Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

chief2_position agency_type parent_agency child1_agency child2_agency keydocument1 website footnotes Note: PAEC is an autonomous agency that is free from jurisdiction of any ministry of Pakistan. It directly reported to Pakistan's Prime Minister Secretariat (Prime minister of Pakistan). map map_width map_caption The '''Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission''', (Urdu:

; popularize as '''PAEC'''), is an independent (:Category:Pakistan federal departments and agencies) governmental authority (Government of Pakistan) and a scientific (Science and technology in Pakistan) research institution, concerned with research and development of nuclear power, promotion of nuclear science (Atomic physics), energy conservation and the peaceful usage of nuclear technology.

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement

superseding Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement latd latm lats latNS longd longm longs longEW region_code

employees 1,614 (2009) budget website

contactus The '''Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement''' ('''BOEMRE'''), formerly known as the '''Minerals Management Service''' ('''MMS'''), was an agency of the United States Department of the Interior that managed

Clarkston, Michigan

; Overview thumb Entryway signage, Independence Township, Michigan Independence Township (File:DTE Energy Music Theatre 20130225.JPG), for Pine Knob Pine Knob Ski Resort

and the DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston is a small community in the northern outskirts of the Detroit suburbs (Metro Detroit). Located with easy access to I-75 (Interstate 75 in Michigan), Clarkston offers a direct route to downtown Detroit and Flint. US 24 (U.S. Route 24 in Michigan) begins nearby in Independence Township (Independence Township, Michigan) as a north-south highway. The jurisdiction of the city government is limited to a relatively small downtown area commonly

notable locations in nearby Independence Township (Independence Township, Michigan) include Pine Knob Ski and Snowboard Resort (Pine Knob) as well as the DTE Energy Music Theatre, which has been home to famous musical tours, such as the Rockstar Mayhem Festival (Mayhem Festival), http: event id 38240 as well as graduation for local Clarkston High School (Clarkston High School (Michigan)). Within driving distance is also Great Lakes

Tamil Nadu Government Organizations

Workers Welfare Board Chennai Department of Labour and Employment (Tamil Nadu) State Govt. Welfare - 20 Tamil Nadu Palm Tree Workers Welfare Board Chennai Department of Labour and Employment (Tamil Nadu) State Govt. Undertaking - 21 Tamil Nadu Handlooms and Handloom Silk Weavers Welfare Board Chennai Energy class "sortable wikitable" style "margin: 1em auto 1em auto;"

; + ! Sl. No Company Incorporated Headquarters Parent Department Role Type Remarks Website - 1 TNEB Limited (TNEB) 2010 Chennai Department of Energy (Tamil Nadu) Electricity Services Statutory Corporation Restructured from erstwhile TNEB (''Estd.1957'') - 2 Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited 2010 Chennai Department of Energy (Tamil Nadu

) Electricity Generation and Distribution Subsidiary of TNEB Limited Restructured from erstwhile TNEB - 3 Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Limited 2010 Chennai Department of Energy (Tamil Nadu) Electricity Transmission Subsidiary of TNEB Limited Restructured from erstwhile TNEB - 4 Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency 1985 Chennai

Elk River, Minnesota

for Highway 101 between Rogers and Elk River began in 1968. In 1974, the Village of Elk River changed to the City of Elk River. In 1978, the City of Elk River and the township of Elk River were consolidated to create one unit known as the City of Elk River as it exists today. The result was one of the largest land-based cities in the state of Minnesota, at 44 square miles. Besides transportation, energy has always played a significant role in shaping Elk River. The first rural nuclear power plant

in the United States went online in 1960 as Great River Energy's (GRE) site in Elk River. It was meant only as a demonstration site and was dismantled after several successful years of operation. Powered by Energy City In the late 1980s, GRE's power plant was converted to burn refuse-derived fuel. This innovative source of energy was one factor that helped Elk River receive the designation of "Energy City" by the Minnesota Environmental Initiative in October 1997. As Energy

San Diego–Tijuana

region are Qualcomm, SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation), Sempra Energy, Sony, Kyocera, Pfizer Global Research & Development (Pfizer#Research and development), Callaway Golf, Sharp Healthcare, Scripps Health, Sanyo, Hitachi, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung, Hyundai, Mattel, Honeywell, Pioneer Corporation, Maxell, Douglas Furniture, and International Rectifier. ref name "SD-TJ" >

