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, 2008. After the battles, the British in admiration of the stoutness of the town established St. Thomas’ College, the first Higher Institution of Learning in Delta state in 1928, which made Ibusa an important educational center from where missionary evangelism spread to other Anioma towns and communities and beyond. The establishment of St. Augustine's Catholic Church in 1898 by the French Missionaries was led by Father Cario Zappa. Culture Before the advent of Christianity

Oxford County, Ontario

), accomplished remarkable work in evangelism, education, publishing and medicine after arriving in Tamsui in 1872. Soon after arriving Mackay chose a piece of land on a hilltop in the Pao-tai-pu area of Tamsui, planned the design of the main building and personally supervised its construction. When the building, funded in large part by contributions from the residents of Oxford County (Oxford County, Ontario) in Ontario, Canada, was completed in 1882, he named the school Oxford College

Atchison, Kansas

Bader's first full time ministry was at First Christian Church, Atchison (Atchison, Kansas), Kansas. During his seven years here, the membership grew from around 300 to 1400. Dr. Bader emphasised the role of lay people in evangelism with the slogan, 'Each One Win One'. Here, in Atchison, he was member of the masonic ''Washington'' Lodge no.5, (see William Denslow - ''10,000 Famous Freemasons'', Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., Richmond, Virginia, 1957). He resigned from the church

in Christian Churches around the United States. His death was also marked at the next World Convention in Puerto Rico in 1965. Appropriately the permanent lecture series World Convention established in his name is entitled, 'The Bader Lectures in Evangelism'. Early life, education, and family Buechner was raised in Kirkwood, Missouri and attended parochial schools. He graduated from Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas and graduated with an Bachelor of Arts BA


Regiment , Gongshang Primary School, Gopeng, Guangyang Secondary School, History of communications in Malaysia, History of modern Penang, Jelebu, Kadazan, Khmer Loeu, Lighthouse Evangelism (Singapore), List of roads in Kuala Lumpur, Malay words of Tamil origin, Malaysia Airlines, Malaysian National Service, Malaysian Standard Time, Malaysian Wildlife Law, Malaysian citizenship, Mandala (Southeast Asian history), Marie Claire


name "mexconnect" According to local records, the piñata was first used for evangelism purposes in 1586, in Acolman, in modern State of Mexico, just north of Mexico City. The Augustinian monks there modified European piñatas, along with creation of the Las Posadas tradition to co-opt the celebration of the birth of Huitzilopochtli, which was celebrated in mid December.

Cuenca, Ecuador

, they will in addition to developing their own educational resources, brush up on old knowledge concerning philosophy, Indian cosmo vision, cultural identity and cultural traditions. Mary's Ministries, ECDC, and NFL-YET The Ruiz family began their evangelism through the creation of Mary's Ministries, a lay Catholic organization that runs leadership faith camps, and proselytizes. Mary's Ministries has branches in Linares (Linares, Chile) Chile; Sullana (Sullana, Peru), and Lima


of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, Province of Jos. The Diocese was founded as one of the eight missionary diocese created in Northern Nigeria at the start of the Decade of Evangelism. The Tarok people call themselves as oTárók, their language as iTárók and their land ìTàrók. They are found principally in Langtang-North, Langtang-South, Wase, Mikang and Kangke Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Plateau State in Central Nigeria. Their main town of Langtang


at Baden-Baden), arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he was converted through street evangelism of "Revivalists (Revivalism)" Meek and Mitchell. He preached in the open air and churches in Edinburgh, studied at Henry Grattan Guinness' Harley House missionary training college in London and went to Nigeria and Cameroon as a missionary with the Anglicans, sailing with Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther on 20 July 1876. There he worked amongst Igbo people and visited


, education, evangelism and medical work and also operated what was known as the "American School" and the "Missionary Children's Home" (MCH). The school is now a Maternelle and the MCH is the Mahavoky Hotel. In 1959 about 25 American Lutheran missionary families and quite a few single missionaries were living in over 20 towns in an area that ran roughly from Fort Dauphin northeast to Manantenina, west to Ranomafana, northwest to Tsivory, north to Betroka southwest to Betioky

Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy

Kampf mit dem Drachen, Die Legende des Hl. Quirinus von Malmedy", in: ''Zwischen Venn und Schneifel, volume 9''. Website last accessed 26 December 2009. Through the seventh and eighth centuries, the two abbeys followed their mission of evangelism, along with forest clearance (logging). With the decline of the Carolingian Empire, however, the abbeys suffered the same decay as elsewhere, leaving the principality in the custody of lay abbots — temporal

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