) * '''Kazakh Khanate''' - Ablai Khan, Khan of the Kazakhs (1771–1781) *'''Korea''' (Joseon Dynasty) – Yeongjo (King Yeongjo of Joseon), King of Joseon (Rulers of Korea) (1724–1776

Bayt Jibrin

Guvrin"). Encyclopedia Judaica, Bet Guvrin, p.731, Keter Publishing, Jerusalem, 1978 Excavations at Eleutheropolis show a prosperous city, and confirm the presence of Jews and Christians in the area. It was described as one of Palestine's five "Cities of Excellence" by 4th-century Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus. The City of Eleutheropolis


, etc. were ripe. For dessert we were served some strawberries of a marvellous taste, whose size equalled that of our largest nuts. Their color is a pale white. They are prepared in the same manner as we fix them in Europe, and, although they have neither the color nor the taste of ours, they do not lack excellence." Feuillée did not include a specimen of this strawberry in the botanical collection he returned to Brest, France

Qing dynasty

where I can offer Postgraduate Supervision". Retrieved 2009-02-09. has stated that the extermination of the Dzungars was "arguably the eighteenth century genocide par excellence." The Dzungar (or Zunghar), Oirat Mongols (Oirats) who lived in an area that stretched

that the extermination of the Dzungars was "arguably the eighteenth century genocide par excellence." right thumb Dragon Throne, charcoal brazier and luduan incense burners. Picture taken at Field Museum of Natural History (Image:DragonThrone, Iuduan.jpg). A '''luduan''' (甪端 pinyin lù duān) was a beast which could


an outbreak of violent riots following a massive multi-bus pile up at Abuja central bus station in Nigeria. image_2 Central bank nigeria.jpg headquarters Abuja, Nigeria established 1958 50th birthday celebration On March 2002, the Council celebrated their 50th anniversary in Abuja, Nigeria. The theme of the Anniversary was "WAEC: 50 years of Excellence". All member countries joined in the celebration

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