University of California, San Diego. Under Mexican law, stations located in Tijuana must broadcast the Mexican National Anthem twice daily and broadcast the National Hour on Sunday evenings. Other infrastructure thumb Sempra Sempra Corporate Headquarters (Image:SempraEnergyBuildingSanDiegoApr09.jpg) in San Diego The metropolitan region has developed many utilities which have primary focus on energy and environmental health. A focal point of cross-border environmental relations is the care

range as the largest desalination plant in the United States and produce 50-million gallons a day; enough water to supply 10% of San Diego region residents with drinking water. Energy The policies shared between San Diego and Tijuana

Laughlin, Nevada

annually who visit Laughlin to gamble, enjoy water sports on the Colorado, and attend many high-profile special events hosted by the community. The Mohave Power Station opened in 1971,

Information Administration , U.S. Department of Energy year 2006 url http: cneaf electricity page capacity capacity.html format Excel doi accessdate 2008-07-14 but closed down on December 31, 2005. In April 2002, Laughlin was the scene of a deadly fight between two rival California motorcycle gangs, the Hells Angels and the Mongols (Mongols (motorcycle club)). The fight broke out inside Harrah's Laughlin during the annual Laughlin River Run. Mongol Anthony

destinations. The airport also serves general aviation for the La Crosse region. http: index.aspx?nid 7 The Black Mesa and Lake Powell railroad serves one of the coal mines in the Diné region, carrying coal to the Navajo Generating Station at Page, Arizona. Peabody Energy's (Peabody Energy) Black Mesa coal mine near Kayenta (Kayenta, Arizona), a controversial strip mine (Black Mesa Peabody Coal controversy), was shut down

Taylor, British Columbia

: about-taylor history ''History''. A new rail trestle, from the rail extension from Chetwynd (Chetwynd, British Columbia) to Fort St. John, was used while constructing the replacement Peace River Bridge (Peace River Bridge (British Columbia)). thumb left 250px District of Taylor Information Centre (File:Info Centre.jpg) Major industrial development began in 1957, when Westcoast Energy (later Duke Energy) built the province's first gas processing

plant, as well as a refinery and pipeline to Kamloops (Kamloops, British Columbia). Spectra Energy (October 24, 2014), ''History''. The community that formed around this industrial development was incorporated as a Village on August 23, 1958 and soon after Canfor opened a planer mill. Meanwhile, upstream, the W.A.C. Bennett Dam was completed in 1966 and the Peace Canyon Dam

in 1980, which controlled the level and flow of the Peace River, making navigation and flood control much easier. Following the construction of a natural gas processing plant by Westcoast Energy in 1985, Fibreco Pulp opened its sawmill in 1988, and the Village was re-incorporated into the District of Taylor in 1989. Despite the closure of the Petro-Canada refinery in 1991, economic growth continued throughout the decade as Westcoast Energy's McMahon Gas Plant expanded in 1991 and added

Foz do Iguaçu

in power generation. With 20 generator units and 14,000 MW of installed capacity, it provides approximately 17% of the energy consumed in Brazil and 75% of consumption in energy Energy Itaipu Geography Climate thumb left Foz do Iguaçu National Park. (File:Sunset_over_Iguazu2.jpg) The climate of Foz do Iguaçu is sub-tropical, with two distinctive seasons; one humid and hot in the summer

Gorges Dam was 80.8 TWh in 2008 and 79.4 TWh in 2009. http: en energy energy north of the Friendship Bridge (Paraguay–Brazil

Grande, Rio Grande do Sul Rio Grande (238,000) *Economy: Machinery and automobile industries, textiles, tourism, energy production, information technology, orange, apple, grapefruit. '''Foz do Iguaçu Cataratas International Airport''' ). Major cities connected by the BR-277: Foz do Iguaçu, Medianeira, Cascavel, Guarapuava

Boron, California

Trough Systems The Kramer Junction Company (KJC) is the Managing General Partner of the five 30-Megawatts Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS) facilities located in the Mojave Desert at Kramer Junction, California. Together with its wholly owned subsidiary, KJC Operating Company, KJC operates and manages these facilities (SEGS III-VII). Solel - Leading the World in Solar Thermal Energy Kramer Junction

SEGS III, IV, V, VI,VII These units generate enough electricity to provide the electrical needs of 30,000 to 40,000 homes without the use of fossil 2005 09 about_parabolic.html The Energy Blog: About Parabolic Trough Solar Public services Law enforcement Law enforcement services are provided by the Kern County Sheriff's

